Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The Woman Who Got Off Midway

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Ning Qingxue rubbed her swollen red eyes and picked up that anonymous letter. She knew this letter wasnt for her. She wanted to open it but at the last moment held up that urge. She carefully packed up Ye Mos things and put them in a case before opening the door.

Qingxue, what happened to you? Li Mumei saw Ning Qingxue with swollen eyes and immediately knew in her heart that she was right. Ning Qingxue really was crying, and she seemed sorrowful as well.

Whats inside that case? Li Mumei looked with curiosity at the case Ning Qingxue was hugging. Ning Qingxues change must have been due to this box. She really wanted to know what sort of box made Ning Qingxue, who had never cried, so pitiful.

Thats my stuff! Ning Qingxue shook her head and didnt give the chest to Li Mumei.

Li Mumei shook her head and said: Qingxue, the things here have been settled. Lets go! Today, well go and do the proceedings for the divorce, then, well go straight to Yu state. I dont think your father and his big brother had a very nice negotiation. We dont need to go Beijing anymore. Ning Family Medical Materials may be split in half now.

Mumei, I want to wait another two days. Perhaps, Ye Mo might come back and, I dont want to divorce right now, Ning Qingxue shook her head and refused Li Mumeis suggestion.

Why?! Li Mumei looked at Ning Qingxue in surprise, she really couldnt understand how before, Ning Qingxue couldnt wait for her to take her away, but now, she suddenly changed and even wanted to live here for an extra two days! What was this? What was so good about this place?

Ning Qingxue shook her head and didnt answer. She was wondering when Ye Mo was going to come back. The original Ye Mo in her heart didnt seem to be the real Ye Mo at all. However, when did she ever try to get to know him? Whether it was before or after they got married, she didnt care about this person at all. Even the first time they met was a means to her own selfish ends. Li Mumei didnt question Ning Qingxue further as she knew that it was useless to ask something Ning Qingxue didnt want to say. When Xu Wei came back at night, for the first time Ning Qingxue asked about Ye Mo. Although Xu Wei didnt really like Ning Qingxue, she still told her about what happened ever since Ye Mo came here.

Ning Qingxue didnt think Ye Mos life was so simple. He just went out and came back each day. Perhaps Xu Wei didnt even know he was a student.

Ye Mo left Qi Nong Cliff at night. Although he wasnt scared of the Song Family, his powers were still too weak. If the Song Family managed to find out that he killed Song Shaowen and set traps for him, he wouldnt be able to find a stable place to grow his Silver Heart Grass, much less cultivate. Furthermore, it was only a matter of time before the Song Family would find out that Song Shaowens death was related to him. So, he was forced not to be found by the Song Family, at least within three years.

Ye Mo used his Cloud Shadow Steps to travel, and his speed wasnt lower than an ordinary car. At around 6 am, he had already arrived at the Feng Tang Town. This was Feng Kou Citys medium-sized town.

Ye Mo found a little hotel and wanted to go in to wash when he realized that he didnt even have his identity papers with him. However, small hotels didnt necessarily require them, and Ye Mo knew that without his identity papers, it was obviously not suitable to live in the city. To avoid suspicion, Ye Mo carried a backpack with only daily necessities inside. There was some food as well as a few thousand dollars which were all scavenged from Song Shaowen and his henchmen. Now, he just wanted to go to the mountain districts of Gui Lin, find a stable place to settle down and cultivate near the border of the country.

Standing outside the gas station at Feng Tang Town, Ye Mo was troubled. If he left using a car, there was a great chance that he would be exposed since he had no identity papers with him, and there were many traffic police patrol that would stop long-distance buses to check identities. It would be better to go by train yet there wasnt a single train station at Feng Tang Town.

Friend, are you going anywhere? Do you need a ride? A 30-or-so-year-old man walked over and asked. Ye Mo had carried his backpack and stood out at the gas station for a long time. He was probably noticed by people, and they immediately came over to see if they could start a business.

Ye Mo could tell with one glance that these people were doing illegal transport. It was probably to escape taxes or something similar. Usually, people wouldnt want to take these cars, but some people still chose to take these illegal cars to save money because it was cheaper. However, Ye Mo liked this type of transport because these cars would usually take off routes in the forest instead of highways. This way, they could avoid a lot of trouble.

Where does your car go? Ye Mo asked casually.

Qi City, 55 dollars, how about it? Does that pass where you need to go? the man asked full of hope.

Ye Mo knew Qi City, although it was a bit far from where he wanted to go, it was in the right direction. No wonder there were illegal transport markets here. Ye Mo had already seen on the electronic screen that it was 95 dollars to go to Qi City. Meanwhile, these people only asked for 55. It was almost half the price.

Ye Mo nodded: Okay, lead the way.

Black Skin, I brought another one, 55 dollars to Qi City. This man brought Ye Mo in front of a big bus and yelled.

Its this one, just go on, the man told Ye Mo to go on the vehicle and left to continue grabbing customers. So, he wasnt the driver but someone to help to grab customers. Ye Mo didnt mind. When he got on the bus, there were around 30 or so people. Ye Mo went to find a seat at the back and sat down. He closed his eyes and meditated for a while. A few more people got on until a woman attracted Ye Mos attention. She wore a golden-framed glasses. Although she wasnt very pretty, she wasnt ugly either; however, she looked rather bulky. Her voluptuous body was also quite stunning.

What made Ye Mo notice her wasnt her hot body but her Killers Qi. Although she seemed like a normal person on the surface, she had this Killers Qi that Ye Mo felt as soon as she got on the car. However, her glasses didnt match her temperament at all, and he wondered if she was pretending to be a civilian.

This woman had killed people before, and not just one. As soon as she got on the bus, she immediately attracted a lot of attention. A few youth even scanned their eyes across this womans chest and buttocks as they swallowed their saliva. For this type of women, you didnt even need to look at her face. Just her body was enough to conquer any man.

The woman scanned the car with her eyes as if not noticing these lewd glances. She scanned everyone including Ye Mo, her eyes were sharp but not arrogant which showed that this was a woman with a story. Ye Mo closed his eyes; he was also someone with a story; there were too many people in this world with a story, why bother about others? This was the season for long-distance travel, and the bus probably couldnt get any more people. Although there were less than 40 people on the bus, the bus still moved.

After going for about half an hour, someone came to collect money. Ye Mo gave the transport fee and continued to close his eyes to meditate. Although they werent going on the highway, the car was still relatively stable. According to the driver, it would take around 4 hours to get to Qi City. Now they had gone for about two hours, it should be more than half way.

Driver, stop the bus! Im getting off here, a sudden voice resounded.

Lady, this is the Xiang Li Mountain District. Theres not even a hotel here, if you get off he The driver reminded her out of goodwill. However, his words were stopped half way by this woman: Thats my business, please stop the bus.
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