Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Special Care

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"Alright, everyone please wait. The 3 selected partners may send out representatives to have detailed negotiations." Then, Yu Miaodan went into the smaller room.

Afterwards, the 3 company reprensentatives stood up in the admiring eyes of everyone else and sent two people with Yu Miaodan to go in. However, Ning Zhongfei didnt go in. He let Ning Qingxue and Li Mumei go in.

When the company representatives sat down, what shocked the other two companies was that CEO Yu of Luo Yue personally brought a chair for Ning Qingxue to sit down on.

"CEO Yu, I can do this myself," Although Ning Qingxues character didnt make her very likeable, she was still shocked when this CEO Yu of Luo Yue carried a chair for her personally.

Li Mumei was even more astonished. Things seemed to be a bit strange. Not only was their company chosen as a partner but CEO Yu of Luo Yue seemed to be too polite to Ning Qingxue. Was it really what she had guessed? Li Mumei started to worry.

The specifics were very simple to negotiate as most had already been preset by Luo Yue. There werent much problems. After seeing the strong temperament of Yu Miaodan, the other 3 companies didnt fuss over the minor errors. Compared to the profit they would be earning, this was nothing.

After the negotiation, the other two companies left, yet Yu Miaodan had Ning Qingxue stay behind.

This made Ning Qingxue feel uncertain. Was it really like what Li Mumei had said? If that was the case, she would rather not have the spot.

Seeing Ning Qingxues confusion, Yu Miaodan quickly said, "CEO Ning, its like this. We have very sophisticated technology and therell be a lot of things for your company to learn, so I want our tech people to help you and stay in your Fei Yu Corporation for now."

Ning Qingxues heart sunk. It was that indeed. Was the person coming to help someone like Li Mumei had suggested? But CEO Yu didnt mention anything of the sort. The person was just coming to help. Perhaps she was overthinking. Not to mention that now, if Luo Yue didnt help Fei Yu, they would be closing down for sure.

Thinking about this, Ning Qingxue nodded, "Thats good, thank you CEO Yu."

Yu Miaodan smiled and said, "Not a problem, CEO Ning. If you dont mind, just call me sister Yu. I really like your name."

"Of course, sister Yu. Please take care of me." If Ning Qingxue still didnt get that Yu Miaodan was purposely trying to be nice to her, then she would be an idiot.

Yu Miaodan smiled sweetly, "Dont say that. Of course I will take care of you, Qingxue. You will also be helping me in the future."

Then, Yu Miaodan pointed to Luo Fei and said, "Qingxue, shes Lou Yifei. Our company's master at recognizing herbs. Yifei, Qingxue just started collaborating with us, therell be many places they need help with. Can you go with them for a while and help them?"

Lou Yifei smiled and said, "Of course. Qingxue, Ill be freeloading off of you from now on."

Ning Qingxue quickly greeted and thought, 'This woman is such a beauty, funny how she was thinking about other random things.' Luo Yue was so glorious now, why would they use underhanded means?

Although Ning Qingxue thought like that, Li Mumei thought different. She thought that this CEO Yu was too nice to Qingxue. This seemed eerie. They werent the only partner chosen, so why did the other two companies not get this treatment?

This wasnt the main thing. The main thing was that CEO Yu asked to be sisters with Qingxue. And her last words were rather intriguing; CEO Yu would be needing Qingxues help in the future? What did this mean?

Li Mumei as a bystander didnt think this was a polite thing to say.

After a greeting with Lou Yifei, Ning Qingxue turned around and asked Yu Miaodan, "Sister Yu, you are the big boss of Luo Yue, but theres one thing I dont understand. Our company isnt that competitive. Why did you choose to give the spot to us?"

Yu Miaodan was dazed and had a strange look on her face, though she quickly reacted and said, "Our true boss likes your father and says your father can make big decisions. He told us to give the Asian spot to Fei Yu."

