Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Searching the Seas

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Ye Mo had already gone along the original plane route twice. According to Xu Yuehuas news, the plane had gone halfway when it went missing, and this was right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Ye Mo had searched many times already around this region but hadn't found anything.

Ye Mo stood in the air above the Pacific Ocean. Although he was worried, there was nothing he could do. He hated that his power was too weak. It would be much easier to search if his spirit sense could scan tens of kilometers already. However at the moment, he could only see around 400 meters with his spirit sense.

But Ye Mo knew that having spirit sense which could reach tens of kilometers would already imply being at the foundation establishment or even the golden core level.

Although Ye Mo wasnt going at full speed, he was still tired from staying in the air for that long. Luckily, this was deep in the Pacific and the US submarines couldnt detect him. Otherwise, there might have been more trouble.

It looked like there were no more clues, but Ye Mo wouldnt give up just like that. He had two options; either to go back to Hong Kong and think of alternatives or to keep looking.

Ye Mo thought of the two Japanese men he had caught and their Black Sun Empire. If they did hijack the plane, wouldn't they have flown towards Japan?

Realizing this, Ye Mo got excited and flew towards the North. Even though his chi was depleted, he could always just take out the inflatable raft if he needed to rest.

Although the hijacked plane had gone North, Ye Mo didnt think it would be in Japan. Otherwise, if they really had flown a hijacked plane so openly to Japan, they would be idiots.

Ye Mo was sure that, even if the direction was North, they wouldnt go near coastal countries since each one had their own self-defense systems. This meant they could only fly towards deserted regions, like the Bai Lin Ocean. Furthermore, the Bai Lin Ocean was shared territory among Russia and the US; then the plane could be in some island in the Pacific or near Japan.

It was another two-hour journey and it was already 2 a.m. Ye Mo dropped onto the raft tiredly.

After eating a simple meal, Ye Mo's chi started to recover. After another hour, although his chi was far from a fully recovering, it was much better than before.

There were all sorts of strange noises in the sea at night, but they didnt bother Ye Mo. He planned to keep searching during the day, after he was fully recovered.

At that moment, he would have sworn to have heard the faint horn of an engine. It was probably a ship passing by. Ye Mo packed away the raft, he wanted to see what kind of ship it was.

When Ye Mo approached it, he found out it was a normal fishing ship. But a fishing ship appearing in the middle of the Pacific at midnight was a bit eerie.

A slightly larger wave could knock this ship over.

Ye Mo turned invisible and landed on the ship. He sent his spirit sense in, there were large amounts of search tools and even an advanced radar. What would a fishing ship be searching for?

Suddenly, Ye Mo focused, he saw the black sun symbol again. There were four people on the ship and they were all speaking Japanese.

The four men had been probably searching for a long time but hadn't been able to find anything, and were returning now. Ye Mo didnt disturb them. He knew that he wouldnt be able to ask them anything, nor could he search their souls. So, he could only follow them and see what their final destination was.

The ship had two engines and went very fast. Ye Mo realized this fishing ship was far more powerful than it looked.

An hour later, the sky wasnt even bright yet when the ship stopped on an barren island. The island wasnt big, it was more like a rather large coral reef.

The four men packed away the radar and docked the ship before entering the island.

This island was only around 1 square kilometer. The four men got off and headed to the center. Ye Mo followed them. He found out there was a wooden house in the center and also a small pond not far away from it.

If this coral island wasnt in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Ye Mo really wouldve thought it was a temporary home made by fishermen, but now he was certain that the four men werent fishermen. Plus, they had brought along a searching radar.

Ye Mo had been scanned by radars before and he knew his invisibility couldnt trick high level radars. He didnt know if the Japaneses radar was more advanced than the US' radars, but Ye Mo still tried to be careful.

However, what Ye Mo didnt expect was that after he only had walked a few steps, a siren went off. Then, the four men who had gone inside all rushed and pointed guns at Ye Mo, muttering in Japanese.

Ye Mo looked down, he hadn't been caught by the radar, however, he stood on a alarm mine. These Japanese men were really cunning. If he hadn't searched with his spirit sense carefully, he wouldnt have been able to find the trap on the floor.

"Does anyone of you understand Chinese?" although he had been caught, Ye Mo wasnt too annoyed. If he couldnt discover anything hidden, then he would show himself and interrogate them.

After hearing Ye Mos words, the four men looked at each other and then scanned the open sea. They wondered how Ye Mo had got on the island, but they soon gave each other signs and shot at Ye Mos legs.

They didnt want Ye Mos life, they just wanted to capture him.

But after the first gunshot, they immediately realized that Ye Mo was gone. Ye Mo only needed to look at their expressions to realize none of them understood Chinese.

At the same time, a few windblades were shot. He left one alive, and the other three men were cut into many pieces.

The remaining one saw that in an instant his 3 team members all turned into bits of flesh. He couldn't even understand how Ye Mo had attacked.

He took a few steps back subconsciously and uttered something. He could see that Ye Mo only kept him alive to interrogate him. Ye Mo had realized that he didnt understand Chinese and it would be hard to ask him anything. He would keep him alive in order to bring him to Hong Kong.

The man saw Ye Mo coming to him. He quickly took something and dumped it into his mouth.

Ye Mo stopped, he witnessed what the man had done, was it some potential activation pill? But then, Ye Mo realized he was wrong. The man's face had already turned black.

Poison? Ye Mo approached him and grabbed the man's wrist, he found out that the poison was very potent. In that short time, his stomach and intestines had already been dissolved.

Ye Mo let the man go. In order to save him, he would need to use large amounts of spirit chi and multiple lotus life pills. They were both precious and he wasnt willing to waste them.

What is more, he knew that Ning Qingxue would probably jump in midway. Even if he saved the man, he wouldnt get any information. Ye Mo wasnt interested in their great scheme. He wanted to keep this man alive not to ask him what their scheme was, but to bring him to their HQ to get revenge.

Ye Mo walked into the small wooden house. The first thing he saw was an opened parachute. It was still wet.

Was this the one Qingxue had used? Ye Mo got excited, perhaps these people also came to find Ning Qingxue. They might have been afraid that Ning Qingxue knew too much and would expose them, thats why they went there to look for her.

Ye Mo started searching inside the hut. Other than diesel and some daily items, he didnt find anything.
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