Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 373

Chapter 373: Aggressive Coercion

Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Nice moves, friend," a deep voice sounded. At the same time, a man in grey robes walked out. He had a smile on his face as though not minding Ye Mo kicking over two vases and two people but genuinely complimenting Ye Mos power.

Ye Mo had known this man was hiding in the back, and looking at his calm demeanor, his status must be quite high in this dojo.

Yellow level middle stage, a martial artist. But in Ye Mos eyes, this meant nothing.

"Dojo leader" the black faced mans injuries werent serious and seeing this grey clothed man walk out, he crawled up with a face full of awkwardness.

"Please excuse the dojo for our impoliteness. Im the dojo leader of Hong Style 7 Kill Fist, Shen Weiju. May I ask what your name is?" the grey clothed man didnt seem to see the black faced instructor and just walked out saying to Ye Mo.

"No need for names. I came here today to ask some things," Ye Mo said plainly, as he really didnt like the style of this dojo leader.

When he first came, he was watching from the side. Even after he kicked the guard, he still didnt move. Only when he kicked this black faced instructor, did he finally walk out. He probably couldnt stay calm any longer.

Hearing Ye Mos words, Shen Weijus face changed, but it soon returned to normal. In jiang hu, it was extremely rude to not say your name after one says they have won. Even with Shen Weijus scheming heart, he almost couldnt take it.

But he wasnt a noob who had just entered jiang hu. The angrier he was, the more he would intend on killing the person, yet the kinder he would act. Before understanding who the enemy was, he wouldnt attack easily. Just then, he had also seen Ye Mos kicks. He didnt have such power.

Although it was easy for him to beat that instructor too, he couldnt do it as comfortably as Ye Mo, also deciding the direction of his fall.

Shen Weiju still said with an unflinching face and saluted with his fist, "In that case, please come in friend."

Shi Kaigen knew Shen Weiju; he was very famous in China Town and was even more famous in the gang world. At this moment, Shi Kaigen saw that Ye Mo didnt even show any politeness to this man and felt nervous. Usually, those who lived in jiang hu would leave 30% respect when they talked, unless it was a real life and death feud. He didnt know whether Ye Mo was too young or something, but apparently he didnt care about Shen Weiju at all.

Of course Ye Mo didnt care about Shen Weiju at all. He hated all this deep scheming yet acting generous. Shen Weiju was a mere yellow level warrior, but so what? Even if he rose ten levels higher and reached great heaven, Ye Mo still wouldnt care.

Although Shen Weiju was extremely mad, he didnt show it at all. He brought Ye Mo and Shi Kaigen into the guest lounge. Four bulky men stood outside.

He thought Ye Mo was going to say something but Ye Mo acted as though he didnt see them at all and just walked in.

Shen Weijus plan fell into water. These four were the strongest in the dojo. Shen Weiju thought that if Ye Mo was going to say something, he would tell Ye Mo that that was the rule of the dojo. According to Ye Mos personality, there would then be a fight. Shen Weiju was sure that with the help of those four, he would be able to subjugate Ye Mo.

But Ye Mo just walked straight in. Was he really strong to that extent?

Shen Weiju felt a little lost. He wouldnt do things he wasn't confident about, so thinking for a long time, Shen Weiju ultimately decided to not attack first. He wanted to see what this person was going to ask for.

The tea was sent up and Shen Weiju smiled, asking, "Friend, what would you like to ask about?"

"Dojo leader Shen, my big brother wants to ask Tong Zhu some things, but we cant find him at the moment. Can you please tell us where he is?" Shi Kaigen asked.

Shen Weiju frowned. It's not like he didnt know Tong Zhu, but Tong Zhus identity was special, and he rarely showed himself in front of the Hong Martial Gang brothers. Since these two came looking in this place, it meant that they knew the Hong Style 7 Kill Fist Dojo was related to Hong Martial Gang.

Thinking about this, Shen Weiju saluted with his fist and said apologetically, "Sorry, friend. I know Tong Zhu indeed, but he cant see you now. He wont be able to come out and meet you for some time. This concerns an internal matter of Hong Martial Gang, so please forgive me, friend."

