Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 41

Chapter 41: I Should Believe Him

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Ning Hai.

Two days passed really quickly. Although Ning Qingxue stood at the front door every day gazing her eyes out, not even a shadow came, much less Ye Mo.

Two days later, Ning Qingxue finally understood that Ye Mo was gone and left without a sound. He didnt even tell her or take his own things away. If it wasnt an urgent issue, then she really wasnt anything in his eyes. Perhaps in Ye Mos eyes, she was just a disrespectful, heartless and self-centered person.

Qingxue, two days time is up, your parents have already told me that they were coming, but I told them that we will be meeting them at Yu state. Li Mumei looked at the soulless Ning Qingxue and reminded once again.

Ning Qingxues behavior these two days were very abnormal, as though she had lost her soul. She seemed to really care if Ye Mo came back or not. Even though Li Mumei didnt know what happened exactly, she knew there was something going on between Ning Qingxue and Ye Mo that she didnt know.

But if someone were to say Ning Qingxue was attracted to Ye Mo, she would never believe it.

Has it been two days already? Ning Qingxue answered subconsciously as her mind wandered in thought.

Half a moment later, Ning Qingxue said once again, Mumei, I want to buy this place... Yes, buy this place, no matter how much it costs.

Qingxue, whats wrong with you? Li Mumei felt that Ning Qingxues actions were too casual. Even if the owner sold this place, who would live here?

Mumei, buy this place, and tell the owner not to move the flower pots. Ning Qingxue had made up her mind.

Why? Qingxue, even if you want to buy this place, you must have a good reason. Besides, your parents would want to know too, Li Mumei asked in confusion.

No reason Mumei, I just feel that I have lost something here. Perhaps I have a chance to find it if I buy this place, yet if I dont, I might never have the chance to find it in my entire life. Mumei, I have made up my mind. If my dad doesnt agree, I will talk to him myself. Ning Qingxues voice was very soft as if coming from the border of heaven.


Look, that pretty lady who came for Ye Mo last time came again.

Ye Mos a really lucky guy. He actually knows beautiful women of this caliber and yet doesnt come to class making the girls unable to find him.

Amazing, Ive only seen him 2 or 3 times ever since school begun.


There were discussions everywhere inside the classroom, and that last Hmph was made by Yan Yan, who felt annoyed by this beautiful girl who was countless times prettier than her. Furthermore, she had even embarrassed herself last time.

Su Jingwen had been to Ning Hai University many times but just couldnt find Ye Mo. She was aware that Li Mumei knew where Ye Mo lived, but she didnt want for the fact that she was looking for Ye Mo to be known. As for her mindset, Su Jingwen understood it. She was looking for Ye Mo because she felt very comfortable and had a joyful mood every time she was with him; moreover she didnt feel any pressure in his presence at all.

Every since Ye Mo danced with her that night on her birthday, Su Jingwen had never been able to find him. Today was already the third time Su Jingwen came looking for him, so this time, she decided to ask his classmates if she didnt find him.

Just when Su Jingwen made up her mind, she saw a cold-looking young, yet mature woman coming in, and Su Jingwen immediately recognized who this woman was. She was the teacher she saw last time when she left with Ye Mo. Immediately, she walked up excitedly and asked, Teacher, hello, do you know where Ye Mo had been these few days?

Ye Mo? I dont know someone so shameless, The woman turned and left after having said that sentence. This woman was, of course, Yun Bing, and right now, the person she hated the most was Ye Mo. If Ye Mo appeared in front of her again, she wasnt even sure if she wouldnt immediately throw the books in her hand at him.

Today, there was actually someone asking where Ye Mo went, and she recognized this pretty lady from last time. There was something she was absolutely sure about: someone who was friends with Ye Mo definitely wouldnt be a good person.

Su Jingwen stared at the teacher strutting off in shock and thought, Did all the teachers in the university have such low moral standards? She said that she didnt know him, yet she also called him a shameless person. What would Ye Mo do to that woman for her to react like that? Even if other people didnt know Ye Mos situation, how could she not know? He was the person kicked out of the Beijing Ye Family and was naturally... that.

What else could it be for a woman to hate a man for? Ye Mo couldnt do that at all. What right did this woman have to hate Ye Mo? Immediately, Yun Bings image in Su Jingwens heart fell by a mile.

Sister Jingwen, why are you here? Su Meis voice sounded.

Oh, Su Mei. Who is that teacher in front? Why are her moral standards so low? I asked her a question, and yet she actually swore. Su Jingwen pointed at Yun Bing who only had their back to them.

Su Mei looked and said intrigued: Shes the English teacher, Yun Bing, although she is a bit cold, she isnt someone with low moral standards. Whats wrong? Did she say something just then?

No, when I asked why Ye Mo wasnt here and where he went, she actually called him a shameless person. Really, what sort of teacher is she? Su Jingwen was obviously not happy about Yun Bing addressing Ye Mo like that.

Ye Mo? Oh, no wonder. Its because Ye Mo harassed her before, I saw it with my own eyes. That day, Ye Mo probably harassed the teacher because of something, so Ms. Yun was going to hit him but Ye Mo grabbed her by the wrist. Eventually, Ms. Yun called him a shameless person. Sister Jingwen, dont do anything with that Ye Mo anymore, hes a shameless person and probably got to know you for your money, Su Mei didnt have any good impressions of Ye Mo and fabricated more negative things about Ye Mo, making him seem completely worthless.

Su Jingwen listened to Su Meis words confused, and after a long while, she frowned her eyebrows and said, Ye Mo isnt such a person. I believe my first impressions, and Ive seen him quite a few times, he didnt seem like that kind of person at all. Su Mei, didnt you see it wrong? I think you shouldnt be so judgemental sometimes.

What? Sister Jingwen, how could I see it wrongly? That day, in the forest by the lake, I saw with my own eyes the interaction between them. And, even if I did see wrongly, was the teacher swearing at Ye Mo also false then? Su Mei hurriedly said.

Actually, when Su Jingwen asked, she knew her question was problematic. If Su Mei saw it wrongly, why did that woman swore at Ye Mo without reason? Were her feelings really wrong? However, Ye Mo didnt give her a bad impression. Although he wasnt well off, he always had an equal attitude towards her. What was going on here?

You know someones face, but you dont know their heart. Was Ye Mo really that type of person, could it be possible that he simply hid very deeply? Or was it that he had hidden intentions when he made contact with her? Yet in the grace of heavens, it had been her looking for Ye Mo right at the start. He never came looking for her once. It was the same even when he knew her number.

She touched the bracelet on her wrist. Su Jingwens heart was a bit messy. It wasnt because she had feelings for Ye Mo, it was that she never had a friend of the opposite sex in the same age group who she could get along well with. Her good impression for Ye Mo appeared without her realizing. However, now she discovered that other peoples opinions of him were so different to hers that She felt her heart was blocked. Besides, she saw some things with her own eyes.

No, she thought, I need to go where he lives and see for myself. Li Mumei knows, so Ill go ask her first. I dont believe Ye Mo is such a person, and they mustve misunderstood him. I should believe him.
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