Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 393

Chapter 393: I Really Dont Believe It

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Li Qiuyang wasnt a core member of the Li family, but because he was experienced and had made some achievements, he was gradually reaching the inner circle of the Li family.

At this moment, Li Qiuyang was sharing a table with some people for dinner. Those who could eat with Li Qiuyang had quite a decent status.

However, the core of today's dinner wasnt Li Qiuyang but someone called Li Chunsheng. Although Li Chunshen also had the Li surname, he had nothing to do with the Beijing Li family. Li Qiuyang was representing the Li family to get on good terms with Li Chunsheng.

Li Chunsheng had just been moved to become vice-mayor of He Feng City, which was a big city, and even the Li family couldnt ignore that. His new position was one reason, yet the main reason the Li family was trying to connect with Li Chunsheng was due to his capabilities.

Li Chunsheng hadnt relied on any power faction and had reached his current position all by himself. Everyone knew how hard that was.

Putting Wu Ze under Li Chunsheng had been a signal of support.

The reason why Li Qiuyang had invited Li Chunshen and a few other Beijing officials was mainly to get closer to Li Chunsheng, hoping that he would join the Li family side.

But at this moment, someone actually called him. This got Li Qiuyang very annoyed. What was even more annoying was that this was an anonymous caller. Li Qiuyang knew he never gave his number to strangers, yet a stranger was calling him. This mustve meant that someone had given his number away. He immediately became furious. Who was brave enough to give his number away without asking him?

Li Qiuyang wanted to hang up in his fury, but when he read the number he suddenly felt that there was something strange about it. It seemed to have one less digit than other numbers.

Things didnt seem that simple, so Li Qiuyang picked up.

"May I ask who you are?" The phone number might have had one digit less, Li Qiuyang had seen many things, and he wouldnt think that this person was someone significant just from that. He was also an important figure in the Li family now.

"Young Master Li, weve met once before, so I'd like to ask for your help today. Do you have time to join me for a chat at this place I'm at?" Ye Mos plain voice sounded.

Li Qiuyangs fury was surging uncontrollably. Who was this guy, who did he think was? Just because he had met him once, he wanted him to help him. This wasnt even the main point. The main point was that he wanted him to go over when he was the one who needed help. How arrogant was this guy?

No matter who he was, even if he was the young master of one of the five great families, he couldnt be like that. And from the tone of his voice, he didnt seem to be very old.

Just when Li Qiuyang wanted to spout the words "Who do you think you are?", Ye Mos voice sounded again, "It's Ye Mo. I'm at Wu Tong bar."

"What-" Li Qiuyang gulped back the words he was about to say as waves billowed in his heart. It was Ye Mo? Then, he asked hesitantly, "You are Young Master Mo? Beijing's Ye Mo?"

"Yes, thats me-" Ye Mos phone suddenly hung up.

Li Qiuyang stared at his phone for a long time and wasnt angry at all that Ye Mo hung up on him. There was only disbelief in his eyes, and even some joy. It was actually Ye Mo who had called him. He felt a certain huge feeling of honour yet at the same time also pressure.

Ye Mo looked at his phone and said helplessly, "Its out of battery again. I have to charge this thing every few months. So troublesome."

Wu Ze and others looked at each other. Charging the battery once every few months and that was troublesome? They needed to charge their phone everyday.


Half a beat later, Li Qiuyang came to terms with reality. He knew this was his chance, so he stood up excitedly. He apologized to Li Chunsheng, "Mayor Li, Im really sorry; a friend is waiting for me at Wu Tong Bar, and I need to go over immediately."

Everyone had seen Li Qiuyangs annoyed look when his phone sounded, but his rapid change of expression from anger to joy, surprise and even a little anxiety was also caught. Everyone at the scene were astute people and guessed that it was a significant person who had called Li Qiuyang.

Moreover, if Li Qiuyang could leave the people at the scene all for a hung up call, this meant something.

"Qiuyang, who can it be if even you have to go immediately?" a pot-bellied middle aged man asked doubtfullly.

Li Qiuyang didnt seem to hear his words at all and just stood up.

"Young Master Li, may I go and see as well?" Li Chunsheng suddenly asked with a smile.

Li Qiuyang hesitated and said, "Since Mayor Li wishes to go, then come with me."

Seeing Li Chunsheng being approved to join, two others wanted to come as well, but Li Qiuyang said troubledly, That person only told me to go. Im afraid if I bring too many people he wont be happy."

After which he left the restaurant with Li Chunsheng quickly.

That pot bellied man seemed to have realized his mistake and felt awkward.

The busy scene at the table cooled down and everyone left, while no one seemed to want to say anything to the pot-bellied man.


"Young Master Li, was it that Ye Mo from the Ye family who called you?" Li Chunsheng had been in Beijing for many years and had astounding political and social instincts. He could guess from Li Qiuyangs expression and his words that this just might be the Ye Mo fabled amongst the higher ups in Beijing. If it wasnt that Ye Mo, Li Qiuyang wouldnt be this anxious and excited.

Li Qiuyang nodded seriously, "Yes, Mayor Li, its him. And what he likes is people who are real, so just talk normally when you get there."

Li Chunsheng also had excitement in his eyes, "I understand. Thanks for giving me this chance; if you dont mind, just call me Chunsheng."

"Okay, then Ill call you brother Sheng. Just call me Qiuyang from now on. Perhaps Ill need your help in the future with where I plan on going," Li Qiuyang immediately said. He believed his mission of connecting with Li Chunsheng had been accomplished today.

But in his heart, the biggest achievement today wasnt connecting with Li Chunsheng but getting Ye Mos invite. This invite would allow him to stand on his own in the Li family.

Li Chunsheng was also very excited. He had been in Beijing for many years, and although he didnt know the precise details, he had an idea about how much power Ye Mo held.

If he really did have to join political factions, he would rather join Ye Mo than go to some big families. Yet he understood the possibility of that happening was small. Many others who similarly wanted this would never get the chance either.

He definitely couldnt let this opportunity pass no matter what, even if it were at the cost of getting close to the Li family faction.

Witnessing how Ye Mo just straight up called Li Qiuyang iver to Wu Tong bar, Cheng Changhui and Zhou Ping were dumbfounded. Who was Li Qiuyang? Although they had never gotten to meet him, they were very clear on his identity. He was a core member of the Li family, having a much higher status than them.

Wu Zes face didnt change. Although he didnt know the extent of Ye Mos power, he knew it would be big. Otherwise, he wouldnt have handed Li Qiuyangs number to him, unless he had gotten tired of living.

Ye Mo quickly plugged the phone into the charger. If Li Qiuyang couldnt take care of this, he would ask Elder Han for help.

"Ye Mo, you, what are you doing now?" Shi Xiu reacted and looked at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was just about to answer when his face sunk as he looked at the door.

Rumble -the door was forcibly kicked open.

A youth with triangularly shaped eyes stood at the door with four men dressed in black. The youth noticed Ye Mo and questioned coldly, "You're the guy who beat up Qiu Zhizhe?"

"And who are you? Who gave you the right to kick open other peoples rooms!" Wu Ze stood up and yelled, pointing at the youth. He figured they had to be from the Qiu family.

The youth scanned Wu Ze, "Wu, dont think that Li Qiuyang would fight with me over a dog like you. You overestimate yourself. Do you not believe that I can squish you like a bug?"

Wu Ze was at a loss for words. He knew this guy was right. Li Qiuyang really wouldnt start a fight with the Qiu family over him. If the Qiu family let them have some benefits in other areas, the Li family might really just give him up.

Ye Mo, however, commented plainly, "I really dont believe it."
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