Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 354

Chapter 354: Confusing

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This young mans speed was very fast and it kept getting faster. Ye Mo was certain that if he went to a marathon, he would get first place no doubt. This speed was faster than cars in busy districts. However, it was far inferior to Ye Mo's.

Ye Mo could see that the man did indeed have a mark from how he kept on stopping. One hour later, they had gone out of the Yu state city district and into the Da Hong Mountain region.

Da Hong Mountain was a small mountain outside of Yu state. Ye Mo was sure that this Fei Fei probably knew she couldnt escape and therefore wanted to use the Da Hong Mountain for her escape. This woman was really dumb. Since she had been chased for so long, and the pursuer knew exactly where she was, even an idiot would know she had been marked, yet she didnt remove the mark.

Although outside of Da Hong Mountain the streets were busy with people similarly to Yu state city, but after going inside, there were no signs of human life. The area seemed open.

The man finally stopped in a valley and looked at a rock a few hundred meters away and said: "Fei Fei, come out."

Ye Mo was shocked. Even he couldnt scan his spirit sense a few hundred meters out, but this youth could sense her. He really wondered what sort of mark he had used. It could even compare to his spirit sense mark.

Indeed, a woman came out from behind the rock. It was that woman from the night club. From her fatigued look, however, Ye Mo knew that being able to run here had been her limit.

"Fei Fei, what cant we talk about between the two of us? Why did you have to hide from me for months on end?" The handsome young man said helplessly when he saw the woman come out.

Fei Fei sneered and just pulled out the sword from around her waist and said coldly to the young guy: "Qi Yulin, I was really blind to love a scum like you. Stop pretending. If you want to kill me then do it, but dont put on that disgusting face."

So this man was called Qi Yunlin and Luo Fei was indeed Luo Xuans second martial sister. "From what she said, they seem to be lovers who ended up fighting each other," Ye Mo thought.

Qi Yulin frowned and said: "Fei Fei, I just want you to show me the Ni Luo Sutra. I wasnt going to do anything to you, and I dont want that book either. Besides, whats the difference between what is yours and what is mine? Youre already my woman, and even if you werent, I wouldnt do anything to you. But you wouldnt even trust me about this and hid the Ni Luo Sutra instead."

Luo Fei said sardonically: "Qi Yulin, stop pretending. I regret only two things in my life. One was to harm my sisters for a dog and the other is to like a trash like you. I was blind. I didnt take the Ni Luo Sutra and even if I had, I wouldnt hand it over to you. Qi Yuling, give up."

Qi Yuling heard Luo Feis words and his face turned bad. He said bleakly: "Fei Fei, I dont know why you have such a negative perception of me, but I know we wont be able to return to where we were before. We can only live outside for the rest of our lives. So, I want you to put aside those thoughts and come with me. Stop hiding around."

"Go with you? Qi Yunlin, you wretched hypocrite. If it wasn't because you haven't gotten the Ni Luo Sutra yet, you wouldve killed me already. I dont know what you did to me before, but do you have the guts to swear that those who attacked me have nothing to do with you? Do you dare? If I hadnt been careful, I wouldve been killed a few hours ago. I dont mind my life, but there are still things I care about." Luo Fei couldnt control her emotions.

Qi Yulin heard this, yet his expression actually calmed down: "Fei Fei, since you want to think that way, I cant do anything about it. Yes, the people who stopped you were sent by me, but I didnt order them to kill you. Its up to you to believe it or not. Fei Fei, if you believe me, take out the Ni Luo Sutra, and we can find a peaceful place to live in for the rest of our lives."

Unexpectedly, Luo Fei dropped down her head, and even her sword sunk down as though touched by Qi Yulins proposal.

Seeing this, Qi Yulin quickly went up and said: "Fei Fei, the heavens and earth can see my heart for you. I truly want to live with you for the rest of my life, but Im afraid news would get out, so..."

"I swear I could never believe you again, so you can go die!" Luo Fei suddenly jumped up and her soft sword turned into sword rays piercing towards Qi Yulins chest.

Qi Yulin didnt seem to have expected that Luo Fei would attack him and even try to kill him. In his heart, even if the heavens fell, Luo Fei would only be annoyed at him at most. He believed that Luo Fei still loved him and very deeply so, but reality turned out to be the opposite.

