Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 346

Chapter 346: Grapple

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
"Youre asking to die." A young man less than 30 suddenly charged over. The long sword in his hand was going to hack Ye Mo. However, he was stopped by Hu Nuoping when he attacked. Other people didnt know how strong Ye Mo was but Hu Nuoping knew all too well.

Ye Mo looked at this angry youth and suddenly took out the exact same looking sword and said: " These two swords are actually the same. So it seems you are that Bian Chao. But, you're so much weaker than your brother Bian Po. Youre still at black level."

"You killed my brother?" Bian Chao saw the long sword in Ye Mos hands and his eyes were bursting with fury, "Hu Nuoping, let me go. Im going to kill this bastard personally."

"You killed my son Bian Po?" At this moment, the middle aged mans eyes turned cold like a frosty beam wanting to penetrate Ye Mo immediately. But in the depth of his heart, he felt threatened. This man was so young but could see through Bian Chaos power. He definitely wasnt simple.

Ye Mo played with the long sword in his hand, "Not bad, at Shen Nong Jia, Bian Po wanted to kill me but was killed by me. A few days ago, I went to see my sister but I heard you Dian Cang had another animal called Bian Chao wanting to hit on my sister. Therefore, I had to come over and kill this animal as well."

Before Hu Nuoping could talk, two black level men and one earth level already charged towards Ye Mo. Hu Nuoping wanted to stop them but it was already too late. Ye Mos long sword turned into a blade beam swooping the three who charged at him. A mere earth level primary stage and two black level middle stage had no threat to Ye Mo.

Almost at the same time the blade ray flashed. Three extra bodies appeared on the ground. And not far way, Ye Mo carried the sword with an indifferent face.

In the time of a few seconds, Ye Mo already killed three showing his power to everyone at the scene.

Silence, the square fell into silence.

"Dian Cang disciples, kill him immediately." The sect leader was the first to react and yelled. He saw Ye Mos eyes sweep towards him and actually felt a little cold. He no longer knew if it was fear or terror in his heart.

In that instant, more than thirty Dian Cang disciples charged up, and dozens of weapons smashed towards Ye Mo.

Bian sect leader looked at the old man beside him who didnt move and the twenty or so people behind him who also didnt move and said coldly: "Elder Liu, the enemy is in front of us. Why arent you moving?"

The old man sneered: "Bian Xihai, you dont deserve to be sect leader. You couldnt educate your son and caused such trouble for Dian Cang and you still want me to help you? You not only let your son go rob woman in the mortal world but also in Serenity. Now, someone has attacked us. Your son made this mess and why should we wipe his ass?"

Bian Xihai laughed, "Liu Rushan, stop being disgusting. You are noble enough yourself? Who killed more than 50 people in Beijing two decades ago? Who hunted someone for over 30000 km for a spirit washing flower? Now, you want my position? Stop dreaming. Even if your people dont attack, you think I cant kill a mere kid?"

"Really? Then, have a look." Liu Rushan said coldly.

When his men surrounded Ye Mo, Bian Xihai no longer looked at Ye Mo anymore. There were more than 30 people and 5 earth levels among them. No matter how strong Ye Mo was, he would be dead for sure.

But when Bian Xihai turned around, it was as though he fell into an ice cave. Those attacking Ye Mo had died more than half. Broken limbs flew everywhere.

"Hu Nuoping, immediately lay down the Dian Cang Seven Kill Formation." Bian Xihai saw the terror in front of his eyes. He didnt even have time to pull out his sword before he joined the battle. He gathered all his chi and punched at Ye Mo.

Such strong chi, Ye Mo immediately felt Bian Xihais intense killing intent and that relentless temperament. Ye Mo sneered. You want to kill me with one punch? He also jumped up and punched.

The two fists clashed creating a loud thud. Bian Xihai was sent flying many meters away and was stopped by Hu Nuoping. Bian Xihai was astonished. That punch shattered all the bones in that arm.

Ye Mo brought up the sword creating bloody mists. Another few black level warriors fell to the ground. Resisting the huge pain and shock, Bian Xihai surrounded Ye Mo with Hu Nuoping and the remaining five people.

Liu Rushan on the side was also shocked. He knew Bian Xihais power all too well. It was no less than him. They were both at earth level peak stage but he couldnt even defend against one punch from this young man. This young man was too absurd. If he killed Bian Xihai and then came to kill them, it would be very easy.

