Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 352

Chapter 352: Luo Yue Looking For Partnership

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"Let's go to Flowing Snake first. But before I go, I heard that the Luo Yue Corporation is going to announce some very significant news, so let's have a look at their official website later. Lets not miss anything. The beauty pill is also very important to our corporation. Even now our sales continue to slip. If we go on like this, our corporation will face extreme difficulties, so even if we cant cooperate with Luo Yue, we still need to research the recipe for the beauty pill and try to make our own product. I believe that there are a lot of people trying to do this," Ning Qingxue set aside her other thoughts and said seriously.

Li Mumei nodded: "Yes, however, our technology is weak. Many other pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories are already researching the beauty pill. We must hurry. Hold on, Ill have a look at their website first."

"Huh..." Li Mumei yelled in shock at the website.

Ning Qingxue immediately asked, "Whats wrong?"

The Fei Yu corporation was facing a difficult situation. They had no new products and the old markets competition was too big. There was no profit they could earn there. If they went on to research new products now, they would be short on money and time while taking a big risk.

Therefore, the new and blooming Luo Yue corporation became the only thing that could save Fei Yu. But whether it was Ning Qingxue or Li Mumei, they both knew that other companies would be thinking the same thing.

More than that, many renowned companies in the world had been refused partnership. Their business was smaller in scale and far from those international big pharmaceutical companies. They only had a very thin sliver of hope but even so, Li Mumei was still shocked.

If this sliver of hope was taken away by other companies, their corporation would have no hope at all, so she was very anxious.

Li Mumei said shakily: "Qingxue, in 3 days, Luo Yue will be holding a conference looking for partners. But, their requirements must be satisfied."

Ning Qingxue immediately asked: "What requirements do they have, what are the limitations?"

Li Mumei answered: "They're looking for partners based on location; one in Africa, one in Europe and America and two in Asia. Uhm, the pharmaceutical industry of Africa isnt even developed, why is there a spot for them. Hmm, why do the two developed continents Europe and America only have one? This is odd."

Looking at the requirements, Li Mumei felt strange.

But soon, both of their hearts sunk. Luo Yue was looking into the partnership in Asia and there were only two spots. And amongst all the corporations, Fei Yu could barely make it into the top 200 in Asia. It could be seen that their chances were very slim.

"What do we do? Qingxue, are we still going to Beijing?" Li Mumei asked disappointedly.

Ning Qingxue bit her lips, her beautiful face having a persevering look. If she missed this opportunity, their corporation wouldnt last much longer. Her parents had already been staying in an American pharmaceutical company for almost half a month for their business, but they didnt seem very interested at all.

"We go, why wouldn't we go? Although our chances are very slim, this is still an opportunity. If we miss it, our future will be even dimmer. Perhaps we wont get a spot, but maybe we can contact a company that gets a spot and then work under them," Ning Qingxue said confidently.

Just when she had finished talking, the phone in the room rung. Ning Qingxue quickly picked it up. It was a call from her mother in America, but she only spoke a few words and hung up. Qingxue's face looked bad.

"Qingxue, did the business negotiations in America not go too well?" Li Mumei could judge the situation by the look on Ning Qingxues face.

She nodded despondently, "Yes, we went to have serious negotiations with them, but they just sent a random person to deal with us. My parents will be going to Beijing in two days. We will go meet up with them there."

Li Mumei nodded, "Then Ill prepare the things for the conference." Ning Qingxue was of the opinion that their corporation could only look for an opportunity at the conference. Although she also knew that the chances were slim, she still decided to support Ning Qingxue.

"Mumei, have a walk outside with me." Ning Qingxue stood up fatiguely. She knew that the corporation was named after her parents. Not only did it contain their devotion, it was also the source of income for their family.

Now, her family was no longer a part of the Beijing Ning family but had become independent. They had invested all of their savings into Fei Yu Corporation. Once something happened to Fei Yu Corporation, their family would have to face the difficulties of survival.

So Ning Qingxue was also very worried when the sales of the corporation started to decline rapidly.


Ye Mo heard that the beauty pill was being talked about everywhere. Almost everyone was discussing the new company, and finally he felt a little relieved. It would seem that Zang Jiayan and co. were managing Luo Yue quite well. At least up until now, it seemed successful. However, Ye Mo knew that no matter which company sold the beauty pill, it would be a success no matter what.

It was a cultivation pill modified into the beauty pill. Although it's effect wasn't even 1% of the original, it was still thousands of times better than normal beauty products.

Ye Mo originally wanted to stay a night in Yu state but now decided to go to Flowing Snake. He wondered how Zang Jiayan was doing with the herbs he had told him to collect.

Yu State was a very big place in China and was very prosperous. Yet now, Ye Mo seemed a little lost standing on this busy street. There were night clubs with colourful lights not far off, with men and women coming and going incessantly. In this world, there were always some people who used this kind of place to numb themselves or seek a life here.

Ye Mo shook his head and wanted to leave. A woman whose body wasnt that good walked into the night club and happened to be scanned by Ye Mos spirit sense.

The moment he scanned this woman, he almost lost his mind. Luo Xuan? But immediately, Ye Mo knew it couldnt be Luo Xuan. If it was her, she definitely wouldnt be going to night clubs. Also, Luo Xuan was with her martial sister. She wouldnt be here alone. Besides, Luo Xuans body was countless times better than this woman's.

But then why did he get the feeling that this woman was Luo Xuan? Ye Mos spirit sense turned back. It was a very average looking woman and so was her body, but soon Ye Mo realized that this woman had been disguised, and he seemed to have seen this disguising technique somewhere before.

After thinking for a brief moment, Ye Mo figured out who this woman was. She had the same chi as Luo Xuan and her big martial sister. This meant this woman cultivated the same cultivation method as Luo Xuan.

Other than Luo Xuans second martial sister, who else could it be. Her masquerading means were similar to Luo Xuans big martial sister and she had about black level primary stage power. This woman was for sure Luo Xuans second martial sister.

Ye Mo had once told Luo Xuan that the one who had ambushed her and her big martial sister might have possibly been her second martial sister. He hadn't expected to see this woman here.

Ye Mo almost couldnt believe it. Regardless of whether this woman had ambushed her martial sisters or not, why would a woman with such a high level cultivation method be at this sort of venue. He was simply too bewildered.

Ye Mo didnt want to care about the 3 sisters' business, but he really did have a good impression of Luo Xuan. Since he saw her second martial sister here, he might as well go and see whats going on. Since she had gotten the Ni Luo Sutra, why would she still go to such a venue in disguise? Plus, the Ni Luo Sutra was Luo Xuans. If he could take it, he would.

Thinking like that, Ye Mo no longer hesitated and also walked into this night club while locking onto that woman with his spirit sense.


Li Mumei was also looking dazily at a night club not far away. She knew what sort of place that was. Euphemistically speaking, it was a high class entertainment centre, strictly speaking, it was a brothel. The reason she was looking dumbly at this place was because she had seen Ye Mo walk in there.

She of course knew that person was Ye Mo, because a few hours ago she had still seen Ye Mo stand underneath their building. But it was only a few hours later that he walked into a brothel. The difference was too huge.

Ning Qingxue followed Li Mumeis eyes and also happened to see Ye Mo disappear into the nightclub. She frowned and looked at Li Mumei, comfirming: "Mumei, that was Ye Mo who just went in right?"
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