Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Vietnamese Gang Annihilated

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In San Francisco, although the Vietnamese gang wasnt the number one most ancient gang, it was definitely one of the older gangs, possessing great power.

When the Chinese gang had been at its prime, the Vietnamese gang was barely able to survive. After the Chinese gang was annihilated, the Vietnamese gang and Mountain Gang took over large amounts of territory and developed rapidly. Until today, where the Vietnamese gang had become the second largest gang.

Zhu Hongsheng, who had great aspirations but low capabilities, was leading his Hong Martial Gang on a path of decline. They were far from comparable to the Vietnamese gang, and the Tang Gang, with restricted land and wealth, was even worse.

The leader of the Vietnamese gang was called Jin Zhaonan. He had been a high ranking officer in the Vietnamese military, but because of his insubordination and the killing of his superior's beloved woman, he became a wanted criminal. Thus, he fled to America and established the Vietnamese gang.

Jin Zhaonan wasnt someone Zhu Hongsheng could compare with. He had gotten the news of Ye Mo charging into the Hong Martial Gangs base and massacring the Grey Alliance.

Now that Jin Zhaonan also knew that the Grey Alliance had been annihilated, he guessed that Ye Mos next stop would be his Vietnamese gang, for no other reason than because Ye Mo wanted to find out sister Yan's whereabouts. And that bracelet had been robbed precisely from the Vietnamese gang.

Even though Jin Zhaonan believed that the Vietnamese gang wouldnt lose to anyone in China Town, he wasnt so cocky as to think he could annihilate the Grey Alliance. So, when he heard that Ye Mo had done so, Jin Zhaonans face turned very bad. He was sure it wouldnt be long before Ye Mo came to their HQ.

"Er Xi, what do you think?" Jin Zhaonan really wished to retreat, but he didnt want to leave the empire he had here. Also, subconsciously he thought that the reason Ye Mo had managed to annihilate the Grey Alliance had to of course be related to his power, but also for a major part because Jason must have underestimated Ye Mo. If he was prepared, and bombarded Ye Mo with heavy fire power the moment he arrived, Jin Zhaonan believed that Ye Mo would have no way to escape.

Er Xis full name was Li Erxi. He had come from Vietnam to San Francisco together with Jin Zhaonan and had helped him build the gang. It could be said he was Jin Zhaonan's strongest help.

Li Erxi mused a bit before saying, "We dont know this Ye Mo very well, but he was capable of easily killing the more than 20 people Johnson had brought and subjugated Johnson with ease. It's clear that hes really powerful. Whether or not it had anything to do with Jason underestimating him, we need to deal with him very carefully. But just as you said, no matter how strong he is, if we surround Ye Mo and spray bullets all over him, how can he live?"

"Erxi, you mean that we should fight?" Jin Zhaonans eyebrows raised. He was of the same opinion but just felt something wasnt right, hence he had asked Li Erxi.

Li Erxi nodded seriously and said, "I have two suggestions; one, we immediately leave San Francisco as far away as we can. Since we cant understand Ye Mo, we can avoid him. Two, we simply kill him. Once he enters our trap, we concentrate our fire and just kill him. No matter how strong he is, he cant avoid that much fire power unless he can fly."

Jin Zhaonan heard Li Erxis words and clenched his fists, punched in the air, "Lets do it! I refuse to believe that he can fly. Weve been building what we have in San Francisco for decades. I really cant just let it go like that. Erxi, gather up all the brothers in the gang and lets do this."


At this moment, in a simple room in the HQ of Tang Gang, Ye Mo sat at the top with Peng Yueji, Shi Kaigen and Tong Zhu on the side.

"Brother Ye, do we go to Jin Zhaonans base now?" Shi Kaigen had known Ye Mo for the longest, so he just asked.

Ye Mo shook his head, "If after this we all left, then it would be fine to go up to their door right now. However, after this you guys will be staying for the moment, so it wouldn't be good to charge up to their doors immediately. Yueji, what do you think?"

Peng Yueji bowed before replying, "Brother Ye, I think we should attack at night. Tonight, theres a clash between Mountain Gang and Hong Martial Gang. If we wait until night to annihilate the Vietnamese gang, then it'll be unlikely for anyone to intervene. And after the two gangs clash and we eradicate the Vietnamese gang, then our Tang Gang will be able to grow rapidly here."

