Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Strange Night Club Woman

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Li Mumei nodded bitterly, "Yes, thats Ye Mo. When I finished work, I saw him standing outside the building looking at your office. I wouldnt have expected him to go there shortly afterwards. I think hes a little lonely."

Ning Qingxue didnt say anything, so Li Mumei spoke again: "Qingxue, you already saw Ye Mo, are you still going to Ning Hai? Or how about we go into that nightclub and see?"

Ning Qingxue nodded calmly: "Yes, Im still going to go. Ive thought about it, and I do want to retrieve those memories. It has nothing to do with him. As for going to that nightclub, I dont think its necessary. Whats that got to do with me?"

Ning Qingxue wasn't lying. When she saw Ye Mo go into the night club, she really felt very calm, because in her heart Ye Mo was that sort of person. The only strange thing was that according to her impression of him, Ye Mo shouldnt be the type to go in there.

Although she didnt care, thinking about how she was legally his wife, she no longer had the mood to continue strolling. Instead, she said to Li Mumei: "Mumei, Im a bit tired, lets go back."

Ye Mos spirit sense was so focused on that woman that he didnt notice Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei.

After entering this night club, Ye Mo found a seat near the edge and sat down. As soon as he sat down, a girl wearing very little walked over. Although she looked not bad, under the scan of Ye Mos spirit sense it became apparent that that was just a build up of all sorts of powders.

"Get me a cup of beer. Ill call you if I need anything else. For now, dont come and disturb me. If you say one extra word, Im leaving." Before this girl could say anything, Ye Mo threw a few hundred dollars at her and shut her up.

The girl quickly gulped down the words she was going to say, packed the money from the table and brought a beer over.

Sending away the girl, Ye Mo spread out his spirit sense. There were very few people who really came here to eat and drink. Most people only came for one purpose. From the second to the fourth floor, other than a few rooms that actually had karaoke, most rooms displayed all sorts of nude trades.

Ye Mo was not interested in watching these. He locked his spirit sense onto the woman on the 5th floor. He was sure that woman was Luo Xuans second martial sister. Ye Mo really wanted to know why this second martial sister would try to kill her martial sister just for a book. Their relationship had been a very close one.

If he could find the Ni Luo Sutra, he wouldnt mind taking it away. This was Luo Xuans possession. Regardless of whether it had any worth or not, if he saw it, he wouldnt let it slip away right in front of him.

This woman went into a room on the 5th floor. After closing the door, she sat for a long time before walking in front of a mirror and looking at her face.

It was disguised indeed. Ye Mo didnt see the Ni Luo Sutra but he did see a soft sword at her waist. It was hooked onto her waist like a belt. Soon Ye Mo also found that there was something wrong with her body. Her waist appeared to be red. She was injured, and the wound was quite serious. Who had injured her?

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense around the 5th floor and realized the 5th floor was obviously different from the floors below. There were some customers here as well, but the girls who served them were not only prettier than the girls below but also much younger. Noticing this, Ye Mo got even more confused. Based on the looks of her disguise, she shouldnt be able to come to the 5th floor, so why was she living here?

This woman took off her jacket and took out some surveillance equipment. Ye Mo checked it out using his spirit sense. The screen showed the front door of the night club.

Even Ye Mo had to commend this woman. If she was really Luo Xuans second martial sister, her adaptability was too quick. How long had she been out of the small world for? Yet she already knew how to use surveillance equipment.

A middle aged man with a pot belly holding a black bag walked into the night club. He came straight to the front desk.

"CEO Chen, I missed you so much. Havent seen you for days! Come, Ill give you a massage to help relieve your fatigue," A very exotic woman walked out. When she saw this pot belly CEO Cheng, her eyes started gleaming. Ye Mo imagined that in her eyes this fat man must probably be a good money milking cow.

CEO Cheng laughed, squished the womans chest and spanked her ass before saying: "Little hoe, I dont need you today. I want princess Fei Fei." Afterwards, he stashed a few hundred dollars inside the womans bra.

The woman wasnt all too happy hearing CEO Chengs words, but seeing these couple hundred dollars, she immediately smiled: "Aiyo, thats a pity. Fei Fei just came back today, Ill call her phone for you."

She called for a long time but no one picked up. Helpless, the woman said to a young girl next to her: "Lan Lan, take CEO Cheng to Fei Fei."

Seeing Lan Lan and CEO Cheng leave, the exotic woman said to another woman at the bar: "Fei Fei has neither looks nor body, I really dont know how she went up to the 5th floor. This fatty Cheng is truly blind. How can he like such a woman? In what way am I less than her?"

The other woman at the bar looked around before saying quietly: "Sister Long, you mustn't let sister Na hear that. I heard that sister Na brought Fei Fei in. You need to be careful."

"I know, I just feel uncomfortable." The exotic womans voice obviously quietened down.

Despite sitting far away, Ye Mo heard all of this clearly. He couldnt help but sigh. Every career had competition. But he didnt agree to the exotic womans words. Putting aside looks, that Luo Xuans second martial sisters temperament was much higher than this woman's. That fatty Cheng had good eyes to pick Fei Fei. He must be very experienced.

Ye Mos spirit sense scanned the 5th floor again. That girl called Fei Fei immediately packed away the surveillance screen and put on her clothes while going to stand at the door.

When the fat man came, she immediately welcomed him in joyfully.

Fei Fei might've been average looking, but when the fat man saw her, his eyes were smiling. Ye Mo witnessed Fei Fei close the door and casually pour a drink for this CEO Cheng.

He didnt even look at it and just drank it all. Afterwards though, his eyes immediately became blurry, and he stared lecherously at Fei Fei as though, in his eyes, she were completely nude already.

Soon he lay down on the bed. However, Fei Fei clicked a few chakra points on him, took out an inflatable toy and dumped it on the bed. Then, she pulled the blanket over CEO Cheng and the inflatable doll.

Ye Mo found her actions to be very experienced and rapid. It seemed this wasnt her first time doing this.

After that, Fei Fei went into a room inside and opened her clothes showing her snow white waist. Ye Mo noticed that there was a sword wound on her waist indeed, and it seemed very deep. She took out some powders and dipped them on before putting her clothes back on. She stood by the door and appeared very tired.

Ye Mo frowned. Right when he thought about going up and questioning her, he found another man entering the night club.

He was in his 30s and his hair was a little long. Still, he was very handsome except for his face being a little pale.

As soon as the man walked in, he caught the attention of a few girls. However, the man gave a push and all the girls who rushed to him were pushed away.

Ye Mo saw him close his eyes as though feeling something. Immediately, he knew that the man had come here looking for someone. He was black level middle stage and was probably from the hidden sects. Other than Fei Fei, he couldnt find anyone else here who cultivated ancient martial arts.

Ye Mos spirit sense scanned Fei Fei. At this moment, she stood up and stared at the surveillance device in her hand with a face of anger. But just a moment later, she jumped out of the window and crawled down the air conditioner.

Ye Mo didnt go after Fei Fei. Since this handsome man could find her, it meant he had a lead on Fei Fei. He had probably marked her.

A moment later, the man suddenly opened his eyes and charged out of the building. Ye Mo knew that he had probably figured out where Fei Fei had been. Two guards who wanted to stop the man were kicked far away.

Ye Mo didnt follow. He walked out of the night club instead. He was waiting for the man to chase her down and then be the yellow bird behind the praying mantis.

As expected, Ye Mo noticed the man charge into Fei Feis room and kick open the door plucking the blanket away without hesitation.

CEO Cheng was still hugging an inflatable dummy. In contrast, this young man had a face full of anger. He took out a short dagger from his chest and hacked down without hesitation. Poor CEO Cheng; He didnt even understand what was going on before becoming a ghost.

Thereafter, the young man jumped out of the window and chased in a certain direction.

Ye Mo immediately followed as well.
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