Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 391

Chapter 391: Newly Risen Family

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Peng Peng -two thuds sounded; the security detail obviously ignored the cries of Wang Yan.

It had clearly been those two security guards who had attacked, yet it was still them who got kicked away. They crashed underneath that Young Master Qius feet and couldnt get up.

Wang Yan and her husband were stunned, but they still wanted to go over. However, they were pulled back by someone they knew, "Wang Yan, do you not want to have a good life? The people being beaten are Qiu family people, you"

Wang Yan was feeling conflicted over what she should do. She knew that she wouldnt be able to change anything even if she did go over, but if she didnt, her conscious would weigh heavily on her.

She knew her friend was right; the person in front of them was someone they couldnt afford to mess with. Not just them, but in the entire city of Beijing, there werent many who could mess with Young Master Qiu.

Boss Huang looked at his men who were kicked far away. From the young man drinking coffee to here, that was a distance of a few meters. Normal people wouldnt be able to kick that far.

Boss Huang began to worry. He wasnt a noob. How could any ordinary person kick his security personnel away so easily? But he was well aware that Young Master Qiu wasnt simple either. He didnt want to offend either side.

"Fuck, drag that bastard over!" Young Master Qius face sunk as he ordered his two bodyguards. He had just come from some small place to Beijing and since then, he found that the name of the Qiu family really came in handy, so he got used to being everyone's overlord. How could he possibly take Ye Mo, who hadnt even been able to get a room, seriously?

The two bodyguards shook their heads, but their master had made the order, so they had to go up. They were much stronger than the two security guards, but facing Ye Mo, they were still kicked away immediately. They couldnt even touch Ye Mos clothes.

Although he knew Young Master Qius identity was big, Boss Huang didnt dare call for help. His vast experience in this society had taught him that the studious were usually poor while the physically strong were rich. Ye Mos power meant that he definitely couldnt be underestimated.

Seeing his two bodyguards get beaten down, Young Master Qiu knew he had encountered a tough one. He pointed at Ye Mo, "If you've got any balls, then sit there and dont move."

Then, he pulled out his phone and seemed like he was calling for back up.

Ye Mo stood up and walked in front of him. He raised his hand and slapped Young Master Qiu. Qiu spat out many teeth, and his ear also started bleeding. It soon became obvious that his ear was gone.

He was slapped to the ground in a daze. There was terror in his eyes; he didnt expect someone would really dare hit him like this in Beijing, and now, he couldnt even crawl up.

Ye Mo looked at Dong Jie who seemed lost and slapped him as well. Dong Jies head banged against the door. There was just buzzing sounds in his mind, and he couldnt think about anything else.

Seeing Ye Mo walk back, Shi Xiu quickly grabbed him, "We need to go, quickly! Why did you beat them?"

"Oh, is he special?" Ye Mo sat down again.

Shi Xiu looked around and knew they couldnt get away anyways. He sighed and explained, "That Young Master Qiu is from the Qiu family. Do you know the Beijing Qiu family?"

Ye Mo shook his head.

He had heard of the Li, Zhang, Song, Ye and Qiao families as the 5 great families of Beijing and even of other families such as the Qin, Han, Ning, Ou and Zhuo, but he had never heard of the Qiu family.

Shi Xiu looked worriedly at Young Master Qiu who was still on the ground and then informed, "You should know the 5 great families of China right? You came from the Ye family after all. Its said that the Ye, Song and Qiao family offended a powerful person and are on the decline. The Song family even straight out disappeared from Beijing. The Ye and Qiao family went more low profile. Its even being said that the Qiao family is gradually fading out of the 5 great families and changing into a business family. Well, the two new families replacing them are the Qiu and Dai family."

"How would you know about this?" Ye Mo really didnt know there were families replacing the Song and Qiao family. But word of mouth cant really be trusted. At least Ye Mo didnt feel that the Ye family was on the decline. They are just keeping a low profile. Ye Zifeng wasnt old, but his actions were low-key and mature.

Shi Xiu had a hurtful look in his eyes as he replied, "Tan Tan told me. I owed a lot of money and couldnt stay in Cha Xi. I was forced to repay the loan everyday, so then Tan Tan told me to go to Beijing. She was studying here while working at the same time. I also found a job and wanted to pay off my loan and just live a good life with Tan Tan but, but"

As though realizing it wasnt the time to talk about that, Shi Xiu quickly returned to the topic, "That Young Master Qiu is probably called Qiu Zhizhe. Hes also studying at Beijing University and is very arrogant. He has no brains, so Dong Jie sucked up to him really easily and is now following after him like a dog. But due to his family, no one dares do anything to him. I heard he has a brother called Qiu Zhixue who is very powerful."

