Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 402

Chapter 402: Great Name

Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter
"Ye Mo, Shle Mo, whatever. Do I look like I ca- Ye Mo? You say youre Ye Mo?!" Zhang Feng suddenly stopped his rage and looked at Ye Mo in shock.

Only at this moment did he realize that this man had caught his flying needle. He knew all too well how hard it was to catch it barehanded, moreover when he made a surprise attack.

Due to his rage, he had neglected that fact. Now that Ye Mo said what his name was, Zhang Feng was stupefied. Plus with the stories of Ye Mo circulating in the hidden sects, he suddenly felt scared.

If this Ye Mo was the Ye Mo that had annihilated a couple of sects, then this would be the end of him, no, of his entire Hong Martial Sect. Ye Mo was able to make He Liu Sect and Dian Cang close up. It would be all too easy for him to eradicate the far inferior Hong Martial Sect.

Zhang Feng suddenly realized that the more hidden sects went to investigate Luo Yue, the less of them wanted it. This was a very eerie thing. Not to mention, considering what they had found out already, combined with Ye Mos words just then, he would be a pig if he still didnt comprehend that Ye Mo was related to Luo Yue.

Zhang Feng started feeling cold sweat. He hated himself for sending a moron to investigate Luo Yue who couldnt even find out that Ye Mo was behind Luo Yue.

The people he sent out were all arrogant; why would they care who was behind some mortal world pharmaceutical company? They just cared about the recipe. If it wasn't out of concern that other hidden sects would criticize him for breaking the rules, perhaps his men wouldve straight-up interrogated them for the recipe.

Compared to offending Ye Mo, Xia Rou wasnt even a problem.

"Might you be the Ye Mo-Qianbei that hails from the Beijing Ye family?" Zhang Feng suddenly became very respectful. He was sure that this Ye Mo had to be the Ye Mo of that Ye family.

Whether it was true that he had slaughtered the elites of the two big sects or not, what mattered was that he had been able to catch his needle with his bare hands.

Ye Mo sneered, "Are you implying that if I'm not that Ye Mo, then you can kill all you want?"

Zhang Fengs bulky face immediately started to sweat. He knew that one misstep and his entire sect would be annihilated. Although he was cocky, he wasnt cocky to the point as to think of himself as an even match with Wu Dao. On top of that, Dian Cang and He Liu had been massacred by Ye Mo, yet they didnt dare make a noise. At the same time, the people from these sects who could kill him were all too many.

Now that Ye Mos voice had turned icy, how could he not notice that Ye Mo had killing intent. He quickly bowed and said, "Ye-Qianbei, I apologize for my intrusion; Im willing to accept punishment. Its not only my sect that went to investigate Luo Yue, tens of other sects went as well, and there are still people there. Im willing to provide Qianbei with intelligence as to which sects are investigating your business and will gladly compensate for Qianbeis losses."

Ye Mo flicked the needle in his hand. Zhang Feng didnt even have time to react before he felt the pain in his chest. He quickly knew that the needle had gone inside his body.

"Brother Mo, this person who stole your wife is yours to deal with now," Ye Mo looked at Mo Kang and Xia Rou who were dumbfounded.

Mo Kang knew Ye Mo was powerful. Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to subjugate Zhang Jue and Xia Ziwei, but he didnt expect Ye Mo to be powerful to this extent. Zhang Feng was a top 3 master in Hong Martial Sect, but he couldnt so much as defend himself against Ye Mo.

Xia Rou was also at a loss. She didnt expect Mo Kang to be capable of meeting such a powerful friend. She made Zhang Feng bring her here, planning on not living another day, yet reality far exceeded her expectations. Not only would they both be able to continue living, they could do whatever they wanted to Zhang Feng.

This Brother Ye was too absurd. Xia Rou had been imprisoned, so she didnt know about Ye Mos rampage in the hidden sects.

But Zhang Jue and Xia Ziwei were completely shocked. Who was Ye Mo? He was the currently most discussed person in the hidden sects. 'All hidden sect members training in the mortal world must avoid Ye Mo,' had become as if a written rule of the hidden sects.

