Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 347

Chapter 347: Shocking Means

Translator: Tim Editor: Fish Creek
Bian Xihais face was hideous but he was very joyful. Ye Mo was forced into the air by the Dian Cang Seven Kill formation. He was dead for sure. As long as he fell, it would mean certain death. Yo Mo would be dead if he fell into the formation from the air even if he was in perfect state much less he was injured now.

Rumble. Bian Xihai led the Seven Kill formation into a second full powered attack. Bubbles and dust flew everywhere but Bian Xihai and Hu Nuopings hearts sank. That hit didnt seem to have hit Ye Mo.

They didnt dare to believe that. Even great heaven masters couldnt stop in the air and wait until their punches landed much less Ye Mo wasnt great heaven. There was no way that attack could be dodged.

But the truth hit them hard.

'Retreat!' Bian Xihai reacted rapidly. He knew things werent good as soon as that attack missed. Although he didnt know how Ye Mo stayed in the air but as long as he did, then they would be the ones to die. The force of their attack was already done, and as long as Ye Mo attacked, even the simplest attack would damage them heavily.

Although Bian Xihai was the first to react, he still seemed a little slow. A door sized huge sword swooped down with cold wind and spun the 7 together.

"No..." Bian Xihai could no longer control the terror in his heart and tried to retreat by using all the chi in his body.

Slice. A huge sword sliced and the huge square of Dian Cang sect had a more than ten meter deep ravine slashed out by this sword. Other than Bian Xihai who barely managed to escape, the remaining 6 all died.

With blood spewing out of his mouth, Bian Xihai stood there like a doll looking numbly at the place he had stood before. It had turned into a deep ravine. He couldnt even say a single word now. Ye Mos power and menace exceeded his comprehension.Was this even human?

Their Dian Cang actually offended someone this terrifying and led him to their sect. If Dian Cang was annihilated due to this, then he, Bian Xihai, would be the sinner of Dian Cang. Although he had conflicts with Liu Rushan over power, this was all internal conflict. But now, Ye Mo had the power to kill all of Dian Cang.

He started to regret. He shouldnt have indulged his soo. If not for Bian Chao, Ye Mo wouldnt attack Dian Cang. But now, he couldnt even save the sect much less get revenge. If he knew this earlier, he might as well have given the sect leader position to Liu Rushan. If he knew Bian Chao would cause such big trouble, he wouldve killed him earlier. But now, it was all too late.

Liu Rushan also looked at the deep ravine dumbly. He couldnt understand this at all. He clearly saw a huge door sized sword slice down but immediately, the sword was gone.

Was he dreaming? Liu Rushan looked at the disciples with their mouths wide open behind him. He

knew what he saw is real. Ye Mo indeed hacked down with a huge door sized sword but then the sword turned into nothing and disappeared quickly.

At this moment, he was no longer thinking about Bian Xihais wrongs. He only had annoyance and hate. This Bian Chao actually brought such a calamity to Dian Cang. Before, he had talked about Ye Mo being a big trouble only for bashing Bian Xihai, but now he really knew that this was a big trouble. Things had gone out of their control. He was sure that it would be their turn after Bian Xihai was killed, .

Ye Mo took away the flying sword and walked slowly to Bian Xihai. He must kill this person.

"A Mi Tuo Fo, patron Ye, since you have already killed the main culprit, why dont you just stop killing now? It would be the best!" An old yet powerful voice sounded. Almost at the same time, a monk whose face was obscure suddenly appeared on the square.

Ye Mo was shocked. He already kept his spirit sense on alert but he still didnt notice when this monk came. There was such a powerful monk in this world? Although he used up a lot of spirit chi, only less than half remaining, he was still shocked.

"Wu Dao qian bei, please save us Dian Cang." Hearing this voice, not only did Bian Xihai but even Liu Rushan kneel and beg.

Hes Wu Dao? Ye Mo looked carefully at this monk but still couldnt see anything special. But he had heard of this monk. Zhang Zhihui told him before that there were no great heaven masters in this world other than Wu Dao. But its said that Wu Dao was only half way great heaven. But now, Ye Mo was sure that this Wu Dao definitely wasnt half way great heaven. Not only couldn't he see Wu Daos face but he also couldnt see his power level.

In that instant, Ye Mo knew that this Wu Dao was definitely stronger than him. Although Wu Dao might not be able to kill him, he wouldnt be able to get much out of fighting Wu Dao.

What to do? A monk poking his nose into others' business! Should he fight?

