Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 348

Chapter 348: Start of Luo Yue

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The remaining Dian Cang members looked dazily like Liu Rushan at the putrid scene. They understood why Liu Rushan did that. If they pissed off someone like Ye Mo again, then he wouldnt hesitate to annihilate Dian Cang.

And, the reason he didnt annihilate Dian Cang completely wasnt because he was suddenly turned to be nice and tolerant but Wu Dao qian bei intervened. Ye Mo didnt have the confidence to defeat Wu Dao and plus, Liu Rushan sworn an oath. Thus, he stopped. If Wu Dao qian bei didnt come, Ye Mo would completely annihilate Dian Cang for sure. Even so, Ye Mo killed Bian Xihai before he left.

Just looking at how he killed Bian Xihai in front of Wu Dao qian bei, one could see that Ye Mo wouldnt allow any threats to exist. He knew that the feud between him and Bian Xihai was unresolvable so he killed him.

And, although Liu Rushan made the oath, if Ye Mo didnt want to let Dian Cang go and came back again, they wouldnt have any way out of it. So, he chose to seal the sect. This was the safest way.

Moreover, it was very hard for a hidden sect to cultivate a black level warrior. It required even a top talented person many years. Ye Mo killed almost seventy percent of the Dian Cangs strong disciples. Dian Cang could be said to have been fragmented. Ye Mo didnt even need to come. Any smaller sect could finish off Dian Cang and acquire this place.

At this moment, Dian Cang was treading on thin ice so they had to be careful.


Ye Mo stood on the flying sword and charged into the air. Although he killed almost all of the elite in Dian Cang in this battle, he also paid a price. He was injured and used up a lot of chi. After he fought with Wu Dao, he immediately knew that he wasnt a match for that monk yet so he decisively chose to retreat.

According to his original plan, he was going to annihilate the entire sect and search their stores. But since something happened, he wouldnt come again second time. He knew that although he felt threatened by Wu Dao, this feeling of threat was mutual. Although he was no match for Wu Dao yet, there was no way Wu Dao could capture him. Plus, if they really fought a life and death battle, its unknown who would win yet.

When Ye Mo came back to Serenity, Tang Beiwei was already waiting for him. Seeing her brother come back, she finally felt relieved. She knew her brother was strong, but this time, he went to Dian Cang. She heard her master say that Dian Cang was one of the six big sects of the hidden sects. Although they were the last ranked, but it didnt mean they were weak.

"Lets go, well talk when we get back. Ill ask your master and see if she can help set up that chain again." Ye Mo smiled at Tang Beiwei and said.

"No need, master said she could fix the chain herself." Tang Beiwei shook her head.

Ye Mo nodded, "In that case, I wont do anything. After we go back, Ill make a few amulets for you."

Unexpectedly, after Ye Mo came back from Dian Cang, Jing Xian didnt ask anything. Although she often came to Tang Beiweis place, she never asked Ye Mo what happened at Dian Cang.

Since she didnt ask, Ye Mo wouldnt tell her, and he stayed at Serenity. He usually went around gathering herbs. The rest of the time, he spent with his sister cultivating the blue flower blue leaf grass and the purple heart vine and teaching her cultivation.

The life of Ye Mo here in Serenity was lived silently and slowly, without ups and downs. In the depth of Wuliang mountain where humans didnt set foot in, there were a lot of precious herbs. Two weeks later, Ye Mo finally gathered all the ingredients and made another cauldron of chi increasing pills. He also made another cauldron of lotus life seed and face preserving pills.

Ye Mo failed in making the first cauldron of chi increasing pills, and succeeded in making the second cauldron with 9 pills due to Luo Xuans qi recovery pills. Now, Ye Mo was at stage 4 chi gathering and made 12 pills in his third cauldron. This made him rejoice greatly.

Ye Mo let Tang Beiwei consume one to reach stage two chi gathering and then left her with two telling her to eat another after reaching stage two peak.

As though feeling that her brother was going, Tang Beiwei was no longer in the mood to cultivate. She spent everyday with Ye Mo. She hoped her brother would stay here but she knew that was not possible.

This morning, Tang Beiwei came to Ye Mos place in the morning but didnt see her brother. Instead, she saw a letter on the table. Tang Beiwei knew that her brother had left for sure. Although she knew her brother would be back to see her, she still felt down. She picked up that letter. Below it was a small dagger that her brother made for her. Suddenly, she had the urge to cry.

