Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 372

Chapter 372: Kicking the door

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Shi Kaigen looked at Ye Mo in shock, "How could we do that? If we go to Hong Martial Gangs HQ now, wouldnt that be-"

As though realizing his tone wasnt right, Shi Kaigen quickly said, "Qian bei, I know youre very strong, the strongest I have seen actually, but you cant take on that many. More than that, there are a lot of masters in Hong Martial Gang. I heard there are some ancient martial arts cultivators, and their weapons are the advanced ones from the US mob. If you go alone, you might"

Ye Mo smiled plainly, "You dont need to worry, you just have to take me there."

Shi Kaigen looked at the v-shaped bullet Ye Mo had dumped on the ground and picked it up. Then, he bit his teeth, "Okay, Ill go with qian bei. Men die with their dick facing up. Its my honour to meet a master like qian bei."

Ye Mo looked at Shi Kaigen and said, "You just need to bring me near there. There's no need for you to go in yourself."

Shi Kaigen shook his head and disagreed, "No, to be honest, Ive never seen someone as powerful as qian bei. I respect you from the bottom of my heart, and I want to go in of my own will. Although my power is nothing compared to qian bei, I'm still pretty good in the China Town circle. I just wish to follow qian bei. If I can learn a move or two, it will be my biggest fortune."

This Shi Kaigen had some good eyes, but Ye Mo didnt intend to bring him. He said honestly, "I came here to do a couple of things, and after Im done, I will leave the US."

However, Shi Kaigen replied, "If qian bei is willing to take me with you, Im willing to leave the States. I have no-one here. Ive been staying to get revenge, but its been more than ten years. My enemies have only gotten stronger and stronger. I have no expectations anymore. If possible, I just wish to follow qian bei for some time."

So he wanted revenge. The reason he was risking death to follow him was to learn martial arts to get revenge. This Shi Kaigen was very decisive and didnt seem to be someone cruel. It would be fine to take him in. Although Shi Kaigen thought it was a fight for life going to Hong Martial Gang with Ye Mo, but to Ye Mo, it was just a casual stroll. Taking this into consideration, Ye Mo nodded, "In that case, enter together with me. Now lead the way."

The old man with the glasses downstairs looked on in shock as Shi Kaigen walked out with Ye Mo. He knew Shi Kaigen brought Ye Mo up to bash him up, yet now, he came out like a good little boy."


Hong Martial Gang was renowned throughout China Town. Although their fame wasnt as high as the Chinese gang's from before, amidst the forest of gangs, there was a clear place for Hong Martial Gang.

Qing Yang Street; Hong Style 7 Kill Fist Dojo was here. The reason why Shi Kaigen knew the whereabouts of the Hong Martial Gang's HQ, was because he knew this dojo was where things happened.

The dojo was open to students, but little did they know this dojo was related to the Hong Martial Gang. Shi Kaigen only knew because his friend was in the Hong Martial Gang.

Under his lead, Ye Mo soon arrived at the Hong Style 7 Kill Fist Dojo. However, he was stopped at the door. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense in and saw people practicing martial arts.

"This is Hong Style 7 Kill Fist, please stop. If you want to sign up, come back a month later." It was a Chinese person as well guarding at the door.

It was also Shi Kaigens first time here. Usually, his friend would come looking for him instead, and he wouldnt come here, because if he did, he might be investigated. If it wasnt due to special reasons, Shi Kaigen wouldnt want to be remembered by the gangs.

"Qian bei, you can probably find a lead here." Shi Kaigen turned around and said to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled, "Brother Shi, youre older than me. You dont need to call me qian bei. My surname is Ye."

Shi Kaigen said joyfully, "In that case brother Ye, I wont be too polite. Still, since Im following you, Ill just call you brother Ye."

Shi Kaigen wasnt dumb. If he wanted to learn from Ye Mo, he needed to understand his position.

