Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 405

Chapter 405: Burning worry

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As soon as Ye Mo entered the mansion, he knew it was empty.

"When you came here before, were there a lot of people?" Ye Mo dumped the two men to the side and asked.

The youth replied, "I saw four men at the time including these two."

Four? So there were at least two who ran away. Ye Mo kicked the two awake and was ready to interrogate.

The two said something, but it was in Japanese. Ye Mo couldnt understand it.

Seeing Ye Mo frown, the youth immediately said, "Ye-Qianbei, Ill find someone who can understand them so that you can ask questions."

Ye Mo nodded, but still said "No need, just get someone to drive over and bring the two to West Sand. Then you may find someone who can understand them. Ill follow soon."

"Yes! Rest assured Ye-Qianbei; I, Wang Xiaosi, promise to finish the job," the youth said in excitement.

Hearing that it was a personal order by Ye-Qianbei, the Ocean Gangs car came very fast. Wang Xiaosi and another youth carried the two men into the car and went to the Bamboo Night private manor.

After the two left, Ye Mo went inside the mansion himself. This old-styled mansion wasnt common in modern day Hong Hong anymore. It had a few rooms and was very tidy. Ye Mo walked around and saw nothing suspicious.

After searching a few rooms though, he found a small black sun symbol in a very hidden place. Other than that, he found nothing. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense into the ground and quickly found an underground bunker. There seemed to be a lot of things in there that hadnt been taken away.

Just as Ye Mo wanted to go in, his spirit sense revealed some timed bombs at the corners of the bunker. There were just a few seconds left before explosion.

Although this ordinary kind of bomb couldnt take Ye Mos life, it wasnt a simple matter being blasted by bombs all around him. He might get hurt. The moment he saw the bomb, Ye Mo quickly charged out of the old mansion.

Rumble! -As soon as Ye Mo came out, the old house went up in flames.

Ye Mos face looked bad. He suddenly realized he had made a mistake; he had underestimated this entire thing.

What Wang Xiaosi had discovered wasnt some minor hideout, yet they just didnt care. These people were resolute enough to immediately retreat and blow up the mansion.

What did this mean? This meant that these people knew he had rescued Wang Xiaosi and was coming back.

As soon as Ye Mo understood this much, he knew things were bad. Wang Xiaosi was in danger. The two Japanese guys he was bringing along were probably in fact two timed bombs as well.

Ye Mo quickly turned invisible, speeding on his flying sword towards Western Sand.

Not too far away, Ye Mo noticed Wang XIaosis car and felt a little relived.

Just when he was about to stop Wang Xiaosis car, he sensed some danger. Immediately scanning his spirit sense out, he found that 100 meters away, there was a car following closely behind them. More importantly, the person sitting in the front had an RPG aimed at Wang Xiaosis car.

These people were crazy! They actually dared use rocket launchers in civilian places.

"Shoot it quick, the HQ is gone already!" There were 3 men in the car. The one talking was the middle aged man sitting in the back, also speaking in Japanese.

"Yes! Argh-" This man just spoke one word before sinking down.

At this moment, the two realized that there was one extra person in the car. No one had seen when he'd gotten in.

"Who are you? When did you get in?" The middle aged man stared at Ye Mo in shock.

Ye Mo rejoiced. Someone who understood Chinese!

The driver had fast reactions, pulling out a gun instantaneously, but before he could fire, he was knocked out by Ye Mo and dumped onto the back seat. The middle aged man was also knocked out.

Soon, the car changed directions and stopped at a construction site.

Ye Mo stopped the car and dragged the three men out. At this moment, he realized that the middle-aged man had a black sun tattoo on his neck.

Two out of the three understood Chinese. Under Ye Mos interrogation, they revealed everything.

The three were all Japanese and had been sent from a very large organization in Japan, the Black Sun Empire. Their goal was to find out the whereabouts of all great scientists.

Ye Mo finally knew why the plane had gone missing. There was a professor called Eiastein on the plane, which was why the Black Sun Empire hijacked the plane. Ning Qingxue just happened to be on it.

Moreover, Ye Mo also found out that the plane that went missing three years ago was also due to this organization. As for why this organization abducted so many scientists, Ye Mo could guess that as well.

No wonder they guarded their secret so heavily. If this spread out, the entire world would be their enemy.

However, Ye Mo also found out that a very beautiful girl had jumped off the plane halfway.

Ye Mo knew that girl would probably be Ning Qingxue. His heart was burning with worry. He didnt know if Ning Qingxue had a parachute on at the time because normally, passenger jets didnt have parachutes. However, the one Ye Mo captured obviously didnt know if the plane had one either.

Seeing that he couldnt get anything more out of them, Ye Mo turned them all to dust.

As for abducting the scientists, Ye Mo wouldn't care. Even if they took all the scientists in the world hostage, it had nothing to do with him. But how dare they abduct Ning Qingxue! Ye Mo had listed the Black Sun Empire in his must-destroy list.

Ye Mo just hoped that Ning Qingxue had had a parachute. But even if she did, the passenger jet had been flying very high, so her chances of survival werent huge, but this was better than nothing.

Ye Mo was no longer in the mood to investigate; he had to find Ning Qingxue immediately.

Ye Mo got to Western Sand as fast as he could and found Wang Xiaosi standing at the door in distress. The two men were already dead, they had probably commited suicide by now. But now, their death wasnt important anymore to Ye Mo.

"Ye-Qianbei, I..." Wang Xiaosi was full of guilt.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "You did very well. You can come with your gang leader when the meeting starts.

Wang Xiaosi was shocked by this huge fortunate event, yet Ye Mo had already walked in.

"Gang Leader!" Wang XIaosi looked at the man behind him in excitement. When Ye Mo came over, he had his head even lower. They had screwed things up.

Only when Wang Xiaosi called him gang leader did he came back to his senses, grabbing Wang Xiaosis hands in excitement as he said, "Xiaosi, it's all thanks to you this time. Dont worry, this time Ye-Qianbei will reward us; I will definitely treat you well. You did great!"


When Ye Mo walked into the main hall, he noticed that Jiao Bianyi was here. Jiao Bianyi had kept constant notice of this place, so as soon as Ye Mo had appeared, he had gotten the news.

"Ye-Qianbei, why did you come early?"

Ye Mo told Jiao Bianyi last time not to call him qianbei yet now, he was in no mood to repeat it. He just said, "Gang Leader Jiao, immediately call all of those gang members here. Collect as much info as you can, because I will be leaving Hong Kong tonight."

"Yes, Ye-Qianbei, Ill immediately notify them," Jiao Bianyi didnt dare ask what had happened.

This time, Ye Mo had to wait even less long. Perhaps due to Ye Mos promise of a reward, or due to his dominating presence in the morning, it took less than an hour for all the people to get there.
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