Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 414

Chapter 414: People on the Island

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Because Ye Mo asked, Eden thought Ye Mo doubted his words and added reassuringly, "Yes, there were two ships with sails, and there was a huge upside down skull at the head of the ship."

Ye Mo picked up the radar and asked, "Do you know how to use this?"

Eden nodded, "Yes, this radar is a US military radar SY923. I used it when I served the army. Its a bit old but its not bad."

Ye Mo didnt expect Eden to have served in the army, he tossed the radar to Eden and said, "Take me to where the Bema was hijacked, I want to see it."

"What? Do you want us two to go to that place?" Eden looked at Ye Mo in shock. It was suicide. They didnt have a single weapon. Death was the easy way out if they were to look for those cruel pirates.

Ye Mo could tell what Eden was thinking from his face and said, "If we go there now, the pirates will be long gone, what are you afraid of? If youre afraid, then do as you wish, I have food on the ship and you can take with you as much as you can carry, but Im going."

Eden looked at the small hoop. He knew that no matter how much food he had, that flotation ring wouldnt save him. At most, he would live a few days more.

"Okay, in that case, Ill take you there." Eden said, helplessly.

Ye Mo nodded and gave him a look of approval. Eden was not a bad person, he was 1.9 m tall and large, but he hadn't tried to force Ye Mo off the fishing boat.

Ye Mo could tell that Eden hadn't even thought about it. He was a good-natured person. If Ye Mo were in his shoes, he wouldn't have killed him, but he would have at least knocked him out. If it had been a cultivator from Luo Yue continent, he would have killed Eden and taken the boat for sure.

Ye Mo gave the radar to Eden and let him drive the boat. He saved his life, now Eden needed to prove his worth. Luckily, Eden didnt disappoint Ye Mo.


On the sulfur island, Ning Qingxue kept running. A huge lake appeared in front of her eyes, the water was very clear and there was steam coming off the surface. It was like a hot spring.

Ning Qingxue looked back, that eerie bone ship was blocked by things and couldnt be seen.

She stared at the center of the island. The smell of sulfur seemed to be getting stronger and stronger there. Ning Qingxues heart stopped for a second, it was an active volcano indeed. Living there was like living on a bomb, but she didnt have any choice.

Ning Qingxue put these thoughts aside and walked towards the lake. She felt the water, it was lukewarm. She tried drinking it, and it was fresh water.

The joyful Ning Qingxue was no longer scared. She quickly took off her clothes and jumped into the water. These last days on the glacier had been very uncomfortable for her. She was a hygienic person, and a few days without showering made her very uncomfortable.

After taking a shower, she washed all of her clothes and cultivated some more meridian cycles by the lake, the water on her clothes evaporated on its own.

Ning Qingxue felt very light after taking the shower. She picked up her bag, she wanted to find a place to live by the lake. Although she could go find some other places beyond the lake, the hot spring caught Ning Qingxue's interest. If she couldn't find another place with fresh water, she would have to come over and get water everyday.

Ning Qingxue walked nearby the lake for a long time, and finally found a small cave by the hills. Ning Qingxue didnt know what kind of animal had made this, but it was rather clean and spacious.

There was a huge rock next to the cave, the cave was very well hidden. The only thing was that Ning Qingxue could still see the ship from the cave. That ship was the thing Ning Qingxue hated the most.

But other than that cave, Ning Qingxue hadn't been able to find a better place to live. Thus, she could only clean the cave, and cut some branches with her dagger to block the entrance.

After everything was ready, she lied down on a big rock inside. She hadnt slept in days. If she hadn't been able to cultivate, she might have gone mad.

Ning Qingxue soon fell asleep after lying down. She had been really tired these last few days. After sleeping for a long time, she thought she had seen a black figure dash in front of her, but her vision was blurry.

This woke Ning Qingxue up immediately. She grabbed the gun next to her, and that black shadow disappeared from the cave in an instant.

Ning Qingxue was no longer tired. What could that be. She didnt see clearly. She got off the rock and walked carefully to the entrance of the cave. The sun was up now, she had slept for more than 10 hours. However, the fog made the island seem very blurry.

Was she hallucinating again? Ning Qingxue murmured.

Ning Qingxue carefully checked the branches on the cave, they didnt seem to have been moved. She picked up the necklace on her chest again, did you save my life once again?

Although she didnt know if that black shadow was real or not, Ning Qingxue didnt dare to sleep again. She went outside and checked the landscape around her.

As soon as Ning Qingxue walked outside, the deadly silent island was pierced by a loud shriek. Ning Qingxue was fraught with problems, she thought there were no animals on the island but she had heard that loud shriek. She quickly tried to find a place to hide while pointing the gun outside.

Two completely black naked primitive people walked up to her with wooden sticks in their hands from not far away. Other than a skirt made of fish skin around their waist, they didnt have anything.

One of them had huge bosoms sagging down from her chest, Ning Qingxue knew she was a woman.

Actually, there were people there, primitive ones. Ning Qingxues heart palpitated rapidly. She thought of Tom Robinsons journey. Clearly, these ferocious primitive people couldn't be compared with Friday.

Ning Qingxue held her breath. She was thinking about where to go next. The island was at most 20 km more or less. If there were primitive tribes living there, would they eat her?

The next thing that happened almost made Ning Qingxue scream. That primitive male said something to the female, but she shook her head. But then, the male help the female on the ground and flipped up her fish skin skirt.

As the man did his business to the woman, Ning Qingxue immediately thought of the word "rape". Ning Qingxue wasnt afraid to die, but this was too disgusting. She subconsciously grabbed her gun and thought about killing the man.

But she didnt dare to because her aim wasnt good, she might kill the woman. Also, she was afraid of attracting more of their kind.

This conflicting thought only occurred for a moment, soon Ning Qingxue realized the immaturity of her thinking.

She realized that this wasnt rape, the woman who was under the man flipped over and sat on the man. Her actions were much more wild and ferocious than the man. Not only so, she kept moaning and screaming as well.

Ning Qingxue quickly turn her face away and spat, her face blushed, how shameless. But thinking that these primitives were like animals, she didnt make a big deal out of it.

Suddenly, there was another howl. Ning Qingxue looked in the direction it came, and the two people separated. The one howling was another male.

The primitive people that came later seemed to care a lot about these two doing things behind his back, Ning Qingxue could tell from his angry expression.

The woman separated the two men who were about to fight and pointed at a hacked branch not far away. The two men stopped arguing and walked over to the branch to check.

Ning Qingxues heart stopped for a second. They were looking at the branch she had chopped up to cover her cave.

One man kept touching the end bit of the branch, as though he suspected something. Suddenly, he stood up and looked over at where Ning Qingxue hid.

Ning Qingxues heart beat rapidly again. She clenched her gun tight, they were coming over. What to do? Should she open fire?
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