Ye Mo didnt mind how Shi Kaigen referred to him. He just told that guard, "Simply tell them someone is here to challenge the dojo. Get your dojo leader here or else-"

"You want to fucking die!" This man didnt even report and just punched at Ye Mos face.

Ye Mo didnt seem to see the fist and just kicked out. His leg arrived first and the guard was kicked flying away and smashed into a vase that was around human height. The vase shattered.

Shi Kaigen shook his head and his rating of Hong Martial Gang lowered. It wasnt because the guard couldnt take a single kick from Ye Mo, but because the guard shouldnt have attacked first. No matter whether he could beat Ye Mo or not, since Ye Mo said he came to challenge the dojo, he should stay calm and report back.

The reason being that if the person who came was very strong, what the guard did might create a strong enemy for Hong Martial Gang.

"Who are you? Why are you causing trouble at our Hong Style 7 Kill Fist Dojo?" seeing the fight at the door, a sturdy looking dark faced man walked over. He didnt attack first but saluted with his fist and asked.

"My big brother wanted to see the dojo leader, but this guard didnt let us and attacked first. That's why, my big brother taught him a lesson," Shi Kaigen said.

The black faced man then noticed Shi Kaigen behind Ye Mo and asked confusedly, "You are Fly-on-grass right? Since when did our dojo have a feud with your big brother?"

Shi Kaigen didnt know the black faced man, but it was normal for him to be recognized. He had some reputation in China Town after all. Anyway, he smiled and stated, "I never said we have a feud with your dojo. Its just that my big brother wants to see your dojo leader, but the guard dint let us."

The mans face sunk, "Fly-on-grass, our dojo doesnt want to cause trouble, but that doesnt mean were scared of you. If everyone who came could see our dojo leader then he wouldnt need to do anything but just seeing people all the time."

Ye Mos spirit sense had already found someone looking at the situation, so he sneered, "Dont talk bullshit. If you dont call your dojo leader here, I will tear this dojo to the ground."

Ye Mos words touched the bottom line of the black faced man who tucked his shirt in contemptously and said, "In that case, I, Wang Jun, will test you out."

Ye Mo shook his head and insulted, "You havent even touched the door to martial arts. You dont have to fight me; I only need one more kick to break another vase."

This Wang Jun wasnt even yellow level. He was at most a normal martial artist. Ye Mo really wasnt interested.

Hearing Ye Mos words, Wang Juns face turned red in fury. Although he wasnt the strongest in Hong Style 7 Kill Fist Dojo, he could definitely rank in the top ten. And this guy who seemed younger than him said he could kick him away with one leg to any position he chose. He wouldnt believe it no matter what. He just felt this person was too cocky. Even the dojo leader couldnt kick him away with one leg.

Although Wang Jun was angry, he wasnt careless. Since this person said that, it meant he had some degree of power.

He took his stance and spun his fist in a flower, smashing towards Ye Mo with fist winds.

Wang Jun used his strongest move as soon as he attacked. He didnt underestimate Ye Mo at all. This punch had been modified from Muay Thai. It carried the name Waving Hook Fist. Wang Jun had beaten many masters with this move. If not for that, he wouldnt be an instructor for the dojo.

Ye Mo didnt even move. When Wang Juns fist came in front of him, he suddenly took a step forward and kicked.

Wang Jun saw that Ye Mo dared come closer and rejoiced. But before his brain could even process it, he was kicked in the chest by Ye Mo. His fist had clearly reached Ye Mo, yet for some reason it didnt even touch Ye Mos clothes.

After that, Wang Jun felt a huge force to his chest. Wang Juns heart sunk; it was over.

As expected, Wang Jun seemed to have grown eyes behind his back as he smashed into the remaining vase, completely shattering it.

The entire dojo went silent. The students had stopped because the guard was beaten up, but after Wang Jun came to talk with Ye Mo, all those students had gathered around.

They didnt expect the clash to be just one kick and their martial arts instructor to be sent flying exactly to where Ye Mo had pointed out before.
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