Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 418

Chapter 418: Volcano on the Sea

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Although the ship didnt have an anchor, it stayed next to the island for a day and night. How come as soon as she annihilated the ghoul, the ship left?

Ning Qingxue suddenly remembered something. A few days ago, when the ship went past her glacier, she thought to have heard rustling on the ship, had the black shadow also caused that?

Thinking about this, all of a sudden, there was sound in the basement. Ning Qingxue stood up abruptly. She scanned her spirit sense down, but there was nothing.

At that moment, the ship was on its way and Ning Qingxue couldnt find anything with her spirit sense. She didnt have the courage to go down there a second time. She felt the necklace on her chest and rested easy a little. Although she couldnt see the ghoul, she had her defense necklace.

Silver didnt seem to notice there was something down there, and still jumped around at the top of the ship.

Ning Qingxue suddenly said, "I dont care what you are but if you dare to come up again, Ill use this fireball on you. You can stay on the ship, but if you disturb me and Silver, I will make you disappear immediately."

Although it was a threat, Ning Qingxue was scared while saying this.

As though whatever was inside feared Ning Qingxues words, no more sounds came from below again.

Ning Qingxue breathed at easy, it seemed her threat had worked. She threw all the desk and chairs into the sea and found a place to sit. The thing probably wasnt afraid of her, but afraid of her necklace.

Silver saw Ning Qingxue sit down, and jumped next to her.

Suddenly, there was a rumble. Fire crossed half of the sky, hence, Ning Qingxue stood up and walked to the head of the ship, where Silver was. She noticed that the sulfur island was in flames, lava burst into the air with dust and smoke. It even splashed the ship Ning Qingxue was on.

The volcano had erupted. If she had hesitated before, she would've been turned into dust on the island.

Looking at the strength of the eruption, Ning Qingxue knew the island was gone and so was the primitive tribe on it. Although she didnt know them, Ning Qingxue still felt sad. Human life was this weak in the awakening of nature's power.


At that moment, Ye Mo was on the fishing ship, he had stopped where Eden first escaped. Other than wind, there was nothing else. There were no signs of the incident.

Eden saw that Ye Mo's face wasnt happy and said, "I think those pirates are long gone."

Ye Mo sneered but didnt say anything. At that moment, there was a huge explosion in the distance and then a burst of lava into the air.

"Oh my god, its a volcanic eruption. This is amazingly grand, yet terrifying!" Eden exclaimed.

Was it some active volcanic island? This was the first time Ye Mo saw a volcanic eruption. He felt uneasy, "Eden, drive the boat over to the volcanic eruption."

Eden was dazed. The eruption had just started. If they drove the ship over and got caught in it, how could they live?

Seeing Eden still hesitate, Ye Mo's expression sunk and said, "Eden, do you think you can get Daphne with balls like that?"

Eden blushed and immediately said, "Im not being timid, this is being reasonable. If we pilot the boat over, we might get caught in the volcanic eruption. Youre wrong if you think theres only one place where lava erupts. There are other active spots under the ocean. If we get closer, one of them might erupt right under us."

Ye Mo said plainly, "You talk so much, but all I'm really getting is that you're afraid die. If you fear death, then let me pilot."

Ye Mo didnt kick him off the boat this time. After all, he couldn't have said that on a whim.

Eden didnt reply to Ye Mo, and just piloted the ship to the volcanic island. He drove very fast, as though he was trying to prove to Ye Mo he wasnt afraid of death.

Ye Mo smiled. However, neither Ye Mo nor Ning Qingxue could expect that their ships would brush past each other. One was leaving the island, the other one went there.

The fishing boat soon was in the range of the island, there was just lava everywhere.

Even at such a distance, one could feel the scorching heat.

Ye Mo looked at the endless lava and said helplessly, "Let's go." He knew that even if there had been any evidence on the island, it was gone now.

Eden wanted Ye Mo to say that. As soon as Ye Mo said it, he piloted the ship away.

Ye Mo was getting impatient, after not having been able to find Ning Qingxue for days. After spending two days with Ye Mo, Eden also knew that Ye Mo had come there to find his wife. He had the feeling that they were both on the same predicament.

Ye Mo knew he was being impetuous, and he sat at the top of the ship in silence. He used cultivation to calm himself.

Eden saw this and shut his mouth. He focused on controlling the ship and using the radar.

Six hours later, a bright moon appeared in the sky. The night sea was quiet and clam, unlike the day. Eden thought about how lucky they had been not to have encountered any storms. If they did, their boat could sink easily.

Ye Mo finished a big meridian cycle, and felt easy and clam. At that moment, he heard Eden scream.

"Whats wrong?" Ye Mo immediately appeared next to Eden.

Eden didnt even notice how Ye Mo had come, he just pointed at the radar screen excitedly, "I found two targets, 50 nautical miles away."

Ye Mo stood up and said, "Then what are you waiting for? Let's approach them."


Ning Qingxue didnt know how to control a boat, furthermore, even if she did, she wouldnt know which direction to go. She could only pull the sails as high as possible, and let the ship go on its own.

In less than half a day, Ning Qingxue encountered another ship.

If it wasnt for Silver, she wouldnt have even know there was another ship driving towards them. Because Ning Qingxue needed to cultivate, she told Silver to guard her. She stopped due to Silver's chirps of alarm.

Ning Qingxue looked at the direction Silver pointed with her head, there really was a ship. It was still blurry, but under the moonlight she could confirm it was a ship and it was driving towards her.

Was she saved? The first thought she had was that she could finally see Ye Mo. As long as a ship brought her on land, then no matter which country it was, she could get back.

When the ship got closer, Ning Qingxue saw the flag on that ship. Her face immediately went pale. Her new hope was gone, now she felt horror.

The ship was exactly the same as hers and one could see the upside down skull. The owner of this ship was probably from the same group as that ship. Now that those people had caught up, what could she do?

The ship was clearly heading towards her.

Ning Qingxue grabbed her gun, she could see the people on that ship. There were at least tens of people on it.

Ning Qingxue wouldnt naively think that a proper ship would had such a flag. This was obviously a pirate ship.

Ning Qingxue really wanted to put her sails down and go on another direction, but she didnt how to pilot the ship.
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