Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 410

Chapter 410: The Eerie Skull Flag

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By the time Ning Qingxue woke up again, the sun was already up. Ning Qingxue found that the clothes on her body had already dried, however, her necklace's light seemed dull.

Ning Qingxue took it out and looked at it worriedly. When she saw the protection of the necklace, she felt an emotional attachment to it. It was like her friend, sacrificing its lustrous appearance to protect her.

Was it really just as Mumei had said; the last time, had this necklace also protected her in danger? Did the necklace turn dull last time as well? And as time went by, it recovered its sheen?

Putting the necklace down, Ning Qingxue investigated the situation her own body was in. There seemed to be some extra power in her dantian. She could use the power inside of it however she liked.

Was this the 'chi' Tang Beiwei had spoken of? Or the 'qi' of ancient martial arts? Master Wu Guang had said that in order to cultivate qi, even a talented ancient martial arts practitioner had to spend at least five years or more. Normal people needed ten years. And some would never be able to get it in their entire lives.

She'd only cultivated for 20 or so hours and gotten inner qi.

Suddenly, Ning Qingxues face changed. She remembered something else that master Wu Guang had said. If she really had had such power, then in one years time, she should've been able to use her power to envelop her memories before she died.

Had that really been the case?

If it was all true, then this indicated that Mumei hadnt lied to her and Wu Guangs words had also been true. That would mean that she really had fallen in love with Ye Mo.

How could this be? How could she fall in love with Ye Mo? Who was Ye Mo? She had already investigated him; some rich second generation kid that was a trash to society. She believed that no matter what, they would've never been together.

Wait, hadn't she ignored something? According to Mumei Ye Mo had changed a lot. When Ye Mo came to Yu State to find her, he really did seem different from the Ye Mo she knew. Other than still being obsessed with her, everything else was different.

That day, he had said that he was going to help her recover her memories, yet she'd told him to leave, to piss off even. The reason she went as far as to use the words 'piss off' was because she saw her mother kneel to him, and that had made her angry.

His face had turned very pale at the time as he took out that pill he claimed to be a Face Preserving Pill yet after she ate it, she still told him to leave. He even spat blood then! Her mom had been even worse of, saying that the spot Ye Mo was standing in was her home, and she had made Ye Mo leave through the window.

Ning Qingxue suddenly imagined the desperation and pain Ye Mos heart had to have been in at the time... She had indeed felt the changes in her body after eating the pill. Had that Face Preserving Pill been for real? Didnt that mean that it was worth a fortune! She thought Ye Mo had been bullshitting, yet after seeing the effects of the defensive necklace and the Luo Yue beauty pill, she ended up doubting those thoughts.

Hmm, 'Beauty Pill', 'Face Preserving Pill'. Ning Qingxue suddenly came to realize that both pills were related to beauty. Didn't that suggest that the two pills were related?

Concluding this, Ning Qingxue shivered. She understood now; considering how Fei Yu had gotten chosen and CEO Yus attitude towards her, as well as the mysterious big boss of Luo Yue, if she still didnt deduce that Luo Yue was related to Ye Mo, she would simply be too stupid.

If it werent Ye Mos company, why would Luo Yue have chosen her corporation? If Ye Mo wasnt the big boss, why would someone as capable as Yu Miaodan have been so respectful to her?

If not because she was Ye Mos wife, why would Yu Miaodan have been so rude to Yuan Qibing, going so far as to even target him? After all, Luo Yue was a new company. They couldnt just randomly offend Yuan Bei even if they really didnt want to cooperate with them.

How come Yu Miaodan hadnt sent representatives to other companies but just to hers?

"So thats it," Ning Qingxue murmured. She had come to realize a lot of things. She guessed that what Ye Mo had told her was probably true.

Ning Qingxue grabbed her hair. Although she believed these things now, she still couldnt believe that she'd fallen in love with Ye Mo.

Ning Qingxue sighed and cast these thoughts aside as she walked out from the crevice and found a place to sit. She took out some things to eat before realizing she was short on water.

If she couldnt find land as soon as possible, she would die all the same. But before she died, she wanted to know why she would fall in love with Ye Mo and even preserve their memories when she had been moments from death.

After a long while, she stood up dazedly. Countless thoughts flashed across her mind. She wondered how her parents were; they must be really worried.

Ning Qingxue sat there for a whole morning. Then, Ning Qingxue decided that she needed to find land and couldn't just be wasting time here.

The sun was covered by clouds with the temperature getting colder again. Ning Qingxue looked around. She figured that since she wanted to leave the glacier, she'd have to find a place to go on land. She really didnt like swimming in the ocean.

In the far of distance, Ning Qingxue actually saw a black shadow getting bigger and bigger. It was a ship! It really was a ship!

Ning Qingxues heart started thumping. This meant that there were people there, which in turn meant that she was saved. She stared at the ship as it held course towards her direction. She would scream for help as soon as the ship got near.

It was getting closer, but one could see sails on top of the ship. It was already this era, and there were still ships with sails? Ning Qingxue felt it to be quite strange.

As the ship neared, Ning Qingxue was about to wave with a towel when she saw the flag on the ship. It was an upside-down skull. Even in the middle of the day, Ning Qingxue could still feel the chills.

There didnt seem to be even a single person on the ship, and Ning Qingxue quickly put her hand down. She was afraid to attract the ship. Luckily her eyes were good, or she wouldnt have been able to spot the skull flag.

Ning Qingxue carefully hid in the crevice again and took out the gun from the bag.

It was an MP5KA4. The thing was, she only had two clips, one of which had been acquired from the runny-nose guy. But that one was burned, so she wasn't even sure if she would be able to use it.

Other than that, she had four fireball charms. Tang Beiwei had given them to her before she left. She was really grateful to Tang Beiwei now. If not for her, she wouldve died on the plane and it wasn't certain whether her corpse might've been raped or not.

Ning Qingxue carefully put the fireball charms on her, tied the dagger to her leg and held the gun in her hand, before staring at the ship that was sailing over.

Ning Qingxue didnt have much nautical knowledge, but that skull flag definitely signified that those on board wouldnt be any virtuous people. She even suspected that it was a pirate ship; but she didnt seem to see anyone on it.

In this day and age, who still used sails? This alone was already very eerie on itself.

Ning Qingxue didnt like watching movies, but she had still seen those movie posters. If this ship was really a pirate ship, she would only be able to pray that they didnt see her. She would rather die alone on this glacier than be taken away by pirates.

She had two clips, so no matter what, if she were to get caught by pirates, she wouldnt allow herself to be raped.

Ning Qingxue got more and more worried as the ship neared her. She could see some things on the ship,which appeared to be a couple of huge anchors. But other than that and the flag, she didnt see anything.

The skull flag looked scary, and Ning Qingxue felt goosebumps all over her. She stuck closely inside the crevice as she held the gun, not daring to move a bit.
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