Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 409

Chapter 409: Ning Qingxue in danger

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"Do you have some business with me?" Xu Yuehua noticed that the person who was waiting for her was Lu Si, the gang leader of the Ocean Gang. Such a minor gang wasnt worthy of Xu Yuehua's consideration though.

Lu Si knew his own status and knew that he amounted to nothing in her eyes.

Seeing Xu Yuehua, he stood up and said respectfully, "Big Sister Xu, I came to serve you."

Xu Yuehua looked at Lu Si confusedly, "You want to follow me? Your businesses are all in the sea, while mine concern hotels and intelligence."

Lu Si said seriously, "Sister Xu, I know that my Ocean Gang must seem worthless in your eyes. I was lucky that Ye-Qianbei gave me a Chi Increasing Pill. I reached the yellow level all thanks to this pill. and after reaching the yellow level, I came to realize how lowly I had been before."

Xu Yuehua seemed to have understood where he was going with this. She sat down and told Lu Si to sit down first too.

After sitting down, Lu Si continued, "I know fully well that my meager abilities are worth nothing to Ye-Qianbei, but its different for Sister Xu. Ye-Qianbei wants to keep Sister Xu due to Sister Xus capabilities. So I think if I follow Sister Xu, then if Sister Xu follows Ye-Qianbei, I can benefit a little too."

Xu Yuehua started looking at Lu Si properly for the first time. No wonder her father had told her to never underestimate anyone.

Lu Si didnt have great fame and was just a small boss in the Hong Kong mob world, yet he could see that far ahead, imagining why Ye-Qianbei would keep her. He wanted to progress higher which meant following Ye Mo. But he knew that Ye Mo didnt need him, so he came to her instead. This person was quite cunning.

Although the Ocean Gang was a small gang, it was still a fat piece of meat. Also, he had managed to survive in between all those big gangs which proved that he wasn't that simple.

"Youre very smart," Xu Yuehua applauded. She finally comprehended that she wasnt the only smart person around. She had still been thinking about whether or not to join Ye Mo, yet some people were already trying all they could in order to follow Ye Mo.

"Thank you for your compliment Sister Xu, but I dont dare to be called smart in front of Sister Xu. I am loyal though, so if Sister Xu is willing to accept me, I swear that I will manage affairs wholeheartedly for Sister Xu," Lu Si promised solemnly.

Xu Yuehua smiled and stood up, "Gang Leader Lu, go back for now. If one day I really do end up following Ye-Qianbei, I will notify you."

Lu Si rejoiced and stood up. Before he left, he hesitated as to whether or not he should voice his conjecture.

"Is there something else?" Xu Yuehua had noticed it.

Seeing her ask, Lu Si seemed to have made up his mind and said, "Yes, Sister Xu. Today, when Liu Baoya wanted to rob the pill, I was sitting behind the 4 Strange Looks. I saw that Fu Youyin had actually wanted to stand up but was quickly pulled back by his big brother. I took special notice of the four, and as soon as they left the meeting hall, they signaled each other and gave each other a nod before speeding away. I suspect that they might try to harm Ye-Qianbei."

Xu Yuehua frowned and stared at Lu Si saying slowly, "In that case, why didnt you go tell Ye-Qianbei?"

Lu Si said awkwardly, "I'm afraid that Ye-Qianbei might think Im intentionally trying to get close to him. Also, I had been sitting behind the 4 Strange Looks, hence if I went to tell Ye-Qianbei, this might reach their ears. My Ocean Gang is but a small gang, they would destroy us easily."

"But youre yellow level now, why are you afraid of a mere 4 Strange Looks? Besides, arent you afraid that I will expose you?" Xu Yuehua said suspiciously.

Lu Si said carefully, "The 4 Strange Looks can make even Gang Leader Jiao feel threatened, there's no way they're that simple. And even if I myself am not afraid, my men are ordinary people; they could be easily killed by them. As for exposing me, Sister Xu wouldnt expose me for this. If I didnt trust Sister Xu's integrity, I wouldnt have come today.