Ye Mo nodded. This Peng Yueji had some brains and thought the same as him. Although it was very easy for him to annihilate Mountain Gang, for the Tang Gang to grow afterwards, they would have to get rid of Hong Martial Gang. But the two originated from the same gang; it wouldnt be good to just kill them off like that.

"Lets do this then. Tonight, I will go to the Vietnamese gang. After Mountain Gang and Hong Martial Gang clash, Yueji will bring people to take over the turf. Take the Vietnamese gang's land too, and Grey Alliances as well."

This expansion was nothing to Ye Mo, but as for Peng Yueji and co., they were all too excited. In the future, Tang Gang would be the biggest gang in all of San Francisco.


The HQ of the Vietnamese gang was at a pier. Ye Mo believed that they must have already gotten news of him annihilating the Grey Alliance. Indeed, as soon as Ye Mo arrived, his spirit sense noticed people hiding, ready to ambush him. Although they didnt have as many weapons as Jason had used, some of them even took out rocket launchers. The moment Ye Mo stood in their trap, all these attacks would come smashing at him.

Even Ye Mo wasnt confident he could escape with that many weapons firing at him. Jason had still been of the mind to play games with him, but seeing these Vietnamese gang people, they would definitely try to kill him straight away.

"Hes already here. Hes about 250 meters away from us," far away, Jin Zhaonan and Li Erxi watched Ye Mo on a device.

"Hmm, he turned to leave. Did he see it? Should we attack?" Li Erxi noticed that Ye Mo was going to leave, getting further and further away.

Jin Zhaonans face changed as he spoke with satisfaction, "Dont attack; if we attack him now, he would be injured at most. We probably cant kill him. We shouldnt scare him, so wait a little while longer."

Ye Mo didnt go all too far. He knew that as soon as he had gotten near, his actions had been under surveillance.

He turned back to the pier and turned invisible. Then, with his fastest speed, he started killing his way to those gang members ambushing him.

A few minutes later, Ye Mo appeared in Jin Zhaonan and Li Erxi's view again.

"Hes back! And he's entered attacking range," Li Erxi said with excitement.

Jin Zhaonan also became very thrilled. He thought that as long as he killed Ye Mo tonight, no one else would be able to pose a threat anymore.

"Open fire," Jin Zhaonan ordered and also raised his own gun.

However, there werent the loud bangs of guns he had imagined, nor were there any explosions. Jin Zhaonan was just about to start shooting, when he found that the gun in his hands had disappeared. Standing in front of him and Li Erxi was a young man with a sneer on his face.

"You are Ye Mo" Li Erxis heart sunk to the bottom. He knew that it wouldn't be easy to kill Ye Mo, but he had still underestimated him.

Ye Mo grabbed a rifle and bent it. The gun barrel turned into a U-shape.

"I am Ye Mo," Ye Mo dumped the gun and kicked Li Erxi away as he sat down.

Jin Zhaonan suddenly noticed blood flowing from where his men had been hiding before. He pointed at Ye Mo in terror, "Ye Mo, what did you do to my men? How dare you kill all of my men, you..."

Ye Mo looked at Jin Zhaonan as though he was an idiot, "Youre saying that I went too far? So I shouldnt kill your men and should just bring over my head to you?"

Li Erxi stopped Jin Zhaonan. He knew that Jin Zhaonan was different from Jason. These people Ye Mo killed were all his brothers he had brought along from the army. Every one of them was precious to him. And now, Ye Mo had killed them all. No wonder he was extremely furious.

But Jin Zhaonan was obviously dumbed by his fury. No matter how angry he was, the person standing before them could take their lives at any time.

"Ye Mo, I realize that we underestimated you, and now that you killed all of our brothers in the gang, what do you want? Under what conditions can you let the two of us go? Name your pice," Li Erxi said calmly.

Hearing Li Erxis words, Jin Zhaonan also gradually calmed down. He took note of the situation he was in; Ye Mo could kill him like a chicken at any moment.

He regretted not taking Li Erxis first suggestion. He shouldve abandoned everything here and taken his brothers away from San Francisco. How could someone who could effortlessly annihilate the Grey Alliance be taken out so easily?
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