Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 374

Chapter 374: Too Careless

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If it was just a few people, or even a bit more than ten, Shi Kaigen wouldnt be afraid. But if tens of people attacked them together, then no matter how strong Ye Mo was, he wouldnt be able to deal with all of them. If he was shot sneakily by a bullet, then everything would be over.

Furthermore, this was the HQ of Hong Martial Gang, the place was full of masters. There were probably many who were stronger than Shen Weiju. Also, who knew if there were hidden traps in this house.

Shi Kaigen stood nervously by Ye Mos side.

Shen Weiju just walked to the leader, who was a little skinny, and muttered something. After hearing what Shen Weiju said, the man nodded and frowned. Then, he said plainly, "An honorable guest has come. Please have a seat. Someone bring two chairs for these two friends."

Ye Mo sat down calmly, but Shi Kaigen first glanced uneasily at Ye Mo, and only then did he also calm down. He had been in this place all these years, living on the brink of death. How could he still be so worried? At the same time, he admired Ye Mos courage.

"Friend, you have strong will. Im Zhu Hongsheng, and as the brothers honour me, Im the substitute gang leader. May I ask for you name?" The leader man saw Ye Mo sit down calmly and showed approval in his eyes. From what he saw, Ye Mo didnt even care about life and death. Although he was sure that Ye Mo was at least yellow level peak or even black level, he would still die here without doubt.

Because he himself was already black level middle stage and surpassed Peng Hanwen of the Chinese gang. Furthermore, he had at least 3 yellow level fighters including Shen Weiju. Even if Ye Mo had black level power, he would be dead for sure.

"My surname is Ye. I am sorry for disturbing you. Im wondering if your honoured gang has someone called Tong Zhu?" Ye Mo said monotonously.

This Zhu Hongsheng was quite polite, so he didnt have to be overly oppressive.

Even though Ye Mo didnt say his full name, Zhu Hongsheng approved of someone like Ye Mo and didnt mind it too much. Someone who could beat Shen Weiju was no ordinary person. He was someone who would go on to do big things, thus his eyesight wasn't on the same level as his henchmen. If he could take this person into the Hong Martial Gang, that would be of big help.

He had created the Hong Martial Gang and wasn't a simple person. According to him, Zhu Yuanzhang, (the founding emperor of the Ming dynasty), was his ancestor. That's why the gang he had created had strict rules.

Although Ye Mo didnt seem like a very enthusiastic person, he didnt require his henchmen to be enthusiastic. He needed them to be capable and loyal. He believed that this young man would serve him after seeing his power. After all, his only other choice would be death.

"Tong Zhu, come out," Zhu Hongsheng didnt even think and called out to Tong Zhu.

A short man stood out from the group and bowed to Zhu Hongsheng first before walking to Shi Kaigen and saying, "A Fei, whats wrong?"

"Zhu Zi, there's nothing wrong. Brother Ye here is my big brother right now, and he has some things he wants to ask you about. Trust me, its fine, so you can just reply honestly," Shi Kaigen reassured. He admired Ye Mo a lot right now.

Tong Zhu nodded. Obviously, he was quite close to Shi Kaigen. He saluted Ye Mo with his fist and said, "Brother Ye, whats wrong? Ill tell you everything I know."

Ye Mo nodded putting the bracelet on the table and asked, "You sold this bracelet recently, but where did you get it from?"

The moment he saw the bracelet, his face changed, but he immediately answered, "A year ago, our gang had a clash with the Vietnamese gang. At the time, I hacked a Vietnamese guy apart and robbed this from him."

Ye Mo continued, "In that case, do you know any history about this bracelet?"

Shi Kaigen intervened, "Zhu Zi, say everything you can say. Brother Ye wont do anything to you." He was afraid his brother would hide something and annoy Ye Mo.

Tong Zhu nodded, "I dont know, but we have this certain older brother in the Hong Martial Gang. He was a brother of the Chinese gang before and had a picture of sister Yan, which he showed to me. Sister Yan had a bracelet, and it was the exact same as the one I got. I wasnt sure, but when I gave it to A Fei, I told him this might be sister Yan's bracelet."

So thats it? Ye Mo nodded and looked around before asking, "In that case, who has the picture? Take it out."

