Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 361

Chapter 361: The talk between father and son-in-law.

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Ning Zhongfei put the phone down feeling worried. He and his wife hadnt accomplished anything in America. If it wasnt because there was no other way for the company, he wouldnt have stayed in the States for so long when they had no intention of collaborating with them. This couple found a sliver of hope when they heard Luo Yue is looking for collaboration partners.

Although they knew that their company had no hope of succeeding, they thought the same as Ning Qingxue. If a company was chosen, they could then become a branch of that company. That would still be a huge success.

"Who are you?" Ning Zhongfei stopped his random thoughts and looked at Ye Mo who was standing in front of him with a smile. Ye Mo had suddenly halted right there. If he werent on the street with so many people, he wouldve thought it was a robbery.

Ye Mo smiled, "Um Older brother, can we talk somewhere more private? I have some things to ask you about." Ye Mo was going to call him something else, but by the time it got to his mouth, it became older brother.

Ning Zhongfei looked strangely at this young man who suddenly invited him. He was a bit vigilant, but he had been everywhere and seen all sorts of people. He didnt sense any ill will from Ye Mos eyes.

"May I ask what you want me for? I dont seem to know you," Ning Zhongfei replied hesitantly.

Ye Mo could only say, "Here's the thing, when you opened your bag and put your phone in, I saw a bracelet in there. That bracelet is related to me, so I wish to invite you to the caf up ahead and have a talk.

Although there were a lot of people present, Ning Zhongfei rejected without hesitation.

The guy said he had instantaneously seen what was in his bag when he had opened it. This made him suspicious. It was hard to see from outside, and even if he could, how could he know it was related to him? Furthermore, why did he look at his bag for no reason?

Ye Mo knew his approach had been too sudden. Of course he hadnt seen it with his eyes. He scanned it with his spirit sense, but he couldnt say that. Now that Ning Zhongfei rejected, he could only take out his bracelet and pass it to Ning Zhongfei, "Friend, what I said was true. I really did see a bracelet like this one in your bag. This bracelet is very important to me. If you dont mind, I want to know where it came from."

Ning Zhongfei took the bracelet being confused and looked at it casually. He immediately knew that what Ye Mo was saying had to be true, because the bracelet Ye Mo gave him was exactly the same as the one he had bought in America. He had just come down from the plane and hadnt even found a place to live. Ye Mo couldnt have made a counterfeit this quick. Also, one could tell there was some history to the bracelet.

Although he didnt know why Ye Mos eyes were so good, he understood that Ye Mo was no ordinary person. How could an ordinary person have such acute perceptions?

"In that case, please." Although he wasnt too willing, Ning Zhongfei still agreed to Ye Mos request.

Ye Mo and Ning Zhongfei found a place to sit. Seeing that Ning Zhongfei was still absent minded, Ye Mo wanted to ask, but Ning Zhongfei came back to his senses. He took out the bracelet and handed it to Ye Mo, "I bought this in America. Have a look yourself."

Ning Zhongfei spent 8.000 US dollars on this. Although their company wasnt doing well, that little amount of money didnt mean much to him.

Ye Mo compared the two bracelets and they were exactly the same indeed. Adding his sisters bracelet, there were three of these now.

Ye Mo put down the bracelet and asked Ning Zhongfei, "May I ask where you bought this?"

Ning Zhongfei drank coffee like water, finishing it in one go and replied, "I bought this in China Town in the States. I felt it was good so I bought it. Having compared it, is it the same as yours?"

Ye Mo nodded, "It is. Also, this bracelet was left behind by my mother, so could you please tell me exactly where you bought it? Furthermore, I wish to buy this at double the price. Would you be willing to sell it?"

Ning Zhongfei had bought this bracelet casually and dumped it in his bag. He was going to bring it to Qingxue and didnt mind that much. Since Ye Mo wanted to buy it... If he hadnt seen Ye Mos bracelet, he wouldve rejected without a thought. But now after seeing Ye Mos and knowing that what Ye Mo said was probably true, it would be immoral to hold back someone looking for his kin for a bracelet.

