Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 404

Chapter 404: Clue

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"What is it?" Ye Mo looked at Xia Ziwei. She was a meticulous person in his opinion, so what she wanted to say would surely matter to him.

Xia Ziwei organized her thoughts and recounted, "Three years ago, I was sending Mo Kang back, and because it was far away, Mo Kang called a helicopter over. When we neared the fishing island next to Hong Kong, I saw a civilian jet being a bit shaky as it almost fell into the ocean. But soon it seemed under control again, hence I didnt mind it much. But two days later, I saw on the Hong Kong news that a plane flying from Australia to Korea had gone missing.

At the time, I guessed it was probably that plane I had seen, but I didnt really care about it then. Now when I heard Mo Kang say that a plane from Hong Kong to San Francisco had also gone missing, It made me wonder - could it be because of the same people?"

Xia Ziwei was also very curious. Ye Mos wife had actually been on the missing plane. Also, Ye Mo had married a mortal woman! She wondered what this girl would be like; she could even make someone like Ye Mo, famous among all the hidden sects, fall in love with her.

Hearing Xia Ziweis words, Ye Mo frowned. These two events might actually be linked.

"Do you remember anything else from that time?" Ye Mo asked.

Xia Ziwei shook her head, "Not really."

Ye Mo knew that for someone from the hidden sects, even if World War III were to break out, they wouldnt care about it, much less about some plane going missing. Ye Mo spoke to Mo Kang, "Brother Mo, Im going to investigate it. If Mo Ping has some news for me then tell me, if not, never mind."

Watching as Ye Mo left, Xia Rou sighed. If Mo Kang hadnt known a magical person like Ye Mo, they would've been over today. She knew all too well what Zhang Feng would have done.

"That Ye Mo is really that strong?" Xia Rou subconsciously muttered.

Xia Ziwei replied, "He isn't merely 'strong'; I was just casually kicked twice, but the rumors say that he can kill earth levels like chickens. I also heard about the He Liu Sect which tried to rob him of his blood coral that not only did Ye Mo kill everyone who participated, those who sought revenge on the Beijing Ye family also all died. Out of the fear that Ye Mo would try to get revenge on them they even sealed their sect."

Mo Kang nodded and continued, "At that time, Brother Ye came to this place and cured me of my disease. I already knew back then that Brother Ye was a person of significance. And now, he has indeed become a dragon. Just seeing Zhang Feng, this bastard, acting like a coward in front of him made me feel good."

"Mhm," For the first time, Xia Ziwei agreed to Mo Kangs words. She said, "His Luo Yue is very incredible too. I heard of the effects of the beauty pill; you can tell by the pill he gave out today that hes a pill master. However, the beauty pill is too short on supply. I wanted to buy a few bottles last time but wasnt able to."

Mo Kang waved his hand, "Of course Brother Ye is amazing. Before his Luo Yue had even started up, I invested 200 million. All I really wanted to do was to repay him for saving my life. I gave him a small creek, yet he gave me back an ocean. Now, Mo Family Corporation is a partner of Luo Yue. If other people knew of this, they would be willing to invest even 2 billion."

For the first time, Xia Ziwei didnt look at Mo Kang contemptuously. She felt that Mo Kang had a pretty keen eye for judging people. Thinking that he was a partner of Luo Yue now, Xia Ziwei for the first time spoke to him nicely as she asked, "Then, could you get some beauty pills?"

Mo Kang looked at Xia Ziwei in dissatisfaction, "Im the CEO of Mo Family Corporation; our corporation partners with Luo Yue. So, do you think I can get my hands on some beauty pills or not? I can get a few hundred bottles, much less a few."

"Really?" Xia Ziwei had a surprised and joyful look and quickly called out, "Brother-in-law, you must help me get some!" She didnt even realize the change in title.

Hearing her sister call Mo Kang 'brother-in-law', Xia Rou looked at Mo Kang softly. Although they had experienced so many years of hardship, she had chosen the right person. He was a man worth loving.


Ye Mo had been in Hong Kong a few times but wasnt really familiar with the place. Each time he came here he had had a clear purpose.

Ye Mo remembered Uncle Peis rice noodle shop, which had cost him his life because of the Da Tang people. Although Ye Mo had annihilated Da Tang, Uncle Pei could never live again. So this time, Ye Mo wanted to check out his shop and reminisce about the man. At the same time, he wanted to see if he could find some clues in the most chaotic place of Hong Kong. If not, he would just go to the airline company.

Miao Pu was indeed the most chaotic place in all of Hong Kong. As soon as Ye Mo got there, there was a youth with his body full of blood charging out with two men with hacking swords chasing behind him.

It was obvious they wanted the youths life.

Ye Mo shook his head. By the time the police would be here, the youth would already be dead.

Of course, Ye Mo wouldnt care about such a thing. He just walked towards the streets of Miao Pu but showed no intention of moving aside. Many onlookers looked at Ye Mo as though he was an idiot. In Miao Pu, fights happened every 3 to 5 days. Normal people would all dodge away. It wouldnt affect you normally, but if you were an obstacle to their fight, then no matter what, there was always a chance they would get mad at you.

"Ye-Qianbei, save me!" this youth suddenly stopped in front of Ye Mo and bowed down asking for Ye Mo to save him.

Ye Mo looked at this youth who had been hacked quite a few times and asked strangely, "Who are you? I dont seem to know you?"

The youth breathed and quickly said, "Im from the Ocean Gang; because I was investigating the missing plane-"

The youth couldnt finish because the two had already caught up.

They came in front of Ye Mo and didnt say anything. They just raised their hacking swords, chopping towards the youth, while another person pulled out a triangular spear and stabbed towards the youths back. They were going to kill him disregarding Ye Mos presence.

Ye Mo kicked out, and the two men were kicked to the ground. They both spewed blood and couldnt move again.

The reason he had been so merciless was because this youth had been investigating things for him.

The youth who was bathed in blood looked at what happened in shock.

"Whats going on?" Ye Mo asked coldly, bringing him back to attention.

The youth gasped and quickly explained, "Ye-Qianbei, not too long ago, my gang leader asked me to investigate the missing plane incident and the passengers on it. All of our gang members moved out. I happened to hear these two talk about a missing passenger on the plane in a park and after noticing them, I followed the two to a private mansion. I was caught then, and they started hunting me"

Ye Mo stopped the youth from talking, hoisted the two men from the ground and said, "Call a taxi and take me to that old mansion."

"Yes!" The youth immediately stopped a taxi. Although the young man was covered in blood, the taxi still stopped and seemed to know that if he didnt, the consequences would be very serious.

Ye Mo flung the two inside and ordered the youth, "Continue."

The youth told the taxi driver the address and continued, "As soon as I got there, I heard a couple of Japanese talking. Just as I was about to show my head, I was caught. They started to hunt me, but luckily I was trained in athletics. Otherwise, I wouldve been caught up by these two bastards. My gang leader had showed me Ye-Qianbeis picture, so thats why I recognized you. Thank you for saving my life."

Ye Mo nodded and understood. Using the gangs was much more efficient than the government. How many people were involved in gangs? Even those who had a proper job were secretly in triads. With an order like that, it was like ordering the entirety of Hong Kong. This was different to some government search notice. Even if some civilians did know a couple of clues, they might not dare say it, but those in triads didnt really care.

This wounded youth had been lucky and happened to hear the right news.

It wasn't that far away and soon, they had arrived. Ye Mo took out a recovery pill for the youth and went on to hold the two men in his hands as he walked to the old mansion.
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