Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Making Money Seems To Be Really Easy

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
When Ye Mo was dragging the two bodies into the forest, he searched them but didnt find anything good; only around 1000 dollars cash on the bodies. As for their card, Ye Mo didnt want it at all. However, that knife seemed passable and looked very sharp, so Ye Mo took it as a trophy.

With a few fireball techniques, he burned these two into a black ball of crisp but couldnt burn them completely into nothingness. Ye Mo sighed, his fireball technique was too low caliber. If he were at the 3rd stage, one fireball would have been enough to make them completely disappear.

With a casual movement of his palm, he made a big pit and kicked the two bodies inside; then, he used another palm to push some dirt in. He had never buried the people that he had killed; however, this time he received a few thousand dollars to do it, so he might as well act like a hired laborer.

After Ye Mo had taken care of these two robbers, he didnt go back and instead went straight to the mountains.

You, wait up The woman waited awhile at the road, but since she still didnt see Ye Mo come back, she immediately ran into the forest and found that Ye Mo actually went farther in. She was barely able to see his back, and if she had been a little slower, Ye Mo would have probably been nowhere to be seen already.

Ye Mo heard the womans yell and stopped. Seeing him stop, the woman was really shocked. In her eyes, Ye Mo left because he was scared of her; therefore, when he heard her voice, he shouldve run as fast as possible; however, he actually stopped. She wanted to believe Ye Mo stopped because he was scared of her, but she knew that Ye Mo wasnt; he didnt seem scared in the slightest.

Youre not afraid of me? the woman walked up to Ye Mo and asked. Ye Mo pulled the bag on this shoulders and smiled plainly: Are you going to kill me?

No, you didnt offend me, I dont like killing people. The woman subconsciously shook her head.

Oh, since you wont kill me, why should I be scared? Ye Mo asked as if things seemed weird for him. The woman looked at Ye Mo again; he was an ordinary youth that was decent-looking, and looked clean and white. He wore tidy clothes and even looked like a student. He was probably only a little over 20 and didnt give her any signal of danger. She had escaped from death countless times, which left her with an unerring, natural instinct about people's strengths close to her own, and obviously, Ye Mo wasnt.

You are very bold, but if youre not scared of me, why are you running into the mountain?

This mountain is your home? Cant I go inside?


This woman fumbled for words, although Ye Mos words were a bit aggressive, she didnt get angry. Instead, she smiled: Okay, youre right. Lets get to know each other. Im Wen Dong, Wen for hearing, Dong for winter.

Ye Mo, Ye Mo simply said his name. He didnt know what this woman he didnt know wanted with him.

Do you know why I called to you and wanted to get to know you? Wen Dong asked. However, she didnt wait for Ye Mo to answer and just said herself, Its because I approve of you. You also saw just then, Im not an ordinary person. If you want, I can introduce a master to you.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, No need to introduce a master If you dont have anything else, Im going.

Dont be in such a hurry, looks like you dont know how strong the most powerful people in this world can get. In that case, well talk about finding a master for you later. I have a business to do right now. Are you interested in going with me? Of course, the remuneration is much more than burying two trashes, the woman didnt mind Ye Mo rejecting her goodwill and continued to talk slowly.

Remuneration? Ye Mo thought that helping this woman to take care of two trashes earned him a few thousand dollars and, since he needed money right now, if this woman could give him even more, then it wouldnt matter too much if he helped her out a bit more. Besides, he was already at the 2nd stage of Chi Gathering now, so he wasnt scared that this woman would try something to him. The most important thing for him was that, when he started to cultivate again, he wouldnt have the time to earn money.

Tell me, what is it about, and how much payment? Ye Mo cared about how much he was paid the most. With enough money, he wouldnt have to worry about a lot of money-related things.

Wen Dong didnt answer directly and instead said, If you walk north from here, in approximately 10 kilometers, theres a road that goes straight to a tourist spot in the Xiang Shan Valley. In a small hotel at the tourist spot, I have two cases there, then you just need to help me carry them and come with me to fulfill the business deal.

Relax, with me here, youll be very safe. At that time, you just need to give the cases and dont need to say anything. As for payment, Ill give you 50 thousand dollars, how about it?

50k for just carrying a case? This money was too easy to earn. Ye Mo wanted to go since he only earned a little more than ten thousand after arduously selling charms and treating diseases under those special opportunities. As for Wen Dong tricking him, he wasnt afraid of it, at all, as he didnt believe that there was someone capable of killing him and, even if they were stronger than him, no one could stop him if he wanted to go.

Fine, Ill do it, but we cant go too far. I still need to go somewhere else, Ye Mo nodded and agreed without a second thought. Wen Dong nodded, seeing Ye Mos confidence, she said, Not bad, youre a quick decision maker, someone who can do big things. I like this! The place I am going for the deal is only a few hours by road. Perhaps, after the deal is done, there wouldnt be anything that would bother you for a minute.

Seeing that Ye Mo didnt talk anymore, Wen Dong also didnt talk and started to lead the way. Although it was the mountain ranges here, Wen Dong was strangely light-stepped and didnt seem to struggle at all. She was afraid that Ye Mo couldnt keep up and intentionally traveled slowly. However, she discovered that Ye Mos stamina was really good, and he didnt have any signs of having trouble to keep up with her which surprised her. If it wasnt that Ye Mo didnt look like someone who practiced martial arts and for his elegant long white hands, Wen Dong would probably have suspected Ye Mo to be in the same field as her.

Wen Dongs predictions were correct. After they had walked in the mountain for only around an hour or so, they saw another mountain road in front of them. This road was obviously more popular than the road where they got off; at least they could see a car coming every so often. Wen Dong and Ye Mo didnt wait long before stopping a bus heading towards Xiang Shan Valley.

Xiang Shan Valley was Chinas famous tourist spot. Its fame was equal with the five Yue Mountains. However, due to tourists going missing each year, and the high rate of accidents on the mountain roads, its popularity was far lesser than the five great Yue Mountains and some other famous mountains.

As soon as Ye Mo arrived at the Xiang Shan Valley, he immediately felt that the spirit Chi here was much greater than in Ning Hai. If this place werent too close to Ning Hai, he even would have wanted to stay here and cultivate. The bus stopped at a parking place half way up the mountain. Wen Dong told him to wait here while she got the stuff, and Ye Mo didnt wait long before Wen Dong drove a car over.

I have the thing, get in the car, lets go, Weng Dong stopped the car in front of Ye Mo and said casually. Although Ye Mos spirit sense could only reach out to 5 or 6 meters, it was enough to check this car. He scanned with his spirit sense and didnt find anything wrong with it, except for two extra cases on the back seat.

Ye Mo opened the door and sat in the back seat while his spirit sense scanned the box. One of them had an assault rifle. Ye Mo didnt have a good understanding of guns and didnt know what model gun this was, but it looked a bit like the AK series. The other box had a stack of information and a very strange model.

Wen Dong was very happy with Ye Mo sitting at the back without question. However, she was also wondering if Ye Mos attitude was because he was usually this bold or if he had simply not seen enough of the world. If it was that he hadnt experienced enough, then what would happen if he made some embarrassing moves? Thinking about this, Wen Dong said, Ye Mo, later when we go in, if there are people staring at us on the side, you dont need to worry. You just need to listen to my instructions and give them the case.

I know. Ye Mo thought that they were probably exchanging the box with that model and a stack of information. Since Wen Dong was so calm, it meant that there was no danger. Besides, even if there were, he, Ye Mo, wouldnt be scared, and after this deal, he could cultivate feeling relieved.
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