Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 385

Chapter 385: Sha 1s Horror

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There was silence on the phone. Afterwards, the old voice sounded again, "Bing'er, although Yuan family started as a business family and is now the largest pharmaceutical company in China, our power is far less than that of those great families of China. There are many things that we dont know. The Song and Ye family might have declined, who knows if they aren't just showing weakness intentionally? No matter what, you should never underestimate a big family of China, not even the Ning family."

"Dad, then this time, should I..." Yuan Qibings tone went a little despondent but still respectful.

"Haha, although our Yuan family cant compare with those big families, we cant be bullied by any small fishes either. If that Ye Mo hadnt disappeared, perhaps we would have to be concerned of the Ye family. But now, theres only a Ning Zhongfei who left the Ning family and a recent start-up company. Thats not enough to ride on our heads."

Finally, some joy could be noticed in Yuan Qibings tone, "Dad, you mean?"

"Ive already arranged people to handle things in Flowing Snake. You just stay in Beijing for now and make some friends with those big families' members. As for that Ning Qingxue, dont worry; I will send people to board the same plane as her."


Lan Yu walked onto the streets, sure that she was free indeed. She could even go to the police right away.

But, of course she wouldnt do that, because this was America and not China. The first thing she did was to find a public phone to call her husband.

Hearing that Lan Yu was fine, Ning Zhongfei was very excited. He told Lan Yu to come back and at the same time cancelled his plans to go to America.

Lan Yu was scared that her husband would be worried, thus she didnt tell him that she had been kidnapped and just said she'd lost her phone.

Ning Zhongfei then wanted to call his daughter, but her phone was turned off. Ning Zhongfei guessed that she might have gone to the US.

She was probably still on the plane.


After his men told him that Lan Yu had called home to say she was safe, Sha 1 finally calmed down a little. If Ye Mo knew that Lan Yu was safe, he wouldnt come to the US. If he didnt come to the US, he wouldnt find him.

Just when Sha 1had settled down, his men reported to say that the gang leader of the Tang Gang, Peng Yueji was here.

Sha 1 was only afraid of Ye Mo, he wasnt afraid of anyone else, not even Jason. Although he was far from as strong as Jason, Jason couldnt kill him. If Jason pissed him off, he just might be the one to kill Jason first."

However, Peng Yueji was still the leader of a gang. He couldnt just not see him. Compared to the gangs in China Town, his organization was more obscure.

"Invite him in," although Peng Yueji was a gang leader, he didnt have enough importance for him to go out and greet him. When Earth Fiend was renowned throughout the world, who had the right to look down on him?

"No need, Im in already," a clear voice sounded and two people walked in.

Sha 1 knew Peng Yueji, of course. He was also in San Francisco after all.

But he noticed that the person who was talking wasnt Peng Yueji. Instead, it was the young man in front of him. As a gang leader, Peng Yueji was actually 3 steps behind this young man.

"You-" Just when Sha 1 wanted to ask who this young man was, he saw his face and quickly got up as if his ass were on fire.

"Five States' Sha 1 greets Ye Mo qian bei," Sha 1 kneeled down on one knee.

He knew Ye Mo was very capable, but he didnt expect him to come to the State this quick, having the gang leader of Tang Gang showing him the way.

At this moment, it had only been a few hours since Lan Yu left. Sha 1s back sweated uncontrollably; Ye Mo had come too quickly.

Not only was Peng Yueji in a daze, Ye Mo as well looked confusedly at Sha 1.

Peng Yueji knew his reputation wasnt as grand as that of the big boss of Five States. Although these guys hadnt been here for that long yet, their name was already pretty big. A few small gangs had wanted to chase them away, but they all disappeared in one night.

It was unknown whether because Jason didnt care about the small interests here, or because he too was concerned about the Five States that he didnt do anything about them. Yet today, their big boss was actually kneeling down.

"You know me?" Ye Mo looked at Sha 1 who only had one arm and asked plainly.

Sha 1 quickly nodded, "Yes, I was once the leader of Earth Fiend. Qian bei killed that bastard Ren Sha, and I managed to escape with my life. Im very grateful to qian bei."

Hearing Sha 1s words, Peng Yueji was having tsunamis in his heart. He had never thought that Sha 1 was the former big boss of Earth Fiend. Many stories concerning the disappearance of Earth Fiend circled in the world, but none of them were certain. Peng Yueji now finally knew that the hitman organization Earth Fiend that made the entire world cower in fear had actually been annihilated by Ye Mo.

He realized once again that he had underestimated his new big brother. Five States' fame wasnt that big, but he was sure that if people knew the big boss of Five States was the former big boss of Earth Fiend, then no one would dare try anything with Five States.

Ye Mo nodded, "No wonder when I killed the Gu bugs, two of them didnt have full vitality. So one of it was yours. I think there were two that escaped. Didnt expect one of them to be the big boss of Earth Fiend."

"Please have mercy, Ye qian bei. There was nothing but a deep feud between me and Ren Sha, Im only grateful to qian bei and mean no disrespect," Sha 1 quickly said. He didnt expect that other than him, there had been someone else who also escaped.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "You dont have to put it like that. Its thanks to your own capabilities that you were able to escape. As for those people who try to mess with me, I would never give them a second chance. But I didnt come here to ask you about this today. I think since you know that Im Ye Mo, youve done your research on me. With your capabilities, Im sure you can guess why I came today."

"Yes, Ye qian bei. Yesterday, my men were dumb and listened to the words of this guy called Fred. He brought CEO Lan to my place. Luckily, CEO Lan declared who she was, and I immediately brought her to a safe place.

I killed those people who brought her here as well as a black man who tried to assault her. Urthermore, I wanted to go kill that Fred, but he went missing," Sha 1 answered with fright. He didnt change anything to the story.

Ye Mo nodded. Since Sha 1 had recognized Lan Yus identity, he wouldnt dare do anything to her. Seeing Ye Mo nod, Sha 1 finally felt a little relieved and continued, "A few hours ago, I already sent her away and ordered two men to secretly protect her. I believe shes at the airport now."

At this moment, Ye Mos phone sounded, and he picked up. It was Shi Kaigen, saying that he had seen Lan Yu at the airport, and she didnt appear harmed.

Ye Mo hung up and said to Sha 1, "Stand up. You did well, I owe you one."

Sha 1 stood up in surprise and joy; he wouldnt have expected Ye Mo to be so easy to talk to. Not only did he not use this chance to punish him, he also willingly said he owed him one. Ye Mos favour was no ordinary thing. Thinking about this, Sha 1 said excitedly, "Ye qian bei, this is what I am supposed to do, youre being too polite."

Ye Mo waved his hand, "No need, I can help you do one thing within my ability in the future. For now, Ill be going."

"Qian bei, wan bei would like to dare ask qian bei to stay for dinner," Sha 1 knew this chance was rare and quickly uttered.

Ye Mo said plainly, "I dont like being around human trafficking." Then, Ye Mo left along with Peng Yueji.
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