Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Black Widow Xu Yuehua

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Seeing Xu Yue consume the pill and digest it, Ye Mo nodded. Xu Yuehua did have her own cultivation method. But even the yellow level middle stage Xu Yuehua didnt dare to bring the pill outside and chose to take it here.

With everything done, Ye Mo stood up, "Thank you everyone for your help. I will gift everyone a recovery pill. Then, the meeting ends here today, you may leave after taking your pill."

Ye Mo took out a big porcelain vase and gave it to Jiao Bianyi, making him give everyone one. This pill wasnt very precious but could treat wounds much better than normal medicine.

Although only two people got the Chi Increasing Pill, everyone was happy that they got the recovery pill. Even if Ye Mo hadnt given anything, no one would've dared to go against his orders.

Seeing that everyone had left, Ye Mo took out a normal ancient martial arts cultivation method for Jiao Bianyi and said, "Youve helped a lot this time, here is an ancient martial arts cultivation method. What degree you reach will depend on your own fortune."

If Ye Mo had taken out something else, he might've been polite and tried to reject it but an ancient martial arts cultivation method? This was something even the great families of China might not have. How could he reject that!

Although it was useless to Ye Mo, it was worth more than millions to Jiao Bianyi. Jiao Bianyi took it excitedly and swore loyalty to Ye Mo. Ye Mo waved his hand, he didnt even take Jiao Bianyi's words to heart.

Jiao Bianyi was afraid because he could kill him in an instant. If his power were weaker than his, Jiao Bianyi might just kill him immediately.

The reason he gave everyone a pill and Jiao Bianyi a cultivation method was because he might need their help in the future. He couldnt just come when he needed help and leave when he didnt. If things were to continue like that, then even if they didnt dare to not come, they would do things half-heartedly.

"I have a friend called Mo Ping, if he comes tomorrow, tell him that Im already gone." Ye Mo was afraid Mo Ping would come looking for him.

"Mo Ping?" Jiao Bianyi repeated.

"What? you know him?" Ye Mo looked strangely at Jiao Bianyi.

Jiao Bianyi nodded nervously, "If its the Mo Ping of the half-mountain mansion, I know of him, but I dont know him personally. His uncle is a British baron, and he is the Chief of Commerce of the Hong Kong Commercial Association.

Ye Mo just realized that Mo Kang and Mo Ping had such a status, yet no matter how much status they had, they were played with however the hidden sects liked it.

"Okay, you leave first. I have something to say to Xu Yuehua." Ye Mo saw that she had digested the pill, and her face showed surprise and joy.

"Yes!" Jiao Bianyi quickly exited. Todays events had been like a dream; even now, he didnt dare to believe that he had acquired an ancient martial arts cultivation method.

Walking outside, Jiao Bianyi thought of something. How could Ye Mo take out so many things if he wore such thin clothes? He wondered how Ye Mo had taken out all these things. Thinking about this, Jiao Bianyi shivered and quickly stopped his thoughts.


Ye Mo studied Xu Yuehua and felt disappointed. Her cultivation ability was far less than her investigation capabilities. Xu Yuehua had only reached half-step black level. Still, she couldnt be blamed; this was due to her potential and cultivation method.

Luo Xuan came from the inner hidden sects. Her cultivation method must be the top of the top. Also, not everyone could become a core member of the inner hidden sects like her, so since she could, it meant her talent was first grade.

If it wasnt due to Ning Qingxue, Ye Mo wouldnt take out the precious Chi Increasing Pill. Although those little more than ten pills were useless to him, he still had a lot of people working for him.

Xu Yuehua walked in front of Ye Mo with joy, bowed and said, "Thank you for your pill, Qianbei. I didnt expect to benefit so much."

Compared to Ye Mos thoughts, she was very satisfied. Not only had she reached the tertiary stage of the yellow level, she went past the peak stage and reached half-step black level.

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Although you didnt reach black level now, you can in a few years of hard work. Xu Yuehua, youre a smart person, do you know why I made you stay behind?"

Xu Yuehua wasnt ugly, but she wouldnt be so arrogant as to think Ye Mo wanted her here for her looks.

"Qianbei, please make your orders. Although my power in Hong Kong is average, I have my ways." Xu Yuehua immediately understood what Ye Mo meant.

Ye Mo nodded in approval, "Your abilities are undoubtedly there. If possible, I want you to keep investigating this matter for me. And if you want, you may go to Flowing Snake; I have something that I need someone like you to do. However, the moment you go to Flowing Snake, you belong to me. Of course, this all depends on what you want, I won't force you, dont worry. If you do agree to go to Flowing Snake, then go there after you finish your investigation. If not, then just give your investigation results to Jiao Bianyi. You dont need to reply to me now, you can think it over first."

"Flowing Snake?!" Xu Yuehua exclaimed. That was Luo Yues territory. She quickly understood though; she was really stupid. If Luo Yue didnt belong to Ye-Qianbei, how would Fei Yu have been able to get the spot? Furthermore, Ye Mo taking out that many pills had to mean that he was a pill master.

Indeed, Ye Mo confirmed, "Luo Yue is my asset, but you probably figured that out already."

Ye Mo thought that if Xu Yuehua were to join Luo Yue, they wouldnt have people investigating them yet know nothing about it anymore.

Neither Xu Ping nor Fang Nan could be intelligence officers. They lacked the brains and a kind of meticulous thinking. Xu Yuehua could fulfill this job and, more importantly, if she joined Luo Yue, Ye Mo planned for her to investigate North Sand. He wanted to annihilate them, but he didnt know much about them.

After Xu Yuehua left, Ye Mo called Yu Miaodan, "Sister Yu, use all means at your disposal to bring down Yuan Bei Corporation. As for the Yuan family people, I will go for their throats after I come back."

"Okay." Even without Ye Mo making this call, Yu Miaodan was planning to do just that. How dare that Yuan Qibing scheme for Ning Qingxue!

"Is Ye Ling still alright?" Ye Mo asked.

Yu Miaodan immediately replied, "Shes very busy studying pill concoction with Erhu."

Ye Mo afterwards made some simple arrangements with Jiao Bianyi and left searching along the flight route.

At this moment in another mansion, four men sat closely negotiating. The four of them had a name: the Hong Kong 4 Strange Looks

However, people only dare whisper this name, because those who've said it in front of them have been killed.

The four were all brothers and were the cruelest out of the entire Hong Kong mafia. Even the police felt fear for the four. Although they were brothers, they didnt look like each other at all. Thats why they were called the 4 Strange Looks.

The tallest man was the big brother, called Fu Youjin. He was yellow level. The long haired man sitting on the ground was Fu Youyin, the second brother. The shortest was third brother Fu Yousan. The youngest was the fastest and whitest, he was Fu Youhai.

The four brothers were pirates and had found an ancient martial arts cultivation method in a tomb. The tomb had almost killed them though, so they hadnt ventured in any further, just leaving with the book.

With this cultivation method, the big brother reached yellow level middle stage, but second, third as well as fourth brother were only almost nearing yellow level. Because of their talent, they were stuck. They knew there were good things in that tomb but even though they liked adventuring, they werent stupid. They knew they would die for sure if they went in.

So the four had arranged to go in again once they all reached yellow level. But due to the other three being unable to reach yellow level and because they were living well in Hong Kong, they dumped that aside. But then today, Ye Mo said that he had a pill for reaching the yellow level.
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