A sigh sounded from behind Tang Beiwei. Tang Beiwei turned around and saw her master watching her from behind. Tang Beiwei called out master tiredly.

Jing Xian walked in and patted Tang Beiweis hair. After a long time, she said: "Beiwei, your brother is no ordinary person and you also know that. Thats why you stayed here. I think if you want to live a wealthy life, you only need to ask and your brother would get it for you."

"Master, I dont like the boisterous city. I like the peaceful worriless life here." Tang Beiwei immediately shook her head.

Jing Xian nodded and said: "Thats why you need to work hard and cultivate. Dont disappoint your brother. I think he will come back to see you. Perhaps the next time he comes back, he will take you away with him."

Tang Beiwei shook her head and didnt talk. If she wanted to leave, she could get her brother to take her this time, but she didnt want to go back to the city and live the life of no kin. Although her brother left, her mother was still here.

And, she knew that a lot of the things her brother did was too extraordinary. So, she couldnt be of hindrance to her brother. Staying here, her brother didnt have to worry about her. After she had enough power, then, she could go help her brother.

In her eyes, there was no right or wrong. As long as her brother did it, it was all right. So she would never ask what Ye Mo did nor talk about it.

Ye Mo didnt tell Tang Beiwei when he left. He knew that ever since seeing this sister, she seemed very emotional. She became a completely different Tang Beiwei now to the one he first saw. When he first met her, she was very subjective and was even prickly.

Ye Mo knew it was due to her living under poverty and prejudice. If she didnt act tough, then perhaps she wouldve long been devoured by others. when Tang Beiwei was young, she mustve never experienced the feeling of being loved. She didnt even have a childhood so she cherished Ye Mos love a lot.


When Ye Mo came to Flowing Snake, he almost couldnt believe his eyes.

This place was no longer rowdy and chaotic like a few months ago. Countless workers worked tirelessly everywhere.

What was this?

"Ye brother." A voice of joy sounded. Fang Nan brought a few of his minions over.

"Fang Nan, whats this?" Ye Mo looked at Fang Nan with a ruddy and ecstatic face. Although he saw that Fang Nan had ascended yellow level middle stage, this wasnt what he cared about the most. He was thinking about how Fang Nan hired all these workers? How did he have the money?

Fang Nan said joyfully: "Ye brother, everyone was happy when you annihilated the Amphibian Gang. In the borderland area, its all managed by our Luo Yue Trade Company now. Zang brother and Xu brother are here."

Ye Mo saw Zang Jiayan and Xu Ping run over. And then he found that Mo Hai was also here.

"Master." Erhu and Lu Xiaozhen ran over excitedly. Ever since Ye Mo left Luo Cang, this was the first time they saw him again.

"Lets go. Well talk inside." Ye Mo was also happy to see so many friends and brothers.

The people sat around Ye Mo in a big room. They had been gathered here due to Ye Mo and were now fighting for a common goal.

"Wheres Yang Jiu?" Ye Mo didnt see Yang Jiu and Han Zai.

Zang Jiayan immediately said: "Those two, with Yu Miaodan and Yuan Meixiang are going to apply to customs. Jack shipped us some medicinal equipments from England."

Seeing Ye Mos confusion, Mo Hai immediately said: "Jack is that British you saw on the boat last time. Hes the manager of the England Barry Medicinal Corporations Asian Operations. After knowing that you are the owner of Luo Yue, he asked to invest in Luo Yue."

So it was him. Ye Mo immediately remembered that little girl Jenny who admired him greatly.

Zang Jiayan continued: "CEO Ye, this time, its all due to Mo Hai brother that we can register as a company and re-establish Flowing Snake. Their Hong Kong Mo Corporation provided 200 million dollars to our company to start up and brought over Jack to invest in us. However, regarding the shares, we dont dare to say much. We have to ask you to decide when you're back."

Hearing Zang Jiayans words, Mo Hai quickly said: "Ye qian bei, its my uncle's will to invest in Luo Yue and my uncle doesnt need Luo Yue shares. My uncle said we must support whatever qian bei does. As for Jack, he doesnt need shares. He just hopes Luo Yue can cooperate with his company."

Ye Mo already knew what to do on his mind and no longer talked about shares. He knew that he saved Mo Kang before and Mo Kang now was trying to pay him back. He wouldnt mistreat Mo Kang however. As for that British Jack, he was very cunning and already thought about future co-operations.