Shi Kaigen immediately stood up, "What do you mean? I know your Hong Martial Gang is about to clash with Mountain Gang, but that doesnt mean I cant see Tong Zhu."

Shen Weiju might have some patience for Ye Mo, but for Shi Kaigen, he had none. He had been in a high position for a long time. Since when did a little thing from the streets dare talk to him like this.

Shen Weiju said coldly to Shi Kaigen, "Hong Martial Gangs business isnt something you can stick your nose in. Fly-on-grass, although you have some fame in China Town, that is nothing in the face of Hong Martial Gang. Seeing how were all from China, Ill let it go."

Ye Mo stood up and said plainly, "Shen Weiju, Ill give you one minute. Take me to see Tong Zhu. If not, there will no longer be a Hong Martial Gang in China Town from now on."

"How cocky! I, Shen Weiju, want to see how youre going to annihilate our Hong Martial Gang today." Faced with Ye Mos aggressive ordering about, Shen Weiju finally couldnt take it anymore.

Before he could call his men inside, Ye Mo walked up rapidly, grabbed Shen Weiju by the neck and flung him up like a chicken before saying slowly, "You dont get to decide whether I can or cannot annihilate your gang."

Shen Weiju was shocked inside. He clearly saw Ye Mo walk up and grab his neck, but he simply couldnt dodge it. He was a yellow level middle stage martial artist. He wasnt that mere guard or that black faced instructor. Yet in this young mans hands, he seemed no more than that guard.

Shen Weijus face finally changed. He now understood who he had offended; this person might be the legendary earth level warrior. If he really was earth level, although there would be some difficulty in annihilating the Hong Martial Gang, it wouldnt be impossible.

The four men at the door saw what was happening inside and charged in without a second thought. Ye Mo just raised his leg and kicked. The front most bulky man was immediately sent flying. He crashed right into the second man, and the second man crashed into the third until they all stacked together.

Shen Weiju was frozen. He didnt even dare guess who Ye Mo was. Funny how he had still been thinking before that the five of them could subjugate Ye Mo and take at least one of his arms or legs. Now, he realized how ridiculous that thought had been.

Shen Weiju wanted to say some soft submissive words, but his neck was grabbed by Ye Mo before he could spit out a single word.

Shi Kaigen rejoiced at the scene. To him, the stronger Ye Mo was, the more right his decision would seem. Shen Weiju had such a great reputation, yet in Ye Mo's hands, he was like a little chicken, utterly defenseless.

Ye Mo casually tossed him aside and said plainly, "One minute. Take me to see Tong Zhu. Otherwise, next time I say I will annihilate your gang, I wont go back on my words."

Cough cough -Shen Weiju managed to catch his breath and quickly stood up. He bowed deeply to Ye Mo, "Qian bei, I was blind to not see Mount Tai; please forgive me. Ill immediately take qian bei to see Tong Zhu. Please, this way."

Then, Shen Weiju carefully lead the way in front. He no longer had any of those little plans of his. Those schemes had been established based on the idea that their difference in power wasnt too great. Now it was clear that Ye Mo could squash him like an ant. Hence any shenanigans would be useless.

Shen Weiju brought Ye Mo and Shi Kaigen through the backdoor, and after going left and right a few times, they went into an ancient styled house.

The door was tightly closed. Shen Weiju walked to the front and pressed the door bell. Ye Mo noticed there was a rhythm to the doorbell pressing. It seemed to be their secret code.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense inside. The old house was very spacious and had a patch of grass as well as an artificial lake. It was quite nice to have such a place in a busy city. In a certain underground room, Ye Mo could see a few guards.

When Ye Mo sent his spirit sense in, he saw 60 people gathered together seemingly discussing something. It was obvious that Shen Weijus alarm frequency gave them a warning. The man holding the meeting just waved his hand and the 60 people went to stand to two sides.

Since he was visiting, Ye Mo wasnt planning on breaking his way in. Soon, someone came to open the door. Shen Weiju brought Ye Mo in.

Everyone in the underground basement looked at Ye Mo and Shi Kaigen with vigilance. No one spoke, but Shi Kaigen was very nervous. He knew that the man at the front only needed to wave and these tens of people would gang up on them.
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