Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Looking For Memories

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Ning Qingxues first impression of this grass was that it was surprisingly spiritual. She had been feeling true joy ever since seeing that grass. It sounded very absurd, but it was really happening.

This was just a normal silver heart grass. Although it was a spirit herb, it shouldnt be able to create resonance. What Ning Qingxue didnt know was that it was different from the normal silver heart grass. It had been washed with her blood when absorbing spirit chi. Even now, there was still a red line visible in the middle of the grass. Ning Qingxue took the water she had been drinking and watered the grass. The grass seemed to have gotten some life force.

Ning Qingxue stood up and went inside. The eastern room was half closed as though someone had been there before.

Ning Qingxue walked into the room; it was very tidy, but there was some dust on the tea table. The most conspicuous thing was the small medical case on the bed stand.

Ning Qingxue walked over and opened the medical case. There were some receipts inside, some bottles and a packet of silver needles, as well as some spare change. It also contained Ye Mos identity and bank card.

The things inside were very strange, making Ning Qingxue frown in confusion. Mumei said that this case had been very important to her. Was it because of these things?

She closed the case and walked out of the room. It seemed that Xu Wei had moved away already. This was the first time Ning Qingxue was actively trying to remember things. She cleaned the house and was prepared to stay here. From Mumeis words it would seem the memories she lost were very important to her.

Without anything concerning the company to worry about, Ning Qingxue seemed to have found tranquility living by herself in Ning Hai. She suddenly felt like this was the life she wanted.


Today was the second day Ning Qingxue was living here. At this moment, she was standing by the flower pot, watering the silver heart grass, when a knock was heard.

Ning Qingxue opened the door, and a very clean and nice looking woman stood by the door. She seemed to have seen this woman before but couldnt remember who she was.

"Qingxue, youre back! I thought it was Ye Mo," Su Jingwen looked at Ning Qingxue with joy and surprise. She had to say, this Ning Qingxue was getting more and more beautiful. Her unique temperament wasnt something that could be learnt.

"You are?" Ning Qingxue still couldnt remember who Su Jingwen was. Such an excellent girl, she should have some impression at least if she did know her. Was she part of her lost memories?

Su Jingwen just remembered what Li Mumei had told her and couldnt help but feel bad. She knew Ning Qingxue had lost some memories, and she happened to be a part of them.

"Qingxue, Im Su Jingwen" Su Jingwen was thinking of some way for Ning Qingxue to remember her. She came to see if Ye Mo had come back but didnt expect to see Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue smiled apologetically, "Sorry, Jingwen. I lost some memories, but Mumei has mentioned you; come in."

On the stone table in the backyard, Ning Qingxue made some tea for Su Jingwen and said, "Jingwen, you know about what happened to me right? Mumei probably told you. I wanted to come see Xu Wei, but she has left already. I was planning to go find you two, because I wish to retrieve those lost memories but have no way to do so.

Ning Qingxues tone seemed very bland, but Su Jingwen could make out something more; perhaps a little anxiety.

"Do you want to ask me about you and Ye Mo?" Su Jingwen asked.

Ning Qingxue nodded, "Mhm, I heard Mumei say that youre friends with Ye Mo, so..."

Su Jingwen looked down and spoke slowly, "Although I think of him as a friend, we dont actually see each other that much. Anyway, it was my birthday back then and Mumei and you were there. I had also invited Ye Mo, and from Mumei I heard that that was the first time you guys met each other"

Su Jingwen told everything she knew about Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue listened to all of this and looked at Su Jingwen in shock. If it weren't because Su Jingwen looked like an honest person, she wouldve thought these words were all lies.

According to her, not only had there been a necklace that could protect her but also charms that could shoot fireballs. She had even asked Su Jingwen how to use them once and gone out looking for Ye Mo by herself. Su JIngwen said that she had been putting her life on the line that time.

