Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 398

Chapter 398: Gathering the Hong Kong Mafia

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"So it really was you?" Ning Zhongfei looked at Ye Mo in shock. He didnt expect that the youth he met that day would actually be Ye Mo.

Lan Yu saw her husband's tone and expression and immediately knew that this was the young man he had met. By the looks of it, its quite possible that Fei Yu had been chosen thanks to him.

"I'm sorry, father, and thank you for the bracelet." At this moment, Ye Mo couldnt call Ning Zhongfei 'brother' anymore. He was his father-in-law.

"So you were Ye Mo all along. Here I was, wondering who had helped me. Be honest, you were the one who helped our company get chosen last time right?" This young man was very excellent. Why would his wife stop him from being with Qingxue?

Thinking about Qingxue, Ning Zhongfei turned sad again. This should be a great moment, yet because their daughter had gone missing, it couldnt be good anymore.

"What happened?" Ye Mo soon realized that Ning Zhongfei and Lan Yus eyes as well were swollen red.

Ning Zhongfei sighed but didnt say anything.

Lan Yu also found it hard to speak. Li Mumei quickly explained things instead.

"What?! Qingxue has gone missing? She disappeared with a passenger jet? Whats all this?" Ye Mos face changed immediately.

"Qingxue knew something happened to me in the US, so she hurried over, but something happened on the way." Lan Yu rubbed her eyes. She was very happy about Qingxues position in Ye Mos heart, yet now, she couldn't turn back things to how they were even if she wanted to.

Ye Mos heart was burning like a wildfire. He simply wanted to immediately get to the scene, but he couldnt act up in front of them, so he could only ask calmly, "Werent you fine already? After they let you out, did you not call Qingxue?"

Lan Yu was dazed, replying subconsciously, "I called, but when I did, Qingxue was already on the plane. What do you mean that I was fine? How do you know that they let me go? Did you also help me in the States?"

Lan Yu immediately realized something: if not for Ye Mos help, how could she leave so fast?

Ye Mo waved his hand, "That's inconsequential here. You guys just manage your company and leave finding Qingxue up to me."

"I'm sorry, Ye Mo. I was a bad mother back then, I apologize." Lan Yu stood up and said to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo had already walked out of the room. He couldnt even reply to Lan Yu. To him, it was something that had already happened, apologies didnt matter.

"Brother, how did you accomplish our company getting chosen?" looking at Ye Mos disappearing figure, Ning Zhongfei quickly asked.

Ye Mo had already left and even if he had heard, he wouldnt come back just to answer this question.

Lan Yu rolled her eyes. Ning Zhongfei was a peculiar one for calling his son-in-law 'brother'.

But someone did answer Ning Zhongfei. Luo Fei looked in Ye Mo's direction and sighed, "Because -hes the boss of Luo Yue."

Luo Fei could see how much Ye Mo cared for Ning Qingxue. What about her little sister? Ning Qingxue was so extraordinary that she didnt know if her junior martial sister could win over her.

"What? Hes the big boss of Luo Yue?" Ning Zhongfei, Lan Yu and Li Mumei almost all screamed at the same time. This answer was too unexpected.

But it was this answer that made them all comprehend why Fei Yu, who had no competitive power to speak of, had been chosen.

They had such a powerful son-in-law, yet they still shamelessly went to ask other US companies to cooperate with them.

Ning Zhongfei glanced at his wife. It was the first time that he was unhappy with her. If it werent for her, there wouldnt have been so many problems. If she hadnt objected to Ye Mo helping Ning Qingxue recover her memories, they wouldve long since known that Ye Mo was the boss of Fei Yu, without having to go to the US, eventually causing so much trouble.

Lan Yu looked down. She felt she had really done things poorly this time, too poorly. Not only did she not explain things when Ning Qingxue had misunderstood Ye Mo, she also made things worse by telling her to avoid him. But look at how magnanimous Ye Mo was! He still came here and didn't even talk to her in any bad way.

Lan Yu felt extremely guilty. Her husband had long ago said that Qingxue had to make her own decisions.