Xu Yuehua nodded, "Okay, I got it. I will take note of this, go back first. When I need you, I will notify you."

Lu Si left the hotel happily. He knew that since Xu Yuehua had said this much, it meant that if she were to follow Ye Mo, she would definitely take him with her. Before Lu Si had experienced the power of yellow level, he didnt think much of it. But now that he was yellow level himself and had realized its power, he desired more of that power.

Xu Yuehua had indeed refreshed her outlook on Lu Si. He had a brain and wasnt impulsive. Regardless of whether what he had seen was correct or not, she was planning to investigate it.

The pill Ye Mo had given her far exceeded what she had done for him. She could handle such things easily, so why not? Moreover, other people might fear the 4 Strange Looks, but she didnt.


The moment Ning Qingxue jumped off the plane, she knew she would still die. A strong sense of suffocation came upon her. She felt a strange air current about to wash her away and a huge pressure almost crushing her. She couldnt even breathe. In a short moment, she started to hallucinate. This was completely different from the sky diving she had trained.

And this was when the plane had descended to less than 10 km above earth. If it were higher than 15 km, she wouldve gotten ripped apart.

It seemed like the parachute wasnt opening for a century. Ning Qingxue's brain was chaotic. She was suffocating and about to be ripped apart, yet at this moment, the necklace on her chest emitted a white light that protected her.

This time, Ning Qingxue saw it clearly. The white light was faint but seemed like it could last a long time. That pressure and cold was gone, but she could still barely breathe.

Was she going to die of suffocation? Just when she was feeling extremely suffocated, a faint chi flow went up to her brain, making her clear up again.

What was this? Ning Qingxue remembered the cultivation method Tang Beiwei had taught her. The first meridian cycle Tang Beiwei had taught her went the same way as this chi flow had gone.

Ning Qingxue rejoiced. Had she really once learned this cultivation method? Had Ye Mo really taught her this before? Still, that chi flow had been very weak, so without a second thought Ning Qingxue started to complete the meridian cycle Tang Beiwei had taught her.

At a few thousand meters above the ground, the parachute opened by itself, but Ning Qingxue was still sunk deep into completing the meridian cycle. She didnt even feel the parachute open.

After a long time, Ning Qingxue felt a piercing coldness on her skin as she woke up.

She hadnt died. She had landed on the boundless ocean. Ning Qingxue immediately realized that she had landed in the Pacific Ocean. But if she wasn't going to be able to find land, she would eventually still die nonetheless.

Ning Qingxue unbuckled the parachute and then remembered there should've been an emergency flotation hoop in the cockpit, but she hadnt considered that much at the time and hadnt taken it out. In her bag, other than some food, there was only some fire starting equipment and medicine.

Ning Qingxue shivered; even if she didnt drown, she would be frozen to death or eaten by sharks.

Ning Qingxue held on to the bag tightly. She couldnt throw this away. If she did, then she wouldnt live even if she did find land.

The frigidness was permeating deeply into her bones, Ning Qingxue subconsciously started to run the meridian cycle again. She felt strange about it. As long as she cultivated, that coldness would go away. She even felt a little bit warm.

Time passed slowly, and when Ning Qingxue woke up again, it was already night. In front of her there was a white glacier reflecting the moonlight. Ning Qingxue rejoiced and started swimming towards it.

She felt lucky that she still had so much stamina after such a long time. However, she was quite hungry.

When she came to this glacier, Ning Qingxue started feeling cold again. The wind blew as she cowered into a crevice within the icy mountain.

The freezing temperature forced her to keep up the cultivating. She opened up a can and ate it all the while continuing with her cultivation. She knew that the moment she stopped, she would freeze.

Currently, Ning Qingxue started to believe more and more that she had practiced the cultivation method Tang Beiwei taught her before. She understood a lot of the directions of the meridian cycle and completed it as if by habit.
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