Not only Liu Rushan but also the twenty or so people behind him looked at Ye Mo as though he was a ghost. Ye Mos decisive carnage gave them too much of a shock.

"Just who are you?" Bian Xihai looked coldly at Ye Mo. He didnt even look at Bian Chao who had his limbs cut off by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at the positions these seven people took. It was probably a formation but he didnt care at all. He pulled out his flying sword slowly and said: "Im Ye Mo. I came to Dian Cang today to collect lives."

"What? You are Ye Mo?" Not only was Bian Xihai shocked but so was Liu Rushan. They were not as ill-informed as Serenity. Actually they knew everything about Ye Mo's slaughter. Ye Mo destroyed He Liu sect and was looking for He Liu sects base. Its said that the He Liu sect sealed their sect access due to this.

Bian Xihai reacted very fast and immediately knew how terrifying Ye Mo was. He looked at Liu Rushan pleadingly but Liu Rushan avoided his look. Bian Xihai suppressed the anger and unwillingness in his heart and said to Ye Mo: "Since you are Ye Mo, you have quite a name, why wont you let us go? When did our Dian Cang offend you. If you want to stand up for Serenity, you just need to tell us and we will give you your due respect."

Bian Xihai was obviously backing down but no one would laugh at him. Ye Mo was too terrifying, and looked at him, he didnt even seem to fight at full strength. What would happen if he fought at full strength?

Ye Mo didnt reply to Bian Xihai and walked in front of Bian Chao and stood on him, "Luo Ying is my wife. Tang Beiwei is my sister. You scum of Dian Cang dare come to Serenity asking for Susu and Beiwei. Tell me should I come annihilate your sect? My motto is: as long as you dont mess with me, I wont mess with you. But since you messed with me, then dont blame me for the consequences."

Then, Ye Mo stamped heavily on Bian Chao, Bian Chao was killed without even getting to make a sound.

"Ye bastard, either you die or I die today." Bian Xihai saw that Bian Chao was killed right in front of his eyes and could no longer hold back his fury. Even if he was no match for Ye Mo, he was still going to kill him.

As Bian Xihai charged up, Hu Nuoping and the other five attacked Ye Mo from different angles.

Although they attacked from different angles, their target was actually the same spot. Six earth levels and one black level peak stage warrior fought at full strength. Ye Mo actually found that he had nowhere to go. No matter which direction he dodged, he would face full powered attacks from the other six.

Other than clashing head on, Ye Mo had nowhere to hide. Even if he were to fly, he had to dodge this round of attack first.

Ye Mo roared and gathered his spirit chi, then punched.

Rumble. The seven were sent flying by Ye Mo but they soon gathered together. Obviously, their injuries werent serious. But Ye Mo spat out blood and was also knocked back. He couldnt help to be shocked. The formation these seven made was too strong. The black level dragged down the force of the formation. If it wasnt for that one dragging the others down, that attack wouldve made things quite hard for him.

Ye Mo knew he was injured but he couldnt dodge. The only way was to fly up and so he did.

The place where they fought already had a few meter deep ditch. Even the cobblestone on the square was pulverized.

The seven both rejoiced after seeing Ye Mo was forced up. It was because this formation had a death trap. As long as a person was forced into the air, no matter what master he was, even great heaven master, this person would be half dead.

The seven people stood in their positions again and gathered all their qi aiming at the blank space in between them.

The moment Ye Mo jumped up, he knew he had underestimated everyone in the world. China was big and there were all sorts of capable people. If he couldnt fly on his sword, today would be the day he died.

Ye Mo's keen eyes had perceived what their trump card was. The first punch was the set up and the second punch was the killing blow. If this formation was used by seven earth level peak stages, then even with his current power, he couldnt jump up and could only wait to be killed by the second punch.

Pity, there was a black level among them. What was more unfortunate was that Ye Mo could fly, so he wouldnt fall down.

Liu Rushan also looked strangely at the eight people fighting. He wanted them to kill each other or Ye Mo kill Bian Xihai. But now, it seemed that Ye Mo was dead for sure. But that was good as well, after all, Ye Mo killed most of Bian Xihais people. The remaining few were not a threat.
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