Suddenly, the police siren sounded outside and a few policemen charged in, quickly surrounding Ye Mo and Shi Xiu.

"You beat these people?" a middle aged policeman walked in front of Ye Mo and asked seriously.

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, but it was rightful self-defence. I was sitting here with my friend and they attacked me, so I defended myself."

A young policeman saw Young Master Qiu who was still in critical condition and took out his cuffs. He walked in front of Ye Mo and wanted to say something but someone behind him spoke up, "Move aside, Im taking this person away."

As soon as this voice sounded, the two policemen quickly moved away after which, a man in his 30s walked out.

"Youre very bold, beating people in Beijing, actually beating Qiu Zhizhe to such a critical condition. I can only say you've got balls. Do you know who Qiu Zhizhes brother is?" the man questioned plainly.

Ye Mo just smiled as Shi Xiu said, "There are too many dogs here, lets go."

Then, Ye Mo looked at the man and uttered, "Whether hes a cow or a horse, does it concern me? Ill warn you now, if you dont move away, I will beat you all the same."

"Aren't you very cocky; Ill take you away today and see how cocky you can still be afterwards." Then, the man was going to attack.

"Hu Peng, stop." A voice sounded suddenly. A half-bald, middle-aged man rushed over and stopped the guy. He walked very politely in front of Ye Mo and greeted, "Young Master Mo, I didnt expect to see you here."

Ye Mo studied the man and asked strangely, "Who are you? I dont seem to know you."

The man didnt feel awkward at all and continued with a smile, "Im Wu Ze. I saw young master Mo once in Beijing, at Ji Beichens charity auction."

Wu Ze was very shocked when he saw Ye Mo. Who was Ye Mo? No one here knew better than him. He was supported by the Li family and that night, he had come to the auction with Li Qiuyang. He didnt have a chance to speak to Ye Mo, but that time, Ye Mo taught the direct lineage Song family member Song Yi a lesson, slapping him in the face. And the Song family hadnt dared say anything.

Then, when the Song family wanted revenge on Ye Mo, they were pulled out by their roots by Ye Mo. He was very clear on that. Ye Mo may appear innocent, but it would be a very easy thing for him to kick the newly risen Qiu family away from Beijing. He stopped Hu Peng, saving him while also making a good connection with Ye Mo.

Ye Mo remembered now; he had gone with Zhang Jue to that night auction but hadnt stayed until the actual auction, because he went to save his sister Ye Ling.

"Wu Ze, what do you mean?" Hu Peng saw that Wu Ze, who came from the same place as him, didnt stand on his side yet instead helped this random young man. Still, he didnt act out immediately.

Hu Peng knew that since Wu Ze was helping this young man, it meant that he was no ordinary person. Even though he was of the Qiu family, he wouldnt do things before he knew what was going on.

"Nothing, it's just that Young Master Mo is someone I respect, so if you want to do something to him, then dont blame me," Wu Ze warned.

He understood Ye Mos character; he hated fake people. He could've also put things in a more euphemistic way, but that wouldnt leave as deep of an impression as the blunt way. He had already hinted to Hu Peng once. If Hu Peng didnt pick it up, then he couldnt be blamed.

"Wu Ze, what are you saying? I want to see what youre going to do," Hu Peng who had calmed down a little was triggered again by Wu Zes blunt words.

This wasnt his face, but the Qiu familys face that was wiped on the floor. But he still didnt try to do anything to Ye Mo. Witnessing Wu Zes attitude to Ye Mo, he wouldnt do anything until he figured out who Ye Mo was.

Wu Ze sneered and wanted to keep speaking when two other guys came and pulled them apart.

Hence, Wu Ze glanced at Hu Peng once and then ignored him. He turned to Ye Mo and invited carefully, "Young Master Mo, I was sent down to Xi Tong suburb for an investigation and was having a gathering with a few friends. If you dont mind, you can come to our room?"

Ye Mo just wanted to reject when Shi Xiu suddenly said, "Xi Tong suburb?"
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