Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 399

Chapter 399: Exerting Dominance

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Hearing about a possible reward, everyone at the scene fell into silence. Who was Ye Mo? His reward wouldn't be anything to scoff at. Would it be money or something else?

Ye Mo scanned everyone at the scene and said plainly, "Although everyone here has learnt some martial arts already, I believe all of you also understand that theres no ending to martial arts. Yellow level is only the beginning, yet I see that out of everyone here, there are still only three people at that level. Most of you must know that one can reach yellow level only by cultivating ancient martial arts. These ancient martial arts, however, are not passed on easily."

As Ye Mo spoke until there, the scene started rustling. Ye Mo was becoming more and more mysterious in everyones heart. He could even see through everyone's level of power! This was too scary. They wondered who those people that had reached yellow level were. But, since Ye Mo didnt tell, no one dared ask either.

Although those 'ancient martial arts' were nothing but a legend, most people at the scene knew that those reaching yellow level could still be considered true martial artists. But it wasn't an easy thing to reach yellow level. Those who did pretty much all belonged to big sects.

Ye Mo scanned everyone and took out a pill, placing it on the table, "This pill is called a Chi Increasing Pill. Regardless of whether or not you have learnt ancient martial arts, one pill is enough for you to reach yellow level. If you are already at the yellow level, it can allow you to ascend at least one stage and even help you reach black level-"

Rumble -the scene erupted. A pill that could let you reach yellow level instantaneously! This was too enticing, too absurd. As for some black level, that was ignored. People rarely knew that it existed and had no concept of it.

But Metal Mountain did know, so he was even more shocked. Daoist Xian had been black level. And even Nan Qing hadnt dared mess with him! He understood how terrifying the notion of a black level warrior was.

If you reached yellow level, then even without a gang, you could roam anywhere you liked.

If Ye Mo wasn't the person the pill was in front of, people wouldve already started robbing.

Nonetheless, some people couldnt control the desire in their heart any longer. Some big brother of a small gang charged out of his seat, grabbing at the bottle.

He thought that no matter how strong Ye Mo was, he would surely manage to snatch it he did it unexpectedly. Afterwards, he would charge out and run away even if it meant leaving Hong Kong immediately.

Someone had the guts to rob Ye-Qianbeis belongings? Those who knew how strong Ye Mo was were dazed. Was there such a person that didnt want to live?

Ye Mo sneered. He didnt expect there to really be someone who wished to die. He waved his hand and the guy was smacked to the corner. Before he could react, a fireball flew out on top of it.

The man was covered by the fireball in an instant yet didnt die immediately.

Everyone looked at this scene in horror. If they werent seeing this with their own eyes, they'd think this was a movie.

The man kept howling in the fireball, but everyone could only see his face without being able to hear his cries.

The scene was so quiet that even the drop of a needle could be heard. After a while, the fireball disappeared, and only a few flicks of ashes fell from it, with nothing else remaining.

Ye Mo scanned everyone else and said coldly, "This was the first time, so Ill let it go like this. If theres a second time, I wont be so kind."

He was exerting his dominance. These people were scattered and unorganized. Although a lot of people had shown up, those who really understood his power and obeyed him were not many.

Everyone started sweating. At this moment, they realized this Ye-Qianbei wasn't that easy to talk to at all. He had just turned a person into dust, and that was called his 'kind' punishment? What would the hard punishment be like? Moreover, look at how absurdly strong he was! Can you really achieve this if you cultivate ancient martial arts to a very high extent?

Moving on Ye Mo said plainly, "To anyone who can provide me with the answer to my questions, and Im happy with the answer, I will give a Chi Increasing Pill. If ten people show me results I like, I will give ten. No matter what level youre at, I can make you increase it."

The scene burst into an uproar again. Everyone had already forgotten the man who had been burned by Ye Mo. They all just hoped for luck to be on their side. Some people were already raring to go back and send their gangs out investigating.

"Qianbei, what if both people have the same result? How is the reward given then?" someone asked.

Ye Mo looked at him and spoke slowly, "Whoever does it more carefully, and whoever proves more useful to me, that person will be given the reward. Alright then, todays meeting ends here. The time for the investigation will be one day. Ill be waiting here tomorrow at this time and will judge whose info is useful and whose isn't. If someone dares play any tricks, I dont mind letting you follow Earth Fiend to disappear from this world."

Ye Mos voice grew cold at the end; he needed to make these people fear him. There was no use in trying to reason with them. Power was the strongest reasoning he could use. And since he couldnt afford too much time, he was only able to give them one day.

Ye Mos words once again made them shiver. Right, Earth Fiend had been annihilated by Ye-Qianbei. Everyone knew how cocky and powerful Earth Fiend had been. They had the right to offend anyone they wanted, yet precisely Earth Fiend, this kind of organization, was pulled up by its roots by Ye-Qianbei.

Those who had been thinking about playing some little tricks immediately gave up the thought.

After leaving, Ye Mo went to the airport in order to check up on some things for himself.


Ye Mo was visiting the half-mountain mansion again to see Mo Kang.

Mo Kang was a good person and when he first started up his company, Mo Kang had given him a lot of support, even throwing in a couple hundred million. Ye Mo was very grateful, so he used the spare time he had to come visit Mo Kang.

The first time Ye Mo had come to treat him, there had been heavy security. But now, Ye Mo felt like it was very empty. He walked through the mansion, and not a single person was there to stop him.

thus, Ye Mo scanned further in using his spirit sense; twenty or so people looking like security guards were kneeling on the lawn with their heads down.

Had Mo Kang encountered some problem? Those people had been protecting his mansion; why was he doing this?

Ye Mo went in and realized that they had had their meridians sealed, and it had been a few hours already.

Mo Kang and Mo Ping were sitting obediently in the living room. The maids and servants were standing shakily in the backyard. No one dared to move.

A man and woman were sitting in front of Mo Kang and Mo Ping. Ye Mo knew who that woman was. Her name was Xia Ziwei, and she had been here last time when he came to treat Mo Kang.

Xia Ziwei was the sister of the girl Mo Kang liked, Xia Rou. He had told Mo Kang not to show that he was healthy in front of Xia Ziwei, so why was she here today?

Ye Mo didnt know the other man but could tell that the guy was at yellow level tertiary stage. He had good looks and was very tall. Yet he was obviously tired out; a lustful person it would seem.

Did these two do it?

Ye Mo walked in, suddenly startling the people inside. They all looked up at Ye Mo.

"Doctor Ye, why are you here?!" Mo Kang and Mo Ping called out at the same time.

"Its you?" Xia Ziwei also stood up and looked at Ye Mo in vigilance and anger. Ye Mo had shattered her bone with a kick last time, and she still remembered it clearly.

Ye Mo scanned her coldly and walked to Mo Kang, asking, "Brother Mo, what is this?"

Mo Kang looked fearfully at Xia Ziwei and the man standing next to her, uttering worriedly, "Doctor Ye, this is a private matter. Go back for now, and after Im done with this, I'll come visit you."
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