"Youre saying that your bracelet was given to you by Ye Mo through me, and it also has defensive properties? This, this" Ning Qingxue looked speechlessly at the pretty bracelet in Su Jingwens hands. She did find it very pretty, but she really didnt dare believe that.

Su Jingwen nodded and said, "Yess, every word I have said was true."

Ning Qingxue rubbed her head.

Su Jingwen looked up at the flower pot and suddenly said, "The last time when Ye Mo came, he also sat in front of that grass for a long time."

Ning Qingxue didnt really understand Su Jingwens words and didnt know where to begin asking.

"My mother had been lying on a bed as a vegetable for a few years, and it was his spirit cleansing charm that saved her. At the time, the person I was thankful to the most was him, but I didnt know he was Ye Mo. Later on, I realized that he was the charm master. On my birthday, he gave me this most precious gift, but I didnt cherish it properly. Now, there are only two beads left on it," Su Jingwen said as if to herself.

Then, she looked up at Ning Qingxue and continued, "I came here today to see if Ye Mo had returned. Seeing you was a surprise. There's no need for you to doubt my words; try hitting my wrist with a stick."

Ning Qingxue subconsciously took a stick and knocked it lightly at Su Jingwens wrist, asking hesitantly, "I knocked it, but there seems to be no effect?"

Su Jingwen also looked at the bracelet in confusion thinking it was impossible. The other time, the coarse bracelet Ye Mo gave her had defensive abilities, so how could this exquisite one not have any?

Looking at Ning Qingxues increasingly suspicious gaze, Su Jingwen bit her teeth and said, "You have to use force, perhaps only then would there be an effect."

Ning Qingxue shook her head and put down the stick, "No matter what, Im grateful to you, but I rather not try. If I use force, your wrist will break."

Su JIngwen saw that Ning Qingxue was doubting her words and didnt even think before using the stick to smash down on her wrist. She didnt believe the bracelet Ye Mo gave her could be fake. Because Ning Qingxue was the one to bring it to her, she hadnt worn it, but after meeting Ye Mo with him telling her to wear it, how could it be fake? If it was, then she would be too disappointed in Ye Mo. He should at least tell her. It was because she didnt believe Ye Mo would trick her that she masochistically smashed her wrist.

She had this unexplainable sense of certainty. She believed in this feeling and at the same time trusted Ye Mo. It was because she had bee hesitant last time that she had given three beads to Ning Qingxue. It was then that she made up her mind not to completely believe what others say. She had to do things based on her own feelings and perception.

If she believed that Ye Mo wouldnt lie to her, then she should smash down on her wrist.

"Ah!" Ning Qingxue screamed. She didnt expect Su Jingwen to be this cruel to herself. She couldnt even stop her.

Peng -The stick didnt hit Su Jingwen like Ning Qingxue expected, instead bouncing off and flying away into the distance from Su Jingwens hand.

Ning Qingxue looked at Su Jingwens wrist in shock. It was perfect. She was sure that Su Jingwen wasnt faking things because she really saw a white light from the bracelet instantly flick the stick away.

"Its real..." after a long while, Ning Qingxue sighed.

Su Jingwen looked at the wooden stick and said slowly, "I knew he wouldnt trick me."

Hearing Su Jingwens words, Ning Qingxue felt a somewhat strange feeling that she couldnt explain. She admired Su Jingwens bracelet, "I didnt think such magical artefacts really existed. I thought those magic artefact shops were fake."

Su JIngwen shook her head and said, "Youre correct; even though those shops arent completely fake, they wouldnt have bracelets like mine. Only he in this entire world can make this, no one else."

Then, Su Jingwen looked a little dejectedly at Ning Qingxue and continued, "You dont need to envy me. The best defensive artefact is on you. Its the necklace youre wearing at the moment."

"What? Youre saying this necklace of mine is a defensive artefact?" Ning Qingxue pulled out the necklace and asked in surprise.
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