Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 4

Chapter 4: First Customer

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Ye Mo didnt even get the chance to say that the close to level 1 mind-clearing charm was actually sold for 20,000 dollars before already being called psychotic; however, he wasnt disappointed. After all, his charms could only be sold to those who could recognize their worth, only those with keen eyes could see that his charms carried a sliver of spiritual Chi.

But what made Ye Mo disappointed was that he had already set up his stall for five days in a row, and even if there were quite a lot of people who were asking, he hadnt been able to sell even one. More so, his charm stall had already become famous in the Sea Treasure Garden because of his charms sold for 10,000 a sheet.

Many people didnt come to buy the charms but instead to see what a 10,000 dollars charm looked like. Ye Mos stall also became a big joke in the Sea Treasure Garden. Other peoples charms were all A4 sized, but his charm was only the size of a palm, some were even only half the size of a palm. There had never been a stall that sold charms for over 10,000 dollars and non-negotiable. This way, it was hard for him not to become famous.

On the 9th day, Ye Mo was beginning to give up. He was already certain that there was no one here that could recognize the worth of his products. Only he knew that these charms were worth more than 10,000, even 100,000 wouldnt be expensive for it. However, it was pointless as the talent amongst the charm makers could not be recognized.

Ye Mo decided today was the last day. If no one bought his charms today, he would go to a labor market and find a job first. Otherwise, he would not even be able to eat. Peoples interests in his stall were not long-lasting. Although Ye Mos 10,000 dollar charm was mocked for many days, their interest in him had already died.

Jingwen, this place is full of people who sell fake medicine. Its where people who believe the mystical come. You have already bought enough magical relics, I think you should stop. I already contacted a brain hospital in France which is said to be very famous. Why dont we transfer your mother to that hospital for treatment? The one speaking was a tall and handsome man.

The woman was also quite tall, she had a cold face and an upper-class temperament, and her skin was white. She was breathtaking; indeed, Yan Yan in his class wasnt bad but was incomparable to this woman. Ye Mo really couldnt understand how the previous soul of his body had such low standards, being interested in women like Yan Yan.

However, this attractive woman looked frigid and seemed to be troubled by the look of her brows. Hearing the words of this handsome man, this woman called Jing Wen furrowed her brows even further. It was not that she didnt want her mother to go to the hospital, but in the past three years, she already took her mother across six medically-developed countries and had been to tens of hospitals. However, there was no progress on her mothers condition at all.

Wang Peng, I didnt ask you to come with me. You came yourself. Has my mom not been to enough hospitals lately? You recommended 5 or 6 as well but to no avail. If you dont have the patience, you can leave if you want. This womans tone was curt and unfeeling and, clearly, she didnt have a good impression of the handsome man beside her.

The other woman looked very soldierly, she only followed closely the woman called Jing Wen without speaking at all, and by the looks of it, also seemed to be her bodyguard. Ye Mo found it funny that this Wang Peng was a unique one, he actually managed to impart such useless information so many times. But wait the woman said that her mother was unconscious for 3 years, so by the looks of it, her mother was probably in a vegetative state.

By then, Ye Mo realized that his almost level 1 mind clearing charm should be able to wake her up. Thinking about this, he immediately started to promote: Charms for sale! Possessed, vegetative states or impaired bodies, one of my charms will be effective, two of them can even bring a complete recovery.

Ye Mo said this on purpose of course. His purpose was to see if he could do business with this pretty lady. If this woman could afford to visit multiple different countries, this definitely meant that she was wealthy. She wouldnt mind parting with 10 or 20 grand.

The troubled Su Jingwen heard that there was a charm that could cure vegetables and immediately felt as if she had heard heavenly music. She didnt even think before coming to Ye Mos stall.

May I ask, can you charms cure someone in a vegetative state? Su Jingwens voice was shaking, it was like a drowning person who grabbed a log. She was very tense. Ye Mo smiled calmly and thought, if his level 1 charm couldnt even cure an unconscious mortal, then nothing could. But this business came because of his spruiking. Of course he wanted to complete this business; otherwise, he would have spruiked for no reason, so when this pretty woman asked, he hurriedly said: Of course, my charms can cure someone with only one breath remaining, much less someone in a vegetative state. They are passed down from my ancestor

Ye Mo was going to continue to conjure bullsh*t, but the lovely lady interrupted him and asked desperately: My mother is in a vegetative state and I wish to wake her up. What charm do I need?

Ye Mo nodded and thought to himself that he already knew the answer; otherwise, he wouldnt call her over. He made a contemplative and intense face and said, This is simple, you only need to buy a spirit cleansing charm. I have two spirit cleansing charms. The high-quality one is 20,000, the common one is 10,000, and it is non-negotiable!

What, you cheater, how dare you swindle people on the streets! Im calling the police immediately! Hearing that two charms made out of Huang Biao were being sold for 30,000 dollars, this handsome guy named Wang Peng immediately became enraged, he pointed at Ye Mos nose and swore.

Ye Mo slapped Wang Pengs hand to the side and gripped his hand sneakily so that Wang Peng would be unable to use his arm in the future. It wouldnt be seen now, but later on, when Wang Pengs hand would tense, his wrist would dislocate.

Ye Mos movements were completed in one swift motion. Other people couldnt tell except for the soldierly looking woman who followed Su Jingwen and saw this. A glimmer of shock flashed across her eyes, but she immediately went back to her usual calm expression.

Kicking Wang Pengs hand to the side, Ye Mo spoke coldly: I didnt make you buy it, what a joke, p*ss off, Im doing business here so dont interfere with me!

How dare you Wang Pengs was so furious, but before he could finish, he was stopped by the cold looking woman.

Wang Peng, please move aside, I dont need you to follow behind us, Su Jingwen said coldly to Wang Peng and then turned to Ye Mo saying apologetically: Sorry, master, this person is only walking with us and dont represent my intentions.

Jingwen, this person suspiciously covered his face and sells this palm-sized yellow paper for 10,000, it is so obvious that hes lying. Tens of thousands of dollar is a small matter but what if something happens to your mother? Wang Peng still wanted to persuade her, but Su Jingwens complexion turned cold. It was evident that she was getting impatient.
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