Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 419

Chapter 419: The Fishing Boat That Didnt Avoid

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Seeing the ship near her, Ning Qingxue gave up on trying to control the ship with sails and grabbed her gun.

As the ship appeared before her eyes, the tens of people on it stared straight at Ning Qingxue, their eyes like those of ravenous wolves. It was as though they couldnt see the gun in her hands at all but only the goddess-like Ning Qingxue.

There were about ten meters in between them, but Ning Qingxue actually heard them gulping from that distance. Her heart sunk; she wanted to open fire but she wouldnt be able to kill this many pirates with her gun.

"God, such a beautiful woman! I must have her..." the leading white man sighed. Although it was English, Ning Qingxue could understand it.

"Shawn, that is our leaders ship. That woman is there, but how come I dont see our leader?" at this moment, the bulky man next to that white man remembered their purpose.

They came to find their lost leader, not pretty women. However, this woman was too beautiful.

These words made everyone on the ship refocus. They didnt see their leader on their leaders ship yet saw an insanely beautiful woman. In this boundless sea, this seemed a little creepy.

"Shes actually holding a gun, haha!" There was laughter everywhere; no one took her gun seriously.

"Put your gun down and come to our ship!" a man yelled through a horn to Ning Qingxue.

Ning Qingxue could hear their words clearly, and as she understood English, she now knew what her fate would be were she to fall in their hands.

Ning Qingxue suddenly saw the leader raise his hand, and a white light came howling at her wrist.

Flying dart? Ning Qingxue reacted instantaneously yet didnt manage to dodge it. Before the dart could strike her, it was blocked by a white light. Ning Qingxue knew it had to be the necklace protecting her again. She looked down at it; it had gotten a lot dimmer. Ning Qingxue felt very angry.

She didnt expect these foreigners to be so good at using projectiles. She immediately grabbed the gun and started shooting at them.

Those pirates were experienced though. The moment Ning Qingxue raised her gun, almost everyone squatted down. Other than one unlucky guy who was struck by a bullet, everyone else had dodged it.

She knew that the reason she was even able to fire her weapon at all was because these pirates didnt want to kill her and wanted her alive. Ning Qingxue quickly hid inside the ship as the pirates just kept sailing forward. After a few gunshots, she noticed the sails on the ship were down, and it had stopped its rapid speed.

Ning Qingxue suddenly felt sad. Not because she was about to die to pirates, but because she didnt get to see Ye Mo.

She wasnt afraid of death, but she didnt want to die like this. She didnt even get to see Ye Mo to say sorry and make up for what she did.

Ning Qingxue changed the clip. She only had two in total.

Silver snuck up to Ning Qingxue as though feeling Ning Qingxues helplessness. It could only whimper every now and then.

"Woman, put down your weapon and walk out. We promise we wont hurt you, but if you resist any more, we will blow up your ship," the voice sounded again.

Ning Qingxue bit her lips and ran out from the crevice spraying bullets once more. This time, she hit two people. The remaining people seemed to have been angered by her. Despite their anger though, they still didnt shoot, afraid of hurting Ning Qingxue.

Two bombs landed on Ning Qingxues ship immediately blasting out two large holes on the head of the ship. They didnt bomb any further and kept on threatening through the horn.

Ning Qingxue hid in one corner with Silver. She knew she only had around bullets left. If she started shooting once more, she would run out of bullets.

Even though her fireball charm was powerful, it could only kill around three people.

Just when Ning Qingxue was desperately thinking of ideas, she felt the ship shake. Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked back at the ships head. A metal anchor had landed on the ship directly into the hole.

The reason why those pirates had blasted holes on the ship was to land their anchor. A white rope connected the anchor to their ship. Ning Qingxue knew she had no path of retreat now.

Ning Qingxue suddenly stood up, she was going to fire her gun one last time before jumping into the sea to commit suicide.

"Silver, after I jump into the sea, fly away; there might be an island nearby. That will be much better than staying here and waiting to die." Ning Qingxue patted Silvers plumage. She would miss this bird.

If it wasnt for Silver accompanying her, she would've felt like it was torture staying on this ghost ship. But Silver had given her courage. With Silver's company, she was even able to cultivate.

Silver could clearly understand her as it started whimpering, but suddenly, it stopped. It started chirping instead and pulled Ning Qingxues sleeve with its beak, as though wanting her to take a look at something.

Ning Qingxue subconsciously looked in the direction Silver was pointing with its beak. She saw another boat come over; Silver intended for her to get on that boat and escape.

Ning Qingxue smiled bitterly. That ship was fast indeed, but she could see that it was merely a fishing boat. She stopped paying it any heed back and patted Silvers feathers, "Thats a fishing boat. The people on it cant even protect themselves, how can they save us?"

The other ships people also noticed the fishing boat and pointed their guns at it. Once the boat got in their shooting range, they would fire at it.

The reason they didnt deal killing blows to Ning Qingxues ship was on one hand because it was their leaders ship, and on the other hand because Ning Qingxue was such an otherworldly beauty. When it came to pirates, they only pursued two things in life: money and women.

However, what they didnt understand was that this fishing boat didnt avoid them yet actually accelerated as it sped over. What they didnt understand even more was how there could be a fishing boat this deep in open water.


Eden saw from far away that the two ships he'd detected with his radar had skull flags on them. He wanted to change course right away, but Ye Mo stopped him.

Eden didnt know what Ye Mos name was so he could only call out desperately, "Those two ships are the ones I talked about. Those are pirate ships! They have weapons; its suicide if we go there!"

Ye Mo walked slowly to the head of the ship and said, "Wasnt your Daphne taken by them?"

Eden said without hesitation, "Yes, they were the ones who took her away. They killed countless passengers on the Bema and took all the women aboard. They're demons!"

Ye Mo sneered, "Even though these demons took your Daphne youre not going to save her? Instead, youre going to run away? I dont think your love for her was genuine at all. In that case, you can run away, but I need to go over and have a look."

Of course Ye Mo was going over, he wouldnt let anyone he saw in this region of the sea go just like that. What if these people knew where Ning Qingxue was?

"No, its suicide to go there! I will go back to call for help to save Daphne. Otherwise I'll die for nothing with Daphne still not being saved," Eden saw that Ye Mo was misunderstanding him and quickly explained.

Approaching it from Edens perspective, Ye Mo knew that he was right. It would mean suicide for him to go there if he were alone.

Ye Mo smiled, "Eden, if you trust me, then come with me to save your Daphne. If you dont, then get on your hoop and flee. These pirates are no threat to me, but you need to choose fast. Our ship is nearing theirs.

Edens face changed rapidly and eventually, he sighed. Even if he didnt trust Ye Mo, it was too late now anyway. He was only a couple hundred meters away from the two ships. Even if he did jump now, he would be seen and caught by the pirates. If he was going to die either way, he might as well go along with this bold Chinese guy and fight!

Rumble- A bomb landed at the rim of the boat. Eden felt the boat shake. He knew it was over now. The pirates were firing without an ounce of hesitation.

Eden tried to control the boat to go a little further. Then, he yelled to Ye Mo at the head of the boat, "Get in quickly, I need to change direction-"

But as soon as he finished saying this, he realized in shock that the Chinese guy was gone. He had still been standing at the head of the ship a moment ago, yet after that cannon blast, he was gone.
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