Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 360

Chapter 360: Third Bracelet

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For normal people, this summer was a time to go on holiday. But for all pharmaceutical companies around the globe, it was a very anxious time.

This was for no other reason than the sudden appearance of the Flowing Snake Luo Yue Corporation.

Compared to any other pharmaceutical company, the earnings of Luo Yue were thousands of times more lucrative and this had upset the interest rules of any and every industry. It could be said that since the beginning of history, there hasn't been a single product that was this lucrative. And even though everyone knows it, they are still willing to buy it.

One could imagine that if any pharmaceutical company had the slightest relationship with Luo Yue, then the profit this company earned would increase exponentially. But, Luo Yue didnt need any partners. Anyone who wanted a partnership with Luo Yue was rejected. Even those who offered to help sell the Luo Yue products were rejected.

Just when all the pharmaceutical companies in the world were watching this huge slice of cake in admiration, Luo Yue Corporation announced that they would be holding a conference and looking for partners. This news shocked the entire pharmaceutical industry.

In this moment, Beijing became the focal point of the world.

Why? It wasn't only because of the conference. There were also going to be large amounts of beauty pills sold there. They will also use this opportunity to push their new health pill. This was a completely new type of pill that could ease fatigue and remove any discomfort brought by the stress of work. It was pretty much that, if you were sick, it cured you, and if you werent, it made you healthier.

Half a year ago, this pill would have been ridiculed by everyone, yet now, as long as it was promoted by Luo Yue Corporation, there would be guaranteed quality.

The name of the company itself was a golden named plate. There was no way to counterfeit their beauty pill. There were a lot of attempts, but these counterfeits were easily discernable.

Firstly, there was only one distribution point and that was the designated Luo Yue store. Secondly, the pill would melt as soon as it entered the mouth. There were no impurities at all which was already a hot scientific research subject.

Thirdly, upon first opening the bottle, there would be a holographic title saying 'beauty pill'. Before you ate the pill, you would eat the two words and the effects would be better. No one could counterfeit that. So, there were actually no fake imitations of such a lucrative product. No one could counterfeit it.

Ye Mo was sure that the two essence chi words he had made with the spirit gathering formation were uncopiable.

Therefore this time, a lot of people didnt come for the conference at Beijing. They came to buy the beauty pill and the health pill. On the black market, one beauty pill cost more than 200k. This was completely due to the lack of production from the Luo Yue Corporation. One could see the large business opportunities in this. If you bought even one or two bottles, you would be earning big.

Now, the most popular investment amongst the citizens wasnt buying stocks or houses, but buying beauty pills.

Hence, there was not a single pharmaceutical company that didn't take this conference seriously. Many of them sent their most powerful squad to Beijing. There were companies from all over the world.

In the short day after announcing the conference, Beijing was already full of people. All of them had come to get rich. If the pharmaceutical companies didnt have many offices, a lot of them wouldnt even be able to find a place to stay.

Beijing became more strict in security, and there were much more police on the streets as well.


Originally, Ye Mo had planned to let Luo Fei go meet up with Zang Jiayan and co. in Beijing by herself, but he figured that he hadnt gone to visit Ye Ling and Zi Feng for a long time, so he might as well take this opportunity to see them.

Ye Mo and Luo Fei got to Beijing on the second day. Since Ye Mo was with her, he didnt use the flying sword and took the plane instead.

At the same time, Ye Mo taught some names and features of spirit herbs to Luo Fei. Compared to other people, her learning abilities were much better.

When Ye Mo arrived at the Luo Yue Corporations location in Beijing, the Yu Mao Hotel, Zang Jiayan and Yu Miaodan and others were already waiting for him. This time, it was Yang Jiu and Han Zai in charge of security. There were two henchmen of Fang Nan who also came, since their martial arts progress had been good.

Xu Ping had to stay in Flowing Snake to look after production, so he didnt come. If Ye Mo hadnt told him not to, Fang Nan wouldve come personally, but Ye Mo had brought Luo Fei who was enough to ensure safety. Luo Fei was far stronger than Fang Nan, and Zang Jiayan was a yellow level master himself.

Although Luo Fei was from the inner hidden sects, she had been living in the city longer than Ye Mo and wasnt very rich. Because of that, she knew clearly how Luo Yue rose to fame and knew how powerful the CEO of the company was. Although she knew that Ye Mo was the real boss, she was still shocked when she saw how reverent Zang Jiayan and co. were to Ye Mo.

"This is" Ye Mo looked at Luo Fei, unsure whether to introduce her full name.

Luo Fei quickly intervened, "Im Lou Yifei."

Ye Mo nodded and continued, "From now on, Lou Yifei will be responsible for the importing of materials and inspection thereof. Luo Yifei will be responsible for all the rare herbs we are looking for. Miaodan, help her arrange things."

"Yes, CEO Ye." After two years, Yu Miaodan had recovered from the trauma from before. Currently, her life was very fulfilling. She was truly grateful to Ye Mo. She no longer had to worry about being stabbed in the back everyday. She liked this quiet yet busy life, not the walking on sword life everyday.

"CEO Ye, what standards do we have for looking for collaboration partners?" Zang Jiayan also loved his current life. After he left the military, he had finally for the first time found a goal in life. He was very reverent towards Ye Mo who could create the beauty pill.

Ye Mo hummed and said, "Look at their capability of dealing with herbs. Of course, their technological skills must also be satisfactory. We can tell from the material theyve prepared, but we dont need those pharmaceutical companies who dont really take value in searching and storing rare herbs."

"Actually, those larger companies such as the Yuan Bei Corporation and Lian Feng Corporation do take collecting herbs seriously, and Ive seen a couple of their stores. There are indeed some that we need. The heart safety serum from Yuan Bei is purely made from herbs," Zang Jiayan replied.

"Okay, you guys can arrange these things. Im going to visit my brother and sister. If I have time, I will come over." Ye Mo didnt care about the specifics and let the others handle it.

Beijing was still densely populated. This wouldnt change because of the Song family being kicked away. Ye Mo felt a little sad after passing by Drunk Eye Bar. He remembered that Nie Shuangshuang. Last time, he had given her a lotus life pill, so he wondered how she was now.

"Ive already arrived at Beijing. Qingxue, you and Mumei should come quickly. There isnt even a place to stay in Beijing now. Ehm, your mother is still in America. She will be back later," A middle aged man spoke on the phone.

Qingxue? Ye Mo immediately noticed this middle aged man. Just when he was confused as to who this person was and how he knew someone called Qingxue, his next words let him understand completely.

"Qingxue, our Fei Yu Corporations success all depends on this. If we cant get connected to Luo Yue Corporation, we will be living a tough life indeed. But you shouldnt worry too much. When we first moved to Yu state, didn't we have nothing as well? So what if we have nothing. Yuan Bei, they can be dominant, we wont mess with them" The middle aged mans tone was rather helpless.

So he was Ning Qingxues father. He seemed quite shaggy.

This was Ye Mo's first time seeing Ning Zhongfei. He seemed like a man with temperament, but at the moment, he was very tired.

However when Ye Mo scanned the mans black handbag with his spirit sense, he was shocked. There was also a bracelet in his bag and it was the exact same one as his sister Tang Beiweis. What was this?

Normally, there should only be a single pair of that bracelet. Why was there 3 now?
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