Of course Ye Mo didnt blame Lan Yu, he didnt have the time to anyway. Not to mention, Ning Qingxue was Lan Yu's daughter after all. He was going to check the jet's trajectory and search along its route.


At this moment, Ye Mo appeared in Hong Kong, Western Sands land. He had come to find Jiao Bianyi. For some things, he needed the help of the local snake.

Jiao Bianyi didnt expect Ye Mo would ever come to his land, his private manor no less. Luckily he was here today. Otherwise, if his men were to take Ye Mo lightly, that would be it for him. Last time, when Shuai She met Ye Mo at San Ya, Shuai She proved his keen eyes and was praised greatly by Jiao Bianyi.

"Qianbei, I hadn't expected I'd get to be honored by your great arrival today, no wonder the peacock kept chirping." Jiao Bianyi showed respect on his face as best he could.

Ye Mo knew that these people were afraid of him, but he didnt care. This was how the world worked. He nodded, "Gang Leader Jiao, I actually need your help today. I will wait at your place, while you please gather all of the friends in the mafia you know here, because theres something I need to ask."

Jiao Bianyis heart skipped. Nan Qing and Metal River was in a state of decline, and his Western Sand had gradually become the mob overlord in Hong Kong. What he feared the most was that someone had offended Ye Mo and pissed him off.

Although Jiao Bianyis Western Sand was the biggest gang, it wasnt to the degree where he could order everyone around. Thus the letter he sent out was, 'Ye-Qianbei is at Western Sands Bamboo Night private manor, calling for all friends in the business, with something to ask. Those who dont come may imagine the consequences.'

If it was somewhere else, people might not know the words Ye-Qianbei, but in Hong Kong, everyone knew. It was at the Bamboo Night manor that Ye Mo annihilated Da Tang. Furthermore, Zuo Yue hadnt listened to Ye-Qianbeis words, and three days later, someone found his body in Thailand.

In Hong Kong, you can fight Western Sand, but you cant fight Ye-Qianbei. It was also rumored that Earth Fiend had been annihilated by Ye Mo. Since he could destroy even a behemoth like Earth Fiend, who would still have the guts to offend Ye-Qianbei?

With this letter sent out, in less than two hours, all of the Hong Kong gangs' big bosses had gathered.

No one dared so much as make a loud noise in front of Ye Mo. They all bowed to Ye Mo and found a place to sit.

Soon, the scene was full. There was nearly a hundred people here, yet the place was dead silent. They were all waiting uneasily for Ye Mo to start talking, not knowing who this Qianbei was out to kill.

Ye Mo nodded satisfactorily, seeing all these people appear in such a short time. Even Metal Mountain had come, but having a look at Metal River, he didnt seem to be doing well recently.

"I express my apologies for interrupting everyone today. The truth is, I need all of your help today."

"Ye-Qianbei, if theres anything you need just tell me. I, Jiao Bianyi will do all that I can. To me, its an honor to be able to help Qianbei," Jiao Bianyi stood up and said.

"Yes, Ye-Qianbei, although my Yi Gang is small, I wouldnt dare lag behind in helping Qianbei," another ferocious youth stood up, saluting with his fist.

With these few people talking, the rest also started vowing similar things.

Ye Mo knew that the reason everyone was acting like this wasnt because they respected him, but because they feared him. If he wanted them to give it their all while helping him, he would have to promiss them something they wanted.

Ye Mo waved his hand and after the noise quietened down he said slowly, "A few days ago, a plane from Hong Kong to San Francisco went missing. I believe everyone knows."

So it was this! After Ye Mo had introduced the case, everyone breathed easy and went on to answer. Too many people were investigating this thing.

Ye Mo continued, "My wife Ning Qingxue was on this plane, so I need you guys to investigate for me who got on it. Best if you manage to find out their motives as well."

Ye Mo knew that there were a lot of things which the government couldnt find out that these mobsters could.

Hearing Ye Mos words, they started chattering. No wonder Ye-Qianbei called all of them out; his wife had been on the plane.

After they quieted down, Ye Mo spoke further, "Of course, I am not asking for your help for free. I will also be giving some rewards."
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