Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 370

Chapter 370: Being a hostage

Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter
Ye Mo avoided this patrol fleet and flew tiredly for another hour or so before seeing land. After that, he knew he mustve been far off from his original journey. Now, he didnt have any coordinates on him, nor could he understand a thing the people were saying there.

Ye Mo found a place with few people and landed. He'd used up a lot of chi essence and needed to recover. Perhaps he had overrushed his trip here. Ye Mo just realized that he didnt have any US dollars or any identification on him.

It was very spacious here. Even though Ye Mo waited for a long time, he still didnt find anyone he could ask for directions. Just when Ye Mo was prepared to go to a place with more people, a pickup truck drove over rapidly, catching Ye Mos attention.

The pickup appeared very normal at first glance, but the five people in it, driver included, didn't. Everyone had a gun and the truck had been modified. The trunk was empty.

What made Ye Mo decide to follow this pickup was that there were the words "I will get revenge" in Chinese on it. It was very small yet still couldnt escape from Ye Mos spirit sense.

What Ye Mo found unexpected was that this car stopped at a hidden place not far from a shop. Other than the driver, all other four men walked into two different shops not far off.

Ye Mo followed them and walked into one of the shops. He was going to ask how far San Francisco was from here and see what these four wanted to do. But as soon as he got in, a fat police officer noticed Ye Mo. He immediately looked vigilant and walked over.

Ye Mo noticed this policeman and frowned. If he asked him about his origins, then he would have no choice but to attack. This officer really had nothing to do. Instead of asking those two suspicious black guys, he came to ask him.

"HELP!" at this moment, there was a sharp yell and the fat policeman looked to the back. The two black men were robbing the store and the store owner was yelling for help. He was being taken into hostage by one of the black men.

The fat police officer immediately drew his gun. Ye Mo shook his head. He didnt expect them to make such a ruckus just to rob a store.

If he had known this earlier, he wouldnt even have bothered following them. He saw the Chinese on the car and thought these people would know Chinese.

Just when Ye Mo was about to leave, one of the black men neared him. Ye Mo immediately knew that these people were looking for hostages and stopped moving. He thought, 'it's good to have a free driver.'

As expected, the black robber controlled Ye Mo and knocked out the store owner, after which he started to look for things. What made Ye Mo confused was that they were dumping the spare change all over the place. Were these people not here for a robbery? Why didnt they want money?

Soon, Ye Mo knew that these people werent here for money. He didnt know what they were looking for, but from how they were flipping over everything, Ye Mo knew it had to be in either one of the two stores.

Ye Mo saw that robust looking store owner and realized why they took him as the hostage. It was obvious he was easy to bully. Although Ye Mo was also around 1.8m, he was still shaggy compared to the 1.9m tall store owner. Not to mention, this store owner had bulky muscles.

In the distance, a police siren sounded with two more policemen coming for backup. There was another yell from the other store. They probably found what they wanted, and Ye Mo was brought out by the two black men.

They chose Ye Mo and the other store owner to be hostages. They charged onto the pickup truck and started it up.

There was no more space in the front, so the two black men dumped him along with the store owner into the modified trunk.

By the time the police cars arrived, they had already disappeared. Ye Mo noticed that they had a small black case in their possession. That case was probably what they had been looking for. Ye Mo sent his spirit sense in; It turned out to be bags of cocaine.

So they were drug dealers? Ye Mo immediately understood, but how did they know the drugs were hidden in the store?

The pickup went very fast and merged into the traffic. Half an hour later, the vehicle drove onto some open land.

The big bearded black man called out, and the car slowed down. Soon afterwards, two men came and dumped the store owner off the road.

The other two were coming to throw Ye Mo away. Ye Mo grabbed the two instead, shattered their arteries and dumped them outside the car. The three people in front heard the ensuing sound and thought Ye Mo had also been thrown out. They didnt even turn back, just going onto a small road as they continued driving the car.

An hour later, the truck stopped outside a private mansion. The two black men and the driver came out. Ye Mo thought, 'they really went a great distance just to commit one crime.'

When the bearded black man saw Ye Mo, he was stunned and immediately yelled out.

Ye Mo didnt understand what these guys were saying; probably asking who he was and stuff. He just walked up and held the bearded man in the air, "Take me to someone who can understand my words."

The two black men on the side would be turning to fire. Ye Mo didnt even look and just threw two fireballs. Like this, they immediately turned into flying dust.

The big bearded guy looked at Ye Mo dumbfounded. He muttered something with a face full of fear. Although he didnt understand what Ye Mo said, he could guess it and pointed to the room, muttering some more.

Big beard brought Ye Mo into a sealed underground basement and opened the door. Ye Mo found that there were a few cases. Ye Mo was thinking that he was simply looking for someone who spoke Chinese, so why would this guy bring him here.

Ye Mo went over to the case and opened it. It was full of dollars. There was at least 1 million in here. These robbers were really rich. Ye Mo just took this cash into his storage ring. He didnt have any US dollars right now, hence this case of USD was perfect.

The big beard saw Ye Mo turn a case of money into nothing and almost stared his eyes out. Ye Mo opened a few more cases where there were some simple firearms. Ye Mo didn't care about them, and these firearms looked really shabby. Ye Mo wasnt even interested in taking them.

Just when Ye Mo was going to ask the big beard where San Francisco was, he saw a map hanging on the wall.

Ye Mo looked along the sea for a long time and finally found San Francisco. He pulled big beard over and pointed at the floor, "Where is this?"

Big beard guessed what Ye Mo meant and used his finger to point at Daly City.

So he was apparently at Daly City. Although it wasnt far from San Francisco, there was still some distance.

Knowing his direction, Ye Mo had no intention to keep big beard and turned him into dust too. Afterwards, he found a clean place to cultivate for a few hours before stepping on his flying sword towards San Francisco.


San Francisco, An Zha street. A figure suddenly appeared here, Ye Mo who had just arrived. He had called over a taxi as soon as he landed.

Ye Mo couldnt understand what the cabby was saying so he tried, "I want to go to China Town."

"Ok." The cabbie gestured Ye Mo to get on.

Ye Mo rejoiced; this man spoke Chinese!

As if guessing his thoughts, the driver let Ye Mo know he couldnt understand Chinese. He said in a very weird tone, "I know little Chinese."

But Ye Mo didnt mind. All he needed was to find China Town and everything would be good. Surely there were people who understood Chinese in China town.

An hour later, Ye Mo appeared before Ming Yu Tower. Due to the time difference, by the time Ye Mo arrived, it was afternoon.

Ye Mo walked into the Ming Yu Tower, which was decorated in an ancient Chinese style. An old man in his 50s with glasses sat there, focused, reading a book.

"May I ask what you want?" a young waiter in his 20s saw Ye Mo come in and asked.

Ye Mo scanned the antiques on the shelves and inquired, "This bracelet was sold from here, right?" Ye Mo passed the bracelet to that waiter.

The man took it and replied, "Yeah, we sold this a few days ago, I guess Is there some problem with it? Grandpa"

The old man reading the book put it down and walked over. He took the bracelet and looked at it a few times before nodding, "Indeed, this was sold from our place. Do you have any questions?"

Ye Mo smiled, "I'd just like to know where it came from."

"This" the old man took off his glasses and looked troubled. It was usually taboo to ask where things came from, yet Ye Mo asked it without second thought.

Ye Mo took out a stack of dollars around 10k's worth and put it on the table, "Boss, this is your payment; take it."
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