Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 365

Chapter 365: Danger At Sea

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"Dad, who are you looking for? Is it big uncle and co.?" Ning Qingxue saw her father looking for something in the guest hall and asked curiously. She saw that the Ning Family Corporation from Beijing had also come, which is why she thought her father was looking for them.

"Hehe, big uncle? I dont know those brothers who tried to push my daughter into the fire pit," Ning Zhongfei sneered.

Then he rubbed his eyes and said, "Last night, I met a very good young man at a caf. He said that his company was also coming to the conference today and it was he who strengthened my will to come. Im looking for him but I cant seem to find him."

"Uncle, whats their company called?" Li Mumei asked.

Ning Zhongfei patted his head, "Look at me, I actually forgot to ask what their company was called, and I forgot to ask what his name was. At the time, I also gave him a bracelet that I bought in America for 8k."

"Hmph, I think he might just be a fraud," Li Mumei scorned.

Ning Zhongfei was dazed, 'Right, was that person a fraud?' But he didnt seem like it. He had the exact same bracelet as him. How could there be such a coincidental thing in the world. But the fact was that he gave his bracelet to him without asking for money.

As though sensing her fathers worry, Ning Qingxue asked, "Dad, didnt you say he strengthened your will to come? A few thousand for your confidence is a worthy buy."

Ning Zhongfei knew that his daughter didnt want him to lose the will to fight before the conference and thought, 'Yeah, it was only a few thousand dollars.'

"Aiyo, CEO Ning, you came here personally. My father isnt as diligent as you, but I believe your Fei Yu Corporation stands quite a good chance. Your team is far superior than our Yuan Bei Corporations. To be honest, I'd really like to work with your Fei Yu Corporation, but its a pity." Yuan Qibing shook away the journalists and came between Ning Zhongfei and the others. His tone was rather sardonic.

Li Mumei spoke coldly, "That wouldnt be of your concern CEO Yuan. No matter whether we succeed or not, it has nothing to do with your Yuan Bei Corporation."

Yuan Qibing looked at Ning Qingxue. This otherworldly beauty made him dream about her countless times, and now that she appeared before his eyes, his heart was very itchy. He just realized that when he saw Ning Qingxue, she was prettier than he'd imagined. He had seen quite a lot of beautiful women but none as perfect as Ning Qingxue.

Yuan Qibing smiled and didnt seem to care about what Li Mumei said. Instead, he spoke, "CEO Ning, I really wish to cooperate with Fei Yu Corporation, if"

"CEO Yuan, you may leave. We still have things to discuss, and theres a lot of journalists waiting for you. You dont need to waste your time here," Ning Qingxue coldly stopped his words.

Yuan Qibings smile receded, "Although Yuan Bei Corporation isnt overly big, our words still carry some weight. I believe your situation hasn't been well recently? Otherwise, you wouldnt be at a conference you obviously have no hope for. Why still reject me?"

"Yuan, we dont welcome you here. Our wellbeing has nothing to do with you," Ning Qingxues tone grew colder and colder.

Yuan Qibing looked at the frosty queen Ning Qingxue and couldnt resist the urge in his heart. He had made up his mind; No matter the cost, he was going to get his hands on this woman.

It seemed hearing the loud noise over here and seeing one of the sources was Yuan Qibing of Yuan Bei Corporation made many journalists rush over.

"Hmm, Qingxue, your company is also here?" a female journalist called out in joy.

Ning Qingxue looked at this female journalist. She knew who this journalist was; Xiao Lei, a very famous journalist in Beijing. But, they werent even familiar, so why did she act like she was acquainted with her?

"By the way, I saw your husband Ye Mo in Beijing the other day. Are you guys oka-" Xiao Lei finished and felt she shouldnt have said that. How could she bring up Ye Mo for no reason and ask something like that. She clearly knew that they werent doing well, yet she asked a question like that.

However, she didnt expect Ning Qingxue to smile and say, "We're good, thank you for your concern."

"Youre already married?" Yuan Qibing frowned. That was horrible for him. He didnt even think before asking that question.

