Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Hanwens Descendants

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Ye Mo looked coldly at Suo Ren, "Why can't I kill you?"

Suo Ren quickly said, "Your mother-in-law is in my hands now. if you kill me, your mother-in-law will be dead for sure."

Ye Mo frowned. Although he was sure that there couldnt be such a coincidence, Ning Zhongfei did indeed come to San Francisco a few days ago. What if this was true?

He let Suo Ren down and asked coldly, "Where is she?"

"I can tell you right away, but you have to ensure my safety," Suo Ren said without hesitation. He knew this was his only chance at staying alive.

"Then theres no need," Ye Mo pointed at Suo Rens forehead. He wouldnt negotiate with someone like that. There were too many ways to make him tell the truth.

Suo Ren seemed as if he'd lost focus as Ye Mo interrogated, "Tell me everything you know about my mother-in-law."

Suo Ren answered expressionlessly, "Ning Zhongfei and Lan Yu represented Fei Yu Corporation wanting to cooperate with CKG Corporation in the US. I have a friend at CKG and thus knew about it. Your name in China was just too big, so I started to investigate you, but before I could finish, you came. But I do know that Ning Qingxue is your wife and hence that Lan Yu is your mother-in-law."

Ye Mo frowned, "Where is Lan Yu now?"

Suo Ren replied, "I dont know. I just heard that they already left CGK. I dont know anything about her; I just said that to save my life."

"Then in that case, get the fuck down there." Ye Mo threw Suo Ren down. He couldnt help but applaud this shorty for his quick thinking.

Suo Ren woke up in the middle of the air. Facing the bloody scene, there was a look of desperation in his eyes.

Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense; all of the gang members here had been killed. The rest were some servants. It didnt matter if they lived. He had earned big this time. He annihilated the Grey Alliance and earned a big load of cash.

Even if there were still some remaining members of the Grey Alliance, they wouldnt be able to cause much trouble. Besides, with all the people the Grey Alliance had offended all these years, perhaps as soon as after his departure, they would come looking for vengeance.

Even that Zhu guy from Hong Martial Gang would come, much less other people.

Ye Mo shot tens of fireballs down below and turned this gladiator ring into a sea of fire before leaving.

It seemed that if he wanted to find sister Yan, he would have to pay a visit to the Vietnamese gang who had found the bracelet. But that guy who got the bracelet had already been killed by Tong Zhu; that was one lead less.


Although he was sure that Lan Yu would be okay, she was still his mother-in-law. Since she was still in San Francisco and was tracked by Suo Ren, he should go find out her whereabouts. Gang activity had been quite prevalent recently in these areas. It wouldnt be good if she fell in their hands.

Although this probability was small, whats wrong with checking it out for safety's sake?

When Ye Mo returned to Ming Yu Tower, Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu were worriedly waiting. Although Ye Mo hadnt left that long with Johnson, the Grey Alliance have made a name for themselves in China Town that they weren't to be messed with. If something happened to their new big brother, they would be gone for sure.

Seeing Ye Mo come in, they finally felt relieved. Old He knew that Shi Kaigen followed Ye Mo now and thus also showed respect to Ye Mo.

At the top floor, Ye Mo called Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu over and asked, "The Grey Alliance is over, you dont need to worry about it. Now, I want to ask, do you know about a business called CGK, a pharmaceutical corporation?"

Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu knew that since Ye Mo came back, it meant that Grey Alliance was a thing of the past, but they were still shocked when they heard it really was so.

Shi Kaigen replied, "Yes, I know this company. Its a moderately sized pharmaceutical company in San Francisco. Their main activity is at the eastern suburbs, but their office building is in the most developed inner city."

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Someone I know called Lan Yu was doing business negotiations with them not long ago and didnt seem to make any progress. Go and see where she is now,. You only need to find out where she is; no need to startle her."

After that, Ye Mo walked into the busy China Town streets again. Almost all the TVs in bars and entertainment centers were playing the news about a UFO invading the States. All the citizens of America had to be vigilant. If they were to find any relevant information, they should call the police.

He had only been walking around for one hour when Shi Kaigen called saying that he needed to report in and was waiting for him at Ming Yu Tower.

When Ye Mo came back, both Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu had returned. Furthermore, they had brought two people. One was a Chinese less than 30 years old, his eyes full of spirit and ferocity, with a faint killing chi on him. One could easily see he was no simple character, however his power was a bit low; only yellow level primary stage at most.

The other was a white man of medium build, his eyes looking around very rapidly. Yet what was different about him, was that he was tied up.

"Brother Ye, this is the leader of the Tang Gang, Wen Yueji. He heard that big brother was looking for Lan Yu and tied up Fred here, bringing him over," Shi Kaigen quickly explained.

Ye Mo looked at Wen Yueji in confusion. He was looking for news of Lan Yu. Why did this guy deliver a tied up foreigner to him?

Wen Yueji saw Ye Mo look over and quickly bowed with his fist, "Ye qian bei, Ive heard of your big name but hadnt been fortunate enough to see you until today. Now that I got this chance to meet qian bei, please allow me to follow you like Shi Kaigen."

Ye Mo frowned, "I wont be staying here, why would you follow me?"

Wen Yueji immediately said resolutely, "If qian bei is going back to China, Im willing to accompany qian bei. If qian bei wishes for me to stay and conquer turf here, Im willing to stay too."

Ye Mo looked coldly at Wen Yueji and said, "Youre quite calculating. You know that Im not interested in a small place like this, so you want to use me to climb higher up. Do you know that I only need to raise my hand and you'll be dead?"

Wen Yuejis forehead started sweating. He immediately said, "Wan beis words are all truthful. Its because Ive sworn that if someone could kill Jason, I would be willing to be that persons servant for life. Qian bei killed Jason, so I wish to be loyal to you. From now on, I am changing my name to Peng Yueji."

Ye Mo suddenly asked, "Who is Peng Wenhan to you?"

Peng Yueji laughed bitterly, "Im his only son. When my father formed the Chinese gang, I was only a few years old. Father was afraid that the gang would affect mother, my little sister and me, so he sent us to another city. Although I dont know if father had any other reasons, this is a fact for sure."

"More than ten years ago, I was playing hide and seek with my sister at night. I hid in a big closet, but because my sister didnt find me for a long time, I fell asleep in the closet. When I woke up, I found my mother and sister as well as the maid all bathed in a pool of blood."

Ye Mo sighed, "Sit down and talk."

Peng Yueji nodded and continued, "I soon realized that our enemies were closeby. There was nothing taken from the house, so in the end I didnt call the police. I knew that even if I did, my family wouldnt come back alive. I wanted revenge. I was aware that my dad was in China Town, so I rushed there. When I arrived, I immediately understood everything. My fathers older brother from the gang saved me and helped me establish the Tang Gang. The only cause of our gang was to kill Jason and destroy the Grey Alliance to get revenge."

Peng Yueji took a long sigh after this and spoke slowly with his eyes on Ye Mo, "A lot of the brothers at the Hong Martial Gang originate from the Chinese gang. So I quickly found out what qian bei did. When qian bei went to the Grey alliance, I was very excited and kept sending people to watch out for news. Soon, I got the news that the Grey Alliance was annihilated. I wanted to find qian bei and give my thanks. Without qian bei, I would never have been able to get revenge in my entire life."

Afterwards, Peng Yueji was going to kneel, but Ye Mo stopped him. He pointed at the white man and asked, "What about him?"
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