Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 350

Chapter 350: Those memories

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"Qingxue, youve actually been to Flowing Snake before. However, I heard that Flowing Snake isn't the same as before due to Luo Yue Corporation. Its now very popular and prosperous. Its said that its even safer than some mainland cities," Li Mumei sighed.

She felt that Ning Qingxue was getting prettier and prettier but also colder and colder like ice. Aunty said to not let Qingxue remember the past, but she didnt know if this was right or wrong. Shes been with her the most, and she felt Qingxue had changed too much. Instead of letting her be like this, she might as well remember the past.

However, she didnt dare make Qingxue remember it overtly. She could only give a hint occasionally. Otherwise, if Qingxues mother knew, she wouldnt be happy.

As expected, Ning Qingxue frowned and then said after a long while: "Mumei, you said that the memories I lost are partially about Flowing Snake? Why would I go there?"

Li Mumei nodded, "Yes, Qingxue. Although I dont know why you went to Flowing Snake, but I think it was related to him."

Ning Qingxue frowned again and subconsciously felt the necklace on her chest before saying slowly: "Mumei, when I went to Luo Hong temple last time, Master Wu Guang said that perhaps before I died I intentionally used my soul to wrap up the memories I didnt want to lose. However, the doctors judged that I just lost one years worth of memory, and they said it was due to a concussion. Master Wu Guangs words sounded more metaphysical or implausible, so I..."

Although the doctors words sounded more authentic, Li Mumei still wanted to tell Ning Qingxue to believe the monk. However, she remembered Ning Qingxues mothers words and resisted the urge. In the depth of her heart she was also lost. She didnt know if it was right or wrong to help Ning Qingxue remember those things. Ning Qingxue did almost lose her life twice with Ye Mo so she didnt dare speak. Who knew if that would happen a third time.

Also, Li Mumei had investigated Ning Qingxues tracks during that year. Not only did she go to Flowing Snake alone, she also went to the desert with Chi Wanqing. She even went to Shen Nong Jia by herself. Although she didnt know what happened during these events, Li Mumei knew it was related to Ye Mo.

Furthermore, the terrifying incident of the Heaven Ditch seems to have occurred at the same time as when Ning Qingxue left.

So, only she knew that Ning Qingxues lost memories werent for a year, but specifically the memories with Ye Mo. It seemed to be very coherent with what that monk had said. However, he said that only high level cultivators could do that and she wasnt sure if Ning Qingxue had cultivated that stuff.

If it wasnt because she remembered that Ning Qingxue had never cultivated ancient martial arts, she really wouldnt be able to resist telling her. Besides, even if Ning Qingxue had cultivated ancient martial arts, she wouldnt have been able to reach a high level due to her age.

"Mumei, I heard that CEO Zang of the Luo Yue corporation is hard to talk to and has rejected most well known corporations. They probably wouldnt even look straight at our Fei Yu Corporation. Im a bit tired today. Im going back first, well talk tomorrow." Then, Ning Qingxue got up and felt her chest. She felt her heart was aching a little, but the hospital had never been able to find a problem.

"Qingxue, are you okay?" Li Mumei saw Ning Qingxues actions and knew her heart was aching again.

Ning Qingxue shook her head, "Im fine."

Seeing Ning Qingxue and Xiao Yue leave together, Li Mumei had a certain strange feeling. She didnt know what she should do now.


After finishing a days work, Li Mumei fatiguely walked out of the building. She walked into the car park to drive her buggy but saw a person standing by a small road off in the distance.

It was Ye Mo. Li Mumei recognized Ye Mo straight away. He seemed a little emaciated. He stood at the road not moving an inch as though a statue standing there for eternity. His eyes were fixed on an office on the 8th floor. Li Mumeis heart shook. She knew that Ye Mo came to see Ning Qingxue, but she had already finished work.

He really had changed. She could no longer associate the current Ye Mo with the abandoned son from before. Perhaps since meeting Ye Mo at Su Jingwens birthday party, he had changed.

