Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Investigation results

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Ye Mo scanned everyone present and said plainly, "Thanks to the help of the Ocean Gang, I found some useful information. Therefore, Ill be leaving this place today. If some people have already found something useful, please speak up immediately. If not, then I will be counting on you guys the next time I need help."

As soon as Ye Mo finished speaking, almost everyone looked at the big brother of the Ocean Gang full of envy. The Ocean Gang was strictly put not a mob; they were fishermen who happened to also do some illegal trades.

Ye Mo didnt care about what everyone was thinking. He took out a jade bottle and said, "This is a Chi Increasing Pill; whoever is the Ocean Gang's leader, come up and take it. You can eat it right here. However, Wang Xiaosi helped me out a lot this time, so I hope you will treat him well."

"Yes, Ye-Qianbei! I, Lu Si, will remember Qianbeis words." While having everyone's jealous eyes directed at him, Lu Si walked up to Ye Mo in excitement. He bowed first and then shakily took the bottle.

As soon as he ate this pill, he would reach yellow level.

Lu Si took the bottle to one corner of the hall, decisively consuming it. Even if Ye Mo hadnt told him to eat it here, he wouldnt have dared take it outside.

If he did, he would be killed instantaneously. Ye Mo had allowed him to eat it here clearly because he had taking that into consideration.

Looking at the way Lu Si ate it, Ye Mo knew that the guy must not have a cultivation method. He sighed; without a cultivation method, eating this pill was no different from eating rice, a waste of food. He wouldnt even be able to absorb the pill without a cultivation method. How could he turn the pills power into his own?

Ye Mo walked over and patted Lu Si on the head, helping him digest the power. When all the pills potency had turned into inner qi, he went back up.

"Ye-Qianbei, I also found out some things. These are my results, please have a look, Qianbei," a woman walked up this time.

Ye Mo knew this woman; when he came here last time, other than Jiao Bianyi, this woman was the first to subdue to him. Ye Mo remembered she was called Xu Yuehua and had the nickname of Black Widow. This time too she was wearing black clothes. Since she was able to procure some results in such a short time, it meant that this woman wasn't simple.

Furthermore, she was one out of the mere three yellow levels present, yellow level peak at that, having the highest cultivation out of the three. She probably had her own story, but Ye Mo didnt care about it.

Ye Mo took the data from her and gave it a look. If it turned out to be worthless, he wouldnt be giving up his chi increasing pill that easily.

Ye Mo saw that there was actually a lot of info. This woman was meticulous indeed. This was precisely what he needed.

What she had found out was that the model of the plane was a US MM871, and the info even described its max speed and altitude. This model had an escape cockpit which could be opened and came with a parachute.

Ye Mo felt relieved. This was what he wanted indeed.

But this wasn't even all.

She had gotten a hold of the names of almost all the passengers on board. Ning Qingxues name was among it. Other than this, it also noted that there had been at least four people who worked for Yuan Bei Corporation on the plane. Their goal had been to abduct Ning Qingxue and take her to America. The mastermind behind this was the young CEO of the corporation, Yuan Qibing.

Slap! -Ye Mo slapped on the round table. The solid granite table had a huge crater smashed into it.

The scene was quiet, no one dared make a sound.

"Yuan Qibing, youre asking for an early death yourself, so dont blame me," Ye Mo said to himself. From Xu Yuehuas investigation it seemed that even if nothing had happened to Ning Qingxue on the plane, she would have been abducted by Yuan Qibing.

Ye Mo looked at Xu Yuehua, "You did very well, being able to find so much useful intel in a mere few hours. If you had had more time, perhaps you would've found out even more."

"Thank you for your compliment, Qianbei. This is simply what wanbei should do." Xu Yuehua quickly stood up.

Ye Mo nodded. Xu Yuehua wasnt old. She was at most in her 30s and having been able to reach yellow level middle stage, this meant that her talent was quite good. Her origins werent simple either. He wondered how someone like her had started working in the mafia.

[TL note: Yes, I know it was said before that she's yellow peak, and now that shes yellow middle. This is the original text of the author. He probably meant peak of yellow level middle stage.]

She said that 'this was what she should do', and not that it had been her luck. This meant that she truly was a capable woman. Her power in Hong Kong far exceeded your average gang level. Someone like her would be useful to him.

"Ahhh!" At this moment, Lu Si suddenly yelled. He jumped up and punched. The solid stone floor had a bowl sized dent punched in by his fist. Even the house started shaking.

Everyone was shocked once again. Lu Si could make such a big hole in the solid granite floor! This meant that his power had increased to an incredible level.

Ye Mo nodded, "Not bad. You have yellow level power now and some inner qi too. You just need to learn a few moves and you'll truly have become a yellow level."

There was something Ye Mo didnt say. Lu Sis foundation was too shallow. He had never trained systematically before. Although he had brought him up to the yellow level, only his reaction speed and power was at the yellow level. There would still be some difference compared to someone who had trained to the yellow level by himself.

Seeing Lu Si became yellow level in such a short time and his power shocking everyone at the scene, peoples eyes were red as they cursed for not having gotten this opportunity.

But after that, everyone turned their eyes to Xu Yuehua. From Ye Mos words, they knew that the next one to get the pill was Xu Yuehua.

Xu Yuehua also stared at Ye Mo nervously. Ever since she'd reached yellow level middle stage, she had sunk into a bottleneck. Five years had gone by, and she was still yellow middle stage. This was due to her lacking cultivation time and environment, but also due to not having any good herbs to her disposal.

She had never doubted her potential. If her potential wasnt good, she wouldnt have reached yellow level in her 30s.

"Thank you for everything, Qianbei. Only now do I realise how pitiful I was before." Lu Si walked up to Ye Mo and knelt down. Before he'd reached yellow level, he had had no concept of ancient martial arts at all. He just knew that yellow level was stronger than him. But now that he reached the yellow level and had some faint inner qi in his body, he realized how ridiculous his thoughts were before.

He also grasped that if a normal martial artist were to fight with a yellow level warrior, then no matter how good they were, they would die for sure. He hadnt even dared dream about his current power before. From this, one could see how terrifying Ye Mo was.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "No need to thank me, this is what you deserve. Go back first."

Everyone looked at Lu Si with envy. Although everyone wanted to ask how strong he was right now, no one had the guts to talk now. Some gangs who had conflicts with Lu Si were already thinking of ways to resolve them.

Ye Mo looked at the hopeful Xu Yuehua and said, "You are very good. Theres a Chi Increasing Pill here, eat it now. It depends on your luck if you can reach black level or not."

When he gave a pill to Luo Xuan, she had been just yellow level middle stage, yet she reached black level primary stage peak under the effects of the pill. But Xu Yuehua was already at the peak of yellow level middle stage.

Xu Yuehua quite possibly might reach the black level.

Ye Mos words shocked everyone again. He said she might even reach black level! Everyone knew there were three yellow levels from what Ye Mo had said in the morning, but they didnt expect she actually wasn't yellow level primary stage.

Her name wasnt well known in Hong Kong, yet she was a yellow level. This made a lot of people who had had nefarious schemes for her feel some cold sweat.

Xu Yuehua took the pill excitedly. For her, it was already heavenly fortune if she could break past the yellow level middle stage barrier. But Ye Mo said that she might even reach black level! She almost couldnt contain herself from excitement. Black level... She had never even dreamed about it before.
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