Ning Qingxue sneered, "CEO Yuan, please leave. Whats my marriage status got to do with you?" Having declared so, she couldnt even be bothered to look at Yuan Qibing.

Yuan Qibing looked at Ning Qingxue and had a very strange smile on his face, because he immediately understood what was going on.

To him, he had to get Ning Qingxue regardless of whether she was married or not. He had researched Ning Qingxues history. Her father didnt get along with the Ning family and left them, establishing their Fei Yu Corporation in Yu state. Other than that, Ning Qingxue was obviously still a virgin. There were no signs that she had been married. With his experience of going through the flower field, he could tell this with ease.

Ning Qingxue and Ye Mos story might've created quite the news in Beijing before, it was locked down quickly with the power of the Song family. Therefore other than the people in their circle, rarely anyone knew about it. Although Yuan Qibing was the young master of the biggest pharmaceutical company in China, he didnt know either.

Even though the Yuan family could be called decent, they were far from enough from the five big families of China. They couldnt even step foot in that circle.

Although Ning Qingxue had lost some memories, her long time experience being the decision maker of the company meant that she was good at observing facial expressions. She could feel something wasnt right by the way Xiao Lei mentioned Ye Mo.

Xiao Lei was tall and had good skin. Being a beautiful journalist in China, she had her advantages. She didnt think she was very familiar with Xiao Lei up till now, but did they perhaps have any connection due to Ye Mo? Thinking about this, Ning Qingxue wanted to ask Xiao Lei afterwards.

"The conference is about to begin. May all the corporate representatives please enter. Journalists please remain outside. After the end of the conference, there will be a press conference," the announcement sounded, and Yuan Qibing left while looking at Ning Qingxue one more time.

The reason why Ye Mo had prepared inflatable rafts was because he was afraid that with his current chi reserves, he wouldnt be able to fly to San Francisco in one go. Although his spirit chi was much more plenty than before, San Francisco was too far from Beijing. It was almost 10.000 km away. Five times the distance to Hong Kong.

He didnt want to fall into to the ocean midway due to lack of chi. Although he could stop his sword in mid air and rest, Ye Mo didnt want to do that. He felt it was dangerous to rest in the air. With his current skill, he couldnt go much higher into the sky. If he were scanned by some satellite and believed to be some alien, he wouldnt be able to survive a missile barrage.

So, he needed to reduce the time he spent in the air and he keep up his speed in order to avoid the notice of the military. He chose to leave at night.

Two hours later, Ye Mo opened the inflatable raft and landed in the Pacific Ocean. Although more than half his chi had been depleted, he could still continue flying. The reason he stopped was because Ye Mo felt like he was being watched. He knew that his current spirit sense wasnt on the same level as radars. He could only scan a little less than 300 meters.

Ye Mo estimated that he had gone almost three quarters of the way and only needed half an hour more to arrive in San Francisco. Even though he hadnt used his fastest speed, Ye Mo still believes this speed was much faster than a plane's.

Ye Mo spread his sprit sense on the raft and didnt find anything. The surface of the Pacific Ocean was deadly silent. However, he remained uneasy in his heart. He knew this area was in US military range, and if he got caught by the US military, he really wouldnt be able to get off easily, especially considering his exhausted chi reserves.

Even if he was at the chi gathering tertiary stage, he wouldnt be able to get much of an advantage against the high technology of the US.

Although he didnt find any danger, his life experience in the cultivation realm made him stay vigilant.

Just when Ye Mo stood up on the raft, he felt like an extreme danger was charging at him. Ye Mo didn't hesitate even a bit before jumping into the ocean and leaving the raft.

As soon as Ye Mo flew into the ocean, an underwater missile hit the raft with rapid speed creating a huge explosion. Then, the raft disappeared. Ye Mo was stunned. Had he not dodged that then he really would've been in danger. This thing wasnt some bullet or the like. His body wouldnt be able to take an underwater missile head on.

He was stunned his conjecture had come true. Ye Mo was pissed. He was just travelling. Even if you see some unidentified flying object from the sky, you can't just bomb it for no reason.
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