Thinking about Ning Qingxues cold expression, Li Mumei could no longer resist knowing and not telling. She had to tell Ning Qingxue. If she didnt, perhaps many years later Ning Qingxue would hate her for life.

Qingxue mustve cared about Ye Mo too much and not have wanted to forget him. Thats why when she was about to die, she enveloped her memories. That was because she loved Ye Mo too much. "Master Wu Guang is right, it must be like this. I dont understand why Qingxue would know ancient martial arts, but I can ask Ye Mo."

Thinking about this, Li Mumei opened the car door and was going to talk to Ye Mo, but when she looked at where he had been standing, it was empty. Ye Mo was nowhere to be seen.


Ye Mo jumped up to the window he had jumped off last time. He didnt need to go up and only needed to scan from down there to know that Ning Qingxue had left. Nonetheless, he looked at her office in a daze. So what if Ning Qingxue wasnt in her office. Even if she had been, what could he have done?

Ye Mo sighed and turned to leave.

Although Ye Mo had already left, Li Mumei still made up her mind to tell Ning Qingxue everything she knew. Even if she didnt care about those memories, even if Ning Qingxues mother would blame her, she would still say it.

Having made up her mind, she drove to Ning Qingxues place.

Li Mumei opened Ning Qingxues room and saw her stand by the window. She was holding her chest and looking into the distant buildings in a daze. Li Mumei suddenly realized that Ning Qingxues gaze was similar to Ye Mo's.

"Mumei, youre here," Ning Qingxue turned around and filled a cup with water for Li Mumei.

Li Mumei hesitated for a while before biting her lips and saying: "Qingxue, I dont know if I should tell you, but if you really dont want to know, I wont say it. If you do, I will tell you everything I know."

Ning Qingxue sat down and also poured herself some tea before saying slowly: "Is this about me and Ye Mo?"

"Mhm," Li Mumei nodded, "although in your memory, you feel disgusted about him, a lot happened in between. I, I dont know if I should say it and I dont know if you will care."

Ning Qingxue sunk into a long silence before saying: "In fact, I dont feel disgusted about him. I just feel that were impossible. I know why Ye Mo came up last time, but I wont believe it. Besides, I know Ye Mos character very well. I wont like someone like him. Although I simply dont like him, my mom detests him. Last time, she even kneeled to him for me. I dont want to see him and I dont want to think about him. I am me, he is him, there is nothing between us."

Li Mumei stared at Ning Qingxue for a long time before saying: "Qingxue, is that really how you feel? If it is, I wont mention him again and I will also forget about all of it."

"I..." Ning Qingxue hesitated. Her attitude wasnt as adamant as the first time. When Li Mumei asked a second time, she wavered. Even though she was sure she wouldnt like Ye Mo, someone with nothing good about him, she still had the subtle feeling that her heart ache was related to Ye MO.

Every time someone mentioned this name or whenever she thought about the name, she had that heart ache feeling. She even felt this necklace of hers was related to Ye Mo, since every time she felt pain, she would just feel the necklace and the pain would slowly disappear.

"Qingxue, you didnt turn around just then, but how did you know it was me and not aunty?" Li Mumei suddenly thought of this.

Ning Qingxue was dazed. Yeah, just then, she knew it was Mumei without turning around.

"Also, there were many times in the office where you didnt even look up yet still knew if it was me or Xiao Yue. Although you could judge by our footsteps, but even when they sound very light, you are still able to tell. So, I really suspect that you have learnt ancient martial arts," Li Mumei said dubiously.

Ning Qingxue sighed and looked at Li Mumei: "Mumei, tell me about Ye Mo and I. I really dont believe there could be anything between us..." After hesitating for a moment, Ning Qingxue said: "Mumei, no matter what, dont tell my mother about our conversation today."

Li Mumei nodded: "I know, even if you hadn't said anything, I wouldnt have told her."
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