This legendary being didnt originate from the hidden sects. He was just an abandoned son not that long ago, yet today, they had seen and fought with this legendary person. No, to be exact, they had just been kicked away.

Beams flashed across Xia Ziwei's eyes. Firstly, she felt surprised that the famous Ye Mo was so young, and secondly, she felt that this was how life should be. Just an "I am Ye Mo" could make a top dog like Zhang Feng be so scared.

Suddenly, Xia Ziwei no longer felt any hatred for Ye Mo.

She wouldnt have the balls to demand revenge from Ye Mo even if she had a hundred of them. His madness was much talked about in the hidden sects. It was rumored that hes already a great heaven master, so no one dared to irritate him.

Xia Ziwei looked at Mo Kang thinking this guy sure was lucky. He was acquainted to Ye Mo, who not only cured his illness but also helped him catch Zhang Feng.

"Zhang Feng, I wanted to kill you many years ago, but I couldnt beat you. You took my wife and obstructed me for decades. I know that I could never be a match for you in my entire life and that you must be unwilling to die like this, but I have a good brother. I will kill you personally today to get revenge for taking my wife." Veins were popping out of Mo Kangs forehead.

Zhang Fengs wore a lifeless expression. He couldn't use a single bit of inner qi. He didnt expect he'd have to live the hero life and die here, by the hands of someone who had never learnt ancient martial arts. He remained unwilling, yet couldnt do anything.

"Ye-Qianbei, we wish to work under you." The two black level guys guarding Xia Rou understood that things were over. If they didnt pick the right timing, perhaps after Zhang Feng's death, they would be next.

Ye Mo sneered, "Oh? If you want to live, then pay the price."

The younger man nodded, "Im willing to kill Zhang Feng as a sign of my loyalty."

The other man quickly agreed as well.

Ye Mo sneered but didnt disagree.

The two hurried before Mo Kang and pulled out a sword each.

Zhang Feng not only died due to Mo Kang, but even due to his own two men.

After seeing them kill Zhang Feng, Ye Mo still didnt say anything, so they rushed in front of Zhang Jue and also killed him. Then, they knelt before Ye Mo, waiting for his judgement.

Such disloyal men. Ye Mo sneered; he wouldnt need these people's help. They could betray Zhang Feng, then they could betray him. But he could leave them to do things for him as long as they were under his control.

Mo Kang didnt cultivate ancient martial arts and wasnt that fast. By the time he reacted, those two had already killed Zhang Feng and Zhang Que.

Xia Rou pulled back Mo Kang who was about to go rampant and shook her head, "Although he imprisoned me, he didnt mistreat me too much. Dont harass his body."

"Okay." Mo Kang listened to Xia Rou's every word.

Xia Rou uttered weakly, "Brother Kang, I thought I could die with you this time but, but..."

It was as though she felt bad for not dying.

Mo Kang quickly comforted, "Xia Rou, why are you feeling bad? Brother Ye has given me this chance, I will make things up to you. Just live with me in this mansion from now on."

Xia Rou shook her head, "No..." she hesitated for a long time but eventually couldnt speak up.

Mo Kang said, "Dont think about it too much. We can live here, and no one will dare to do anything thanks to Brother Ye."

Ye Mo didnt look at the two kneeling before him. He was also wondering, 'Since the two have met and all the trouble has passed, why is she still like that? Did she not like the idea of living with Mo Kang?'

Xia Ziwei sneered, "Hmph, Mo Kang how can you still call yourself a man. My sister is worried that you wont like her after she's been living with Zhang Feng for decades. Thats why she said that. Idiot!"

Ye Mo saw that Xia Rous face immediately went pale, proving Xia Ziwei was right. He didnt expect Xia Rou to take it that seriously. Ye Mo came from Luo Yue continent, where the women took fidelity seriously. After arriving here, he'd realized that a lot of girls didnt care. Hence, he didnt expect Xia Rou to care. Just by this trait alone, Ye Mo had a different opinion of Xia Rou.

Mo Kang laughed, "As long as I can live with Xia Rou, the heavens have been good to me. To me, Xia Rous safety is the most important."
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