Ning Zhongfei said without hesitation, "In that case, take it. Just reimburse me according to the original price. I bought it at Ming Yu Balcony in China Town, you can go ask for it there." Ning Zhongfei didnt care too much about a few thousand dollars.

Ye Mo sighed. Ning Zhongfei was a good person. At least in Ye Mos view, he was much easier to talk to than Ning Qingxues mother Lan Yu.

He wanted to help Ning Zhongfei a bit and said casually, "In that case, thank you older brother. I also came to Luo Yue conference this time, but finding this bracelet was unexpected. Im truly grateful. Please tell me your card number, Ill get someone to transfer to you now."

"You also came for the conference this time? May I ask which company you are from?" That was the thing Ning Zhongfei cared about the most in this conversation up until now.

Just when Ye Mo was hesitating if he should tell Ning Zhongfei he was Ye Mo, he thought about Lan Yu and Ning Qingxues attitude to him, so he could only sigh, "My company has only been established for a year, but I'm quite confident about this."

Hearing that Ye Mos company had only been formed for a year, Ning Zhongfei immediately felt disappointed, but after hearing Ye Mos latter words, he quickly understood that Ye Mo must have some connections. Of course, he only thought that those connections could help Ye Mo find some branch contracts.

Thinking about his company, he couldnt help but sigh, "If our company hadnt offended Yuan Bei Corporation, we would also be able to look for a company in order to be their lower branch. But now, sigh"

"How did you offend Yuan Bei Corporation? Dont people say theyre a good company and that its highly likely that they will be chosen this time." Ye Mo had heard this from Zang Jiayan, but now that Ning Zhongfei told him this, he got confused.

No matter what, Fei Yu being a third grade pharmaceutical company, it wouldnt offend an overlord like Yuan Bei of their own will.

Ning Zhongfei sighed and didnt speak. How could he not know that Yuan Bei was the most likely one to be chosen? Yet now, if they were chosen, the situation would only be worse for Fei Yu.

Ye Mo saw that Ning Zhongfei didnt speak and figured he didnt want to talk about it. Even what he had muttered before had been unintentional.

Ye Mo thought of the other company that Zang Jiayan had mentioned, Lian Feng, and immediately said, "In fact, I have some connections with Yuan Feng. Even if you've offended Yuan Bei, that doesnt mean you wont have any cooperation opportunities. Perhaps if I speak with the person responsible for Lian Feng, they could collaborate with you."

"What? Are you really familiar with the people over at Lian Feng? This is great! Im called Ning Zhongfei, whats your name?" Ning Zhongfei stood up excitedly. Finally, he thought of asking for Ye Mos name.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "Brother Ning, dont be hasty. Lets talk about how you got into a conflict with Yuan Bei? Perhaps I can help."

Ye Mo thought that if the conflict wasnt big he would let Zang Jiayan mediate between the two. After all, their Luo Yue Corporation had some status now.

Ning Zhongfei sat down and sighed. He even forgot to keep asking about Ye Mos name and said, "The young CEO of Yuan Bei invited my daughter to dinner at an exhibition half a year ago. Then, his father told people to tell me that his son liked my daughter and wanted our two families to become one. I rejected. I didnt even tell my daughter."

Ye Mos eyes went cold. Where did they find the guts to try anything with Ning Qingxue. Although she had forgotten the things between him and her, she was still legally his wife. It seemed that this young CEO had decided to use his company to get revenge. How dare he.

Ning Zhongfei continued, "I know my daughters personality. Even if the company bankrupts, I wouldnt let my daughter marry someone she doesnt like. Besides, she already has a marriage pact. Soon after, Yuan Bei wanted to buy our company, and my daughter rejected it. Afterwards, they would intervene whenever we made a contract with another company."

Ye Mo was angry. Although he wouldnt go kill Yuan Qibing, this company was sent to hell in his heart. Contrarily, his impression of Ning Zhongfei was great. He didnt expect Ning Zhongfei to remember the marriage pact between Ning Qingxue and him.
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