Yu Miaodan wouldnt spill things since Ye Mo didnt say anything. And from what Yang Jiu said, there seems to be some misunderstanding between Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo. If she spoke of Ye Mo, perhaps Ning Qingxue would refuse to collaborate, and how would she relay this back to Ye Mo?

Ning Qingxue questioned hesitantly, "Sister Yu, do I need to see your big boss?"

Yu Miaodan quickly answered, "No need, no need. Our boss will go to your company to find you. He knows your father. You just need to know that you were selected due to the relationship between our big boss and your father. There's not really much more to it other than that."

Hearing that, Ning Qingxue couldnt really say anything else. She could only wait for this mysterious big boss of Luo Yue to come see her. But at last, she had calmed down a little. At least she knew the reason they were chosen.

When Yu Miaodan and Ning Qingxue came to the conference hall, she found her father surrounded by pharmaceutical corporate representatives.

"Qingxue, you go worry about your subcontractors first. I still have things to deal with here. If you need help, just ask for Lou Yifei or come find me." Yu Miaodan left behind a namecard and left.

Li Mumei looked at the pharmaceutical representatives and couldnt help but utter contemptuously, "Not long ago, they tried to stay away from us, yet now, theyre surrounding us. Theyre really shameless."

Ning Qingxue said plainly, "People walk to higher places. In front of interest, face is worth nothing for most people."

"Sister Fei, do a lot of people go to find CEO Yu everyday?" Li Mumei asked.

Luo Fei shook her head and said, "I just joined Luo Yue. I havent even been to Flowing Snake HQ yet, so I really dont know."

"Huh, you havent even been to Flowing Snake? Then why would CEO Yu send you to help our company?" Li Mumei was really confused.

Luo Fei smied but didnt answer. Of course she knew why. CEO Yu told her that Yuan Qibing wasnt a kindhearted person, therefore since Qingxue had offended him, he would try to get revenge. Luo Yue HQ had a mass of masters and they werent afraid of anyone, but Ning Qingxue didnt have anyone to protect her. If Qingxue suffered under Yuan Qibings vindictive plans, then what would they say to Ye Mo when he came back? Because Ye Mo had said Lou Yifei was a master, Yu Miaodan discussed with Luo Fei for her to go to Fei Yu and protect Ning Qingxue.

There were a lot of masters in Flowing Snake now, but most of them were men. Furthermore, Ning Qingxue was very important in Yu Miaodans heart. So the best person to protect her was Luo Fei, because she was a woman.

If the hidden sects knew that the core disciple of Ci Hang Jing Temple would come to protect a normal city woman, their first reaction would be disbelief. However, Luo fei didnt feel like that. In her eyes, her life had been saved by Ye Mo, so it was normal to protect his wife. The only problen was that she didnt know if there was anything between her little martial sister Luo Xuan and Ye Mo.

"Sister Qingxue! Long time no see," a youth walked in front of Ning Qingxue and smiled.

"Cousin Ning Yang, how come you're here? I didnt find you amongst them before." Ning Qingxue had a face full of joy. If there was one person she was grateful to in the Ning family, it was her cousin Ning Yang.

When everyone wanted to sell her to the Song family, he had come and told her to escape. Ning Yang had even tried to help her go abroad. The reason why she could escape Beijing was this cousins help.

Although Li Mumei only told her some of it afterwards, she was really grateful to her cousin.

"Brother Yang, I know. Those Ning family people want you to come for a subcontract with Qingxue, right?" Li Mumei said straightforwardly.

Ning Yang nodded his head awkwardly, "Indeed, they chose me to come here. Second and fourth uncle are too embarrassed to ask your dad, so they told me to come. I really didnt want to come, but at the moment, the Ning family business is being managed by my big brother. If I dont come, it will damage my relationship with my brother. But Qingxue, dont worry. If its fine, then perfect, but if not, then just tell me."

Ning Qingxue looked hesitantly at Ning Yang. If it was his own business, she would agree without hesitation, but she didnt want to have any connections with anyone else in the Ning family.
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