No matter what, he needed to fight to know if he was a match for this monk. Thinking about this, Ye Mo didnt waste time talking and jumped up. The long sword in his hand went straightly towards Bian Xihai. He was certain that this old monk would stop him.

As expected, just when the long sword reached Bian Xihai, the monk jumped up and after muttering a Buddhist call, he punched twice. No matter how eerie Ye Mo's sword attacking angles were, the attacks were blocked by the monks fists.

Crank, Crank. If Ye Mo didnt know that the monk was empty handed, he wouldve thought it was their weapons clashing together.

After multiple clashes, Ye Mos long sword was knocked aside and he also retreated a few steps. Then, he looked at Wu Dao and said coldly: "Monk, are you really going to intervene with this?"

"A Mi Tuo Fo, patrons power is great. The chi in the sword has already materialized. It could be seen that patron has great wisdom. However, patrons killing intent is too dense. Its best if you come with me into the mountains to dispel your aggression." Wu Dao monk said as though this was how things were meant to be.

Ye Mo was furious, and sneered, "Monk, youre saying youre going to take me away? Are you the pacific police or what? Let me see how youre going to capture me today.

The monk stopped talking and just jumped up grabbing at Ye Mo with his withered hands. Ye Mo condensed a chi fire ball on his fist and punched at Wu Dao.

"Bang bang." After another few clashes, chi fire splattered and Wu Dao retreated many meters looking at Ye Mo with seriousness. He was tricked by Ye Mo. Ye Mo applied a chi fire on his fist and it made him suffer greatly. But Ye Mo didnt have it very easy either. He stopped himself after almost retreating more than ten meters.

Ye Mos spirit sense scanned Wu Daos fist but found that it was only slightly charred. His chi fire didnt affect Wu Daos fist at all.

So strong, Ye Mo exclaimed. Even ifor stage 4 chi gathering cultivators, they wouldnt be completely fine like Wu Dao after being attacked by Ye Mo's qi fire ball.

"Patrons power is strong but are you really going to annihilate Dian Cang?" Wu Daos voice grew deep and even saved his usual A Mi Tuo Fo.

Liu Rushan could also tell that the Wu Dao monk couldnt do anything to Ye Mo and was even more shocked. Wu Dao qianbei was the publicly recognized strongest in the outer hidden sects. Although he was said to be half way great heaven, no one knew how strong he really was.

If Ye Mo defeated Wu Dao, then what should they do? thinking about this, Liu Rushan felt frigidness again. He saw how decisive in killing Ye Mo was.

Liu Rushan no longer hesitated and stood up saluting Ye Mo with his fist: "Young master Ye, Bian Chao was indulged by his father and did wrong things. Now, young master Ye have already killed Bian Chao. Please, on account of Wu Dao qian bei, stop now. I swear that if young master Ye is willing to stop here, our entire sect wouldnt hold any grudges to young master Ye. If we revoke this oath, let the heavens perish us."

"Okay, in that case, Ill end this feud with Dian Cang on account of Wu Dao qian bei. But I must kill Bian Xihai." Ye Mo said coldly. He didnt really care if he killed the rest, plus, Wu Dao was here. And, Wu Daos power made Ye Mo respect him and even changed his greeting to him.

Wu Dao said A Mi Tuo Fu again and then said: "Patron Ye, youre too murderous. Since I came, I wont let you kill anymore."

"Really?" Ye Mo suddenly flew up and headed outside Dian Cang. Just when Wu Dao didnt know what Ye Mo was going to do, a purple ray sliced across the sky like a comet and disappeared with Bian Xihais head.

Far away down the stairs of the mountain, Ye Mos voice sounded, "Wu Dao qian bei, on your account, Ill end the feud with Dian Cang. But if you dare to come for me again, then dont blame me. As for dispelling my killing intent with you, Im not interested in that for now."

Wu Dao didnt seem to hear Ye Mos words but murmured to himself: "It was actually flying sword, flying sword, the legendary flying sword..."

Liu Rushan and the others looked in terror at Bian Xihai who fell dead to the ground and shivered. So this was Ye Mos killing blow. He had been strong to this point. But soon, he felt lucky for his decision. If he didnt choose the opportunity to talk to Ye Mo while Wu Dao was here, perhaps his dead body would also be on the ground now.

"A Mi Tuo Fo." The monk called again and disappeared. Even Liu Rushan didnt know how he left.

Then, Liu Rushan wiped the sweat on his forehead and said seriously: "Starting from now, Dian Cang sect will seal sect for 5 years like He Liu Sect. From now on, Dian Cang sect members are not allowed to mess with Ye family people."
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