Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 420

Chapter 420: Encounter Like A Dream

Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter
The moment the bomb fell on the ship, Ye Mo was already flying to the pirate ship, but he only got halfway, what he saw with his spirit sense almost made him fall in the water.

Ning Qingxue, it was Qinxue! Ye Mo wouldve never thought that he would see Ning Qingxue at that moment.

Ye Mo soon came to his senses. He really had found Ning Qingxue, he changed directions immediately and flew onto Ning Qingxue's ship. Ye Mo was so fast that no one even saw him.

Ning Qingxue was as if she had been hit by lightning, she stared dumbly at Ye Mo who gradually descended on the ship. Crank- The gun in her hands had fallen on the ground but she didnt even notice.

"Ye Mo, is it really you? Have I died? Why am I hallucinating?" Ning Qingxue murmured to herself. She couldn't believe that her yearning had touched the heavens and had allowed her to see Ye Mo before she died. But seeing Ye Mo then, other than an illusion before death, what else could it be? How could Ye Mo appear on the ship for no reason?

Seeing Ning Qingxues expression and emaciated figure, Ye Mo's heart ached. He knew that Ning Qingxue had recovered her memories. Otherwise, she wouldnt be like this.

Ye Mo walked over and reached out for her, gently hugging her, "Qingxue, it really is me." Ye Mo suddenly was full of satisfaction. His endless killing intent was gone the moment he put his arms around Ning Qingxue. It was his greatest satisfaction to be able to meet Ning Qingxue in that immeasurable ocean. He even thanked those Japanese men for giving him the radar. If it hadn't been for that radar, he still wouldnt be close to finding Ning Qingxue.

"Ye Mo, it really is you?" Ning Qingxue stood up excitedly and hugged Ye Mo tighter. In that moment, she was so blissful that her heart was about pounding like crazy. There was only one voice in her mind, and it said, "This is real, this really is Ye Mo."

The dream was so real that she couldn't to believe it.

In that instance, they only had each other in their hearts, everything else was extraneous. Or perhaps, it was more than just having each other in their arms and feeling their existence, no words could express what they were feeling at that moment. Only embracing each other could make them both really feel how real it was.

Time seemed to have stopped then. The ocean waves paused, other than the old diesel engine on the fishing ship that was still working, everyone looked dumbly at Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue.

No one on the pirate ship realized how Ye Mo had jumped a few hundred meters to get to Ning Qingxue. They were just thinking, "These two dare to embrace each other in front of all these guns like nothing, are they dumb?"

However, it was just a moment, then the pirates woke up. What made them angry was that a goddess-like woman such as Ning Qingxue was in another man's arms, when they didn't even get to touch her.

"Kill him." Shawn was the first to react, and pointed at Ye Mo with fury. In his eyes, Ning Qingxue was his, how dare someone embrace his woman.

Eden was still nervously controlling the ship, trying to move out of their attack range, but all of a sudden noticed that the cannon had stopped attacking. It was a brief moment of silence. Immediately after, he saw Ye Mo hugging a white-clothed woman. That woman was from the skull pirate ship.

Eden rubbed his eyes to make sure he was seeing right.

"Is this woman his wife? Was she also taken by the pirates? How come the pirates still havent attacked him yet?" Eden was very confused.

Bang- The sound of a sniper rifle shook Eden. No, the Chinese man who saved him was being attacked by the pirates. It was the sound of a sniper rifle. Eden got worried, so much that he forgot the fact that Ye Mo was on the skull ship.

Ye Mo raised his hand and instantly caught the bullet. Then, he looked at Ning Qingxue and said, "Qingxue, are these people are harassing you?"

Ning Qingxue didn't feel any of Ye Mo's killing intent. She was already immersed in Ye Mo's arms, nothing else mattered. She hadn't even heard what Ye Mo had said, nor realized that Ye Mo had caught a bullet.

"Did I miss?" the sniper on Shawn's ship looked at his hand in disbelief. There was no way for him to miss at such short range, but the fact was that he did. He couldn't have possibly imagined that Ye Mo had caught his bullet.

Ye Mo was fine so, other than his shot having missed, what else could it be?

Just when he wanted to shoot a second time, Ye Mo had already placed Ning Qingxue behind him.

"You won't need to shoot twice, I will send you into the sea."

Then, Ye Mo kicked and the sniper, who then was getting ready for his second shot, was thrown in the air and into the sea. However, before he had landed, he was already dead.

Shawn reacted, he had his projectile skills and was much more pro-active than his companion. It was a 20 meters distance, how had that man managed to get there in an instant and also bring a woman with him?

Then, he remembered what happened before. Ye Mo had been on that fishing boat 300 meters away from the ship, but he somehow got there.

Before he could think these two things through, Ye Mo kicked away more than 20 pirates. All of them were thrown into the sea, and no one could even struggle.

This was only in a matter of a second