Zhong Hongsheng didnt expect Ye Mo to start asking about sister Yan. He looked at the bracelet and wanted to say something but eventually didnt. Ye Mo didnt ask him, but asked his gang instead. This made him a little uncomfortable, but he wanted to take Ye Mo in, so he had to resist it.

A man in his 50s walked up; he looked very ferocious and approached Zhu Hongsheng first, declaring, "Gang leader, I have the picture."

Zhu Hongsheng nodded and said, "Luo Xin, our friend Ye has something to ask. Go ahead and answer him."

"Yes," Luo Xin nodded and walked in front of Ye Mo.

"You have sister Yan's picture? How did you get it?" Ye Mo asked in a normal manner.

Luo Xin could also tell Ye Mo wasnt simple, so he answered carefully, "Before gang leader Hanwen was harmed, he told me to go to the photography shop to get this picture for sister Yan, but by the time I came back, the Chinese gang had already clashed with the Gray Alliance and gang leader had also been harmed by then. I didnt know where sister Yan had gone, so I kept this photo with me."

"Could you give me this photo?" Ye Mo stood up and asked.

"Of course, and since gang leader Hanwen was always good to me, as long as youre related to sister Yan, I can give you this photo," Luo Xin said.

Ye Mo nodded, "Indeed, I am related to sister Yan."

Luo Xin didnt ask what their relationship was and just said, "In that case, please wait, and Ill go back to get the photo."

Then, Luo Xin asked Zhu Hongsheng and got the nod. Afterwards, he turned to leave.

After Luo Xin went out, Zhu Hongsheng just wanted to speak up when a member of the gang ran in in a hurry and informed, "Gang leader, Three Breaths Flying Dagger Johnson of Gray Alliance is here with around 30 people."

Zhu Hongsheng suddenly stood up, "Why did he come? Whats he doing here? How does he know about this place?" His tone was rapid, and he was obviously worried.

Ye Mo shook his head. He saw that this Zhu Hongsheng had some temperament yet was unable to keep his cool upon meeting his opponent. And this was his turf.

What Ye Mo didnt know, however, was that Three Breaths Flying Dagger Johnson was a complete counter to Zhu Hongsheng. Although he hadnt cultivated ancient martial arts, his power was strong and no lesser than Zhu Hongsheng's. On top of that, he had a specialty, namely the Three Breaths Flying Dagger. If he wanted to kill someone with a flying dagger, anyone would die within three breaths after the shot. Therefore, the people of the China Town gangs gave him the title of Three Breaths Flying Dagger.

He stood at the very top in China Town and together with this other black man called Jack who was also in the Gray Alliance, they were called the Spear Dagger Duo.

Zhu Hongsheng had no confidence when it came to Johnson. And at their power level, numbers no longer mattered that much.

The most important thing was that this HQ was very hidden. Other than the Hong Martial Gang members, rarely anyone knew about it.

The reason why Zhu Hongsheng was so polite to Ye Mo was because Ye Mo was strong and because he wanted to recruit him. Otherwise, he wouldnt let Ye Mo act so cocky in his dojo. If Ye Mo rejected his offer, he wouldnt be that easy to talk to.

"Gang leader, we havent been out these two days, and the day after tomorrow we have the clash with Mountain Gang. How could the Gray Alliance know our HQ?" an average looking girl beside Zhu Hongsheng asked.

Zhu Hongsheng frowned. He thought for a while and shook his head, "I dont know either. Well see after they come in. Although their Gray Alliance is doing well, our gang is no pushover."

Ye Mo heard Zhu Hongshengs words and scanned using his spirit sense. 26 men had arrived, each of them very bulky with the majority of them black, while the minority was white, and a small part of them was Asian.

Ye Mo immediately thought of the 5 black people he had killed and scanned his body just to be sure.

Soon, Ye Mos face turned bad. He didnt expect to be tricked. That big bearded man had stuffed a seed-sized signal source, and he hadnt even realized.

No matter how weak they were, he shouldnt have been careless and needed to stay vigilant at all times. Although he didnt fear these people, this still rang an alarm bell for Ye Mo. He had been too careless recently and wasnt as cautious as before.
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