Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 383

Chapter 383: The Person Enduring the Most Hardship

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Peng Yueji immediately explained, "Qian bei, Fred is CGK's main representative in their negotiation with Fei Yu Corporation. If something happened to Lan Yu, it must be due to him, so I tied him up."

Ye Mo was almost speechless, "Who said something happened to Lan Yu? I just wanted to figure out where she was at the moment, I never said anything happened to her."

Peng Yueji saw that he had misunderstood Ye Mo and was greatly worried. He said, "Ye qian bei, Fred is the most infamous human trafficker in San Francisco. He looks glamorous on the outside, 'sales manager of a big company', but secretly he commits all sorts of crimes. Normal people dont know about these things, but in the mafia everyone knows about it. Because Suo Ren of Grey Alliance was his supporting pillar, he still roams free."

Ye Mo suddenly realized something. So this was the friend Suo Ren had in CGK he was talking about. Had he really dared do something to Lan Yu?

Thinking about it, Ye Mos face sunk, and he asked coldly, "I dont know if something happened to Lan Yu. Gang leader Peng, ask this person for me. Does he know the whereabouts of Lan Yu? If he really had the guts to do something to Lan Yu, I will kill him right now."

"Yes, if qian bei doesnt mind, just call me Yue Ji. Dont call me gang leader," Peng Yueji humbly stated.

Ye Mo nodded, "Alright, then you can be the same as Zhu Zi and Shi Kaigen."

Hearing Ye Mo agree to his request, Peng Yueji made up his mind to not disappoint Ye Mo. He turned to talk to Fred and used one threat after another.

Fred might have done human trafficking, he still couldnt stand the threats and yells of Peng Yueji. Soon, he told everything.

Hearing Peng Yuejis explanation, Ye Mo was speechless. Although Fred was a human trafficker, it's not like he sold everyone. He had to make sure they were safe to traffic. Lan Yu wasnt safe, so he didnt intend to do anything to her.

Instead it was Lan Yu who found him. When Ning Zhongfei was leaving America, Lan Yu met up with Fred once again. She took out a card with 100k USD and wanted to bribe him.

How could Fred not take the money that was given to him? He took the card immediately and promised to introduce Lan Yu to a new company and told her not to worry.

Fred wasnt planning on doing anything to her and was really going to introduce her to a small company and just finish things up.

But at this moment, CGK heard that Fei Yu got the spot for Asia and immediately wanted to re-negotiate with Fei Yu. This was Freds job, so Fred got really worried.

If this deal was exposed, he would be screwed over for sure. As long as Lan Yu knew that her company was chosen, this deal would get exposed. At that time, not only would Fred lose his job, he could also face jail time.

Therefore, Fred could only lock Lan Yu up. At this moment, Ning Zhongfei happened to call. Fred forced Lan Yu to report that she was safe and took her phone.

At this step, Fred was planning to sell Lan Yu after all, so he called an organization called Five States and sold Lan Yu to them.

Having listened to all this, Ye Mos voice went cold. He looked frostily at Fred, "Where is this Five States?"

After Peng Yueji had asked the details of where to meet the Five States and where their HQ was, Ye Mo threw a fireball without hesitation.

This was the first time Ye Mo had used a fireball in front of them. Even Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu were shocked, much less Peng Yueji who saw Ye Mo for the first time.

At this moment, they realized that they were far from knowing Ye Mo. They had only witnessed a part of Ye Mos power. No one had been able to force him to show his true power yet.

"Im going to Five States immediately. Kaigen and Zhu, stay with Yueji first," Ye Mo was very uncomfortable thinking that a human trafficking organization had taken Lan Yu.


Lan Yu hadnt been through much hardship up until now. She was living in a spacious, grandiose room. There were even a few maids serving her. She was really confused. She understood of course that she had been tricked by Fred.

Although she didnt comprehend why she was being served like this as someone who had been sold, Lan Yu knew her situation wasnt good.

She regretted her naivety. It had always been her husband doing the business trips, and only when her daughter got old, did she also help. It was only after moving to Yu state that she learnt how hard it was doing business.

Seeing their company gradually decline under the will of Yuan Bei, she was also very desperate.

This time she had come to America to seek cooperation with CGK but was rejected without hesitation. She didnt expect the person whom she bribed to be so greedy and even sell her. If it wasnt that when some black person was about to violate her, she told them she was the CEO of Fei Yu, she would've been raped already.

Lan Yu felt something was very odd. After she said that, someone kicked that black man away and even killed the man.

Lan Yu hadnt witnessed the bloody scene, but she still felt gratitude to that person who helped her.

That person was a low-level leader here, so her treatment changed for the better soon. Not only was she moved away from the people being sold, all her belongings were returned to her too.

More than that, they also brought her to this luxurious place to live and eat well. But no matter how good the conditions here were, it couldnt stop her desperate longing to go home.

If she had known that Fei Yu was going to get the spot, why would she have stayed so shamelessly to negotiate with CGK?

Lan Yu wondered though, 'Was Fei Yus reputation that good nowadays?'


The person enduring the greatest hardship now wasnt Lan Yu, but the big boss who had just bought this human trafficking organsiation.

Although Five States was a human trafficking organization, they didnt operate just in the field of human trafficking. The big boss of Five States was a Chinese man called Sha 1; he only has one arm.

Even if Fei Yu had gotten the only spot in the world, they wouldnt care.

But this Fei Yus CEO had another identity; mother-in-law of that slaughter god Ye Mo.

Sha 1 knew clearly how strong Ren Sha was. He could make anyone die by his will. He had seen many powerful ancient martial artists try to challenge Ren Sha, yet all of them had died. Aside from that, Sha 1 also knew Ren Shas cultivation method; using other peoples lives to increase his own power.

When Ren Sha had wanted to kill Ye Mo, he had sent killers everywhere. But this pissed Ye Mo off, and he came to Hong Kong from Chun An in an extremely short amount of time. Even now, Sha 1 still didnt know how Ye Mo came to Hong Kong.

And exactly this kind of tough guy like Ren Sha was not only killed by Ye Mo, but even the entire Earth Fiend organization, other than him who had escaped with one arm, was completely massacred. Even Ren Shas base seemed to have been searched by Ye Mo.

Afterwards, Sha 1 also went to Hong Kong to investigate secretly; Ren Sha couldnt be more dead. Compared to Ren Sha, Nan Qing and Metal River was nothing. They had all offended Ye Mo, and all of them disappeared or went into decline.

If there was one person in this world that Sha 1 didnt dare offend, then it was Ye Mo.

He didnt think that Ye Mo wouldnt be able to find him here. He was sure that if Ye Mo wanted to kill him, then even if he hid on the edges of the earth, he would still die.

Sha 1 fled to the USA, wanting to use this human trafficking business to store up wealth and start another hitman organization. But this business earned just a little bit of name for itself, and he offended someone like Ye Mo. This made Sha 1 very annoyed and worried.

That's why when he knew that the person he had captured was Lan Yu, he immediately decided to let her eat well and live well and send someone to get Fred.

But the people he sent reported that Fred was gone. This got Sha 1 even more worried. If he couldnt think of a way, he would be gone for sure. Once Ye Mo came here, he would be done for.
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