Ye Mo took out two chi increasing pills to Mo Hai, "These two pills are called chi increasing pills. Help me put them up for auction. One of this is enough for a warrior below earth level to breakthrough."

"Yes, qian bei." Mo Hai took the pills excitedly. Although he didnt know what earth level was, he knew this was related to ancient martial arts. These pills could allow ancient martial artists to ascend and this meant they were extremely powerful.

Xu Ping immediately said: "Third brother, your pill is too precious. Im black level middle stage now. Im sure I will ascend a stage half a year later. Ive never even dreamed of such things before."

Ye Mo smiled: "Second brother, in the future, our company will be renowned across the globe. There will be many ruffians coming to start trouble, so the stronger second brother is, the better."

"Dealing with ruffians is what I love to do most. Third brother, dont worry. Im sure those scums outside wont be able to see our tech at all." Xu Ping patted his chest and promised.

Ye Mo looked at Yu Erhu and said: "Erhu, when Im not here, you can learn ancient martial arts with your martial uncle Xu. You must not drop it."

"Yes, master." Yu Erhu quickly replied.

Zang Jiayan said perplexedly: "CEO Ye, Ive seen the pills Erhu made. We cant mass produce them. Although its good, its too hard to develop and grow the business. Plus, no matter how strict we keep the secrecy, if specialists buy our pill for analysis, they may be able to figure out its pharmaceutical formulations."

Ye Mo smiled, "Zang brother dont worry. Not only can our pill be mass produced but other people wont be able to copy it."

Then, Ye Mo turned and said to Mo Hai: "Mo Hai, after you go back and sell these two pills, help me buy 200 million worth of jade. I dont need it to be very good quality. Just average is fine."

"Okay, qian bei dont worry. I got this covered." Mo Hai stood up and promised. Although he was shocked at Ye Mos request, he didnt ask anything.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "Dont call me qian bei. Just say my name."

After two hours of meeting, Ye Mo knew that the Luo Yue corporation was managed by Zang Jiayan and Yu Miaodan. After Yu Miaodan came back, Ye Mo made his decision.

Zang Jiayan and Yu Miaodan would still be responsible for sales. Yuan Meixiang and Lu Xiaozhen would be temporarily responsible for finance. At the same time, Xu Ping would be substitute for Ye Mo, responsible for appropriating funds and signing papers.

The safety of the company was the most important and Yang Nan and Yang Jiu were responsible for this.

A month later, Mo Hai came back to Flowing Snake. Mo Kang came with him. He heard that Ye Mo was in Flowing Snake so he came personally. He admired Ye Mo from the bottom of his heart.

After the two chi increasing pills were released, they were bought by a Hong Kong family, selling for 300 million.

Ye Mo also sighed. There was no more blood coral. If he still had some, he could gather money only by selling these pills. However, this price was far lower than the price in the hidden sect auction. If they were put up for the auction last time, then perhaps the price would double or more.

The 200 million worth of jade were all set up around the factories of Flowing Snake. There were no spirit stones here, Ye Mo could only use a lesser material to build a spirit gathering formation around the factories. The effect was far inferior to one made with spirit stones but it could still produce spirit chi.

The chi gathered was only enough to make pills and was far from enough for cultivation. At the same time, Ye Mo added a few spirit gathering formations on the beauty pill machines to guarantee quality.

Ye Mo used a month and changed the formulation of the beauty pills and taught it to Yu Erhu. However, these pills could only be made under special circumstances because it needed spirit chi.

And Ye Mos spirit gathering formation satisfied this requirement. If this was in the cultivation realm, there would be spirit chi everywhere and such low grade pills wouldnt need any formations. But that wasnt the case on Earth.

The second pill Ye Mo taught Yu Erhu was the heart preserving pill. It could ease up all sorts of fatigue and remove of hidden dangers in the body. As for other pills, Ye Mo told Yu Erhu that they would make them after the two pills succeeded. It wasnt too smart to introduce all the products once.

The main reason Ye Mo made this company was to gather all sorts of spirit grasses. He even drew the grasses down and gave them to Zang Jiayan. He aked Zang Jiayan and his men to search for them.

After all these things were done, Ye Mo left Flowing Snake. Ye Mo knew that with the current circumstance, he wouldnt be able to ascend if he stayed in one place.staying in the same spot.

From then on, Ye Mo, alone with his sword, had been searching the whole China to find Luo Ying.
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