Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 376

Chapter 376: Zhu Hongshengs Cold Sweat

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Zhu Hongsheng looked at Ye Mo dumbly. If the ground werent covered in bodies, he would think he'd seen things wrong.

Zhu Hongsheng had seen many masters in his life, and he had even believed he was at the apex, yet now he realized that he hadnt even passed through the doors to mastery. And this young man; he was the real master. Perhaps, he was no longer even merely a master. He wasn't a normal human being. Who could possibly cultivate ancient martial arts to such a degree?

A quick stroll, and more than 20 Grey Alliance members died. Such means...

Thinking about this, Zhu Hongsheng didnt dare let his mind wander anymore. Cold sweat ran down his back. He hadnt come here out of bravery. He had simply never considered them a threat. If this man wanted to annihilate the Hong Martial Gang, he would at most need to take a stroll between them.

Zhu Hongshengs back sweated more and more. It was drenching his clothes, but he lacked the courage to move and could only stare at Ye Mo in shock.

He regretted so much that he had rejected Huang Zhengs proposal. A chance to be on good terms with this youth. Huang Zheng, he didnt listen to her one time and lost out big.

Shi Kaigen looked at the bloody scene. His eyes didn't contain fear but excitement instead. He had made the right decision. Brother Ye was this powerful. He was shaking with excitement, as though his bright future was already here.

"Ye qian bei-" After a long while, Zhu Hongsheng stood up shakily. He no longer dared think about recruiting this person. What a joke!

Ye Mo looked coldly at Zhu Hongsheng and said plainly, "Tell me everything about sister Yan's disappearance. Do not leave out a word."

Just when Zhu Hongsheng wanted to speak, Luo Xin rushed in and saw this eerie scene. There were more than 20 bodies on the ground, and an old white man stood stupefied amongst them. He saw his brothers were also in shock, but after noticing that the gang leader seemed to be unharmed, he finally rested easy a bit.

Although the scene was bloody, he had been in this industry for 30 years already and seen all sorts of blood and gore.

"Johnson??" Luo Xin almost screamed. He didnt expect the one to be standing in the middle of the bloody scene to be one of the Spear-Sword duo of Grey Alliance.

Luo Xin was old and cunning. He looked at Ye Mo who remained there with an extremely calm demeanor and immediately guessed the scene was related to Ye Mo. He instantaneously took out the photo and passed it to Ye Mo, "Mr Ye, this is the photo you asked for."

Ye Mo nodded and passed a few stacks of cash, "This is your payment, thank you."

Huh? Luo Xin looked at the stack in shock; there was at least 40 to 50k in there.

Ye Mo smiled, "This is what you deserve."

"Then, thank you very much Mr Ye," Luo Xin accepted the money. He was short on cash anyways.

Ye Mo took the photo. On it was a seemingly very quiet and well educated woman. She was in her 30s, and her brows were like a crescent moon. However, there was a sliver of worry in her brows making her seem melancholic.

Zhu Hongsheng could only wait after being interrupted by Luo Xin. Now that Ye Mo put the photo away and looked over, he immediately said, "When the Chinese gang was suddenly attacked by the Grey Alliance and big brother Peng was harmed, he sent a brother from the gang to protect sister Yan before his death. After sister Yan had disappeared, I found out that that brother had been killed. Ever since, sister Yan remains nowhere to be seen.

Ye Mo scanned the Hong Martial Gang members and questioned slowly, "Who else knows about what happened before? Come forward."

No one came forward. Ye Mo sighed; it seemed that sister Yan really wasnt liked in the Chinese gang. If she was, then there wouldnt be no one looking for her.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo no longer wanted to stay here and said to Shi Kaigen, "Lets go."

"Brother Ye, where are we going now?" Shi Kaigen quickly asked.

"Of course to Grey Alliance; I want to see if that old guy called Jason is dead," Ye Mo said coldly.

Little did Jason know that he and his Grey Alliance had been sentenced to death by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo reached out his hand, and the dagger that was pinning Johnson appeared in it. Johnson was mobile again, but he no longer had the arrogance of when he had come.

He just stared at Ye Mo with a pale face and was even shaking. He had never seen a real master ever since he'd graduated. The people who everyone thought of as strong had all been killed by him, including his master. But now, he realized how pitiful his view had been. In front of Ye Mo, he was worse than trash.

"Ye qian bei, wan bei Johnson wishes to be qian beis disciple. I will stay loyal forever and be masters dog," he said which took everyone by surprise.

However, one must say this old white mans Chinese was perfect, yet his face couldnt get any thicker.

Other people thought Johnson was shameless, but he didnt think so himself. According to his impression, Chinese loved face, so if you gave them just that, everything would be easy. They would even be able to endure a tougher life in order to gift you things.

Johnson had studied some Chinese history and knew that there was an emperor in China called Yang Guang. As long as those foreigners called him Living For Ten Thousands of Years, he would give them treasures. The emperors after him were also like that.

Johnson was sure Ye Mo would take him in as a disciple, because kneeling down was the most respectful thing one could do for a Chinese.

Ye Mo shook his head. This was the first time he had seen someone as shameless as Johnson. He didnt even spare a second thought and flung out a windblade; Johnsons hand was sliced off.

"I will count to three. If you dont take me to Grey Alliance you will lose your second arm," Ye Mo said coldly and started counting.

Johnson froze. Things didnt go as planned. This man didnt care about his respect and couldnt even be bothered to answer. His arm was cut off, but there was little blood flowing out.

Before the number three had been reached, Johnson crawled up.

"No no no- Qian bei please stop counting, I will bring you over," in his desperation, Johnson used both English and Chinese and quickly went outside.

Shi Kaigen said to Tong Zhu at the door, "Zhu Zi, if you want to leave with me, I can beg brother Ye to bring you along."

He and Tong Zhu were like blood brothers in China Town.

Tong Zhu admired Shi Kaigens luck and saw Ye Mos power with his own eyes. Why wouldnt he be willing? He immediately nodded and said, I am willing."

Ye Mo didnt wait for Shi Kaigen to speak and said, "In that case, lets go."

Tong Zhu looked back at Zhu Hongsheng; Zhu Hongsheng immediately said, "Since Ye qian bei has spoken, then go with him."

Seeing Ye Mo and co. leave, Zhu Hongshengs face immediately went bleak. He didnt expect to meet someone this absurd today. If one day that Ye guy didnt like him, he could be killed at anytime.

"Big brother, that Ye qian bei said he would be going to Grey Alliance. Wouldnt that mean the biggest gang in San Francisco is about to disappear? Does this mean the chance for other gangs has arrived?" a henchman immediately saw the situation and grasped the focal point.

Zhu Hongsheng became excited after hearing that, 'Yeah, that Ye guy is going to look for trouble at Grey Alliance!'

Thinking about this, Zhu Hongsheng immediately ordered, "Notify Huang Zheng, and tell her there are important things to discuss."
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