Qi Yulin quickly sidestepped, but even so, the sword still passed through his ribs.

After Qi Yulin was hurt, he became remorseless and kicked Luo Fei in the stomach. Luo Fei flew away and landed on the ground. She spat blood from her mouth and as though realizing she wasnt going to make it, she smiled.

Qi Yulin ate a pill and opened his clothes pouring some powder on it. It didnt seem he was injured very seriously, but he just felt furious that Luo Fei had dared attack him.

Luo Fei looked at Qi Yulin and jeered before murmuring: "Sorry that I attacked you sister Luo Xuan, but I didnt go all out. I know you and big martial sister suspect that I wanted to kill you, but I really did not..."

Qi Yulin suddenly yelled, "Bitch, you rubbed poison on your sword. Even if I dont get the Ni Luo Sutra, I will still kill you!"

But at this moment, Luo Fei had already fallen unconscious onto the ground. She couldnt hear a word he had said.

Ye Mo was confused. From their conversation, it would appear Luo Fei didnt take the Ni Luo Sutra at all. Although she wanted to help Qi Yulin, she didnt deal killing blows to her martial sister. This meant that even if Luo Xuan hadnt reached black level, Luo Feis palm wouldnt have been able to kill her.

On top of that, it also seemed that the injuries the big martial sister had sustained werent related to Luo Fei. What was going on? If that was the case then who took the Ni Luo Sutra?

Qi Yulin struggled in front of Luo Fei and wanted to kill her, but he stopped. He saw that someone suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Who are you?" Qi Yulin looked at Ye Mo with a purple face. It could be seen that he was poisoned seriously.

Ye Mo said plainly: "Answer a few questions of mine, and perhaps I can give you a quick death. Firstly, did you attack Luo Xuans big martial sister? And, were you the one who poisoned her? Secondly the Ni Luo Sutra, did you seduce Luo Fei for it?"

Qi Yulin had a hideous smile and raised his sword wanting to attack Ye Mo. Ye Mo raised his finger and pointed at his forehead.

Qi Yulins face went blank, and he soon replied: "I didnt ambush Luo Xuans big martial sister, nor did I get the Ni Luo Sutra. I made arrangements with Luo Fei to knock out Luo Yin, and I didnt even meet her before she came back to the temple. I made contact with Luo Fei so I could get news about the Ni Luo Sutra from her.

Ye Mo still wanted to ask a few questions, but Luo Feis poison was too potent. Qi Yulins eyes soon returned to normal, and he understood what had just happened. Shock flashed across his face, and he fell down to the floor. He was already dead.

"What a potent poison." Ye Mo glanced at Qi Yulin who had gotten completely black and turned him into ashes with a fireball. A black dot wanted to run out from Qi Yulins body but was burned away too.

There was a Gu in Qi Yulins body? But Ye Mo didnt mind. There seemed to be a huge difference between this one and the one he had met last time.

Luo Xuans big martial sister didnt seem to have been ambushed by Qi Yulin. What had happened then? Combined with the Ni Luo Sutra being lost, Ye Mo felt more and more confused.

At the time, only Luo Xuan and her big martial sister had been in the Ying Hua temple. Luo Fei conspired with Qi Yulin for the Ni Luo Sutra, so there were 3 people in there.

According to Ye Mos guess, after Luo Fei found out that Luo Xuan had gotten the Ni Luo Sutra, she used an excuse to go out to tell Qi Yulin. Then, one of the two hid outside and another went into the Ying Hua temple. Afterwards, when Luo Xuans big martial sister went into the Ying Hua temple, she was ambushed by Qi Yulin. From Luo Xuans point of view, that was what happened as well.

But then, Luo Fei who had hidden in the temple ambushed Luo Xuan and stole the Ni Luo Sutra, after which Luo Xuans big martial sister woke up and took Luo Xuan to escape.

Now however, Ye Mo knew that wasnt what had happened. Qi Yulin didnt ambush Luo Xuans big martial sister, and Luo Fei didnt take the Ni Luo Sutra. The reality was this different from what he had thought.

Now, he could only wake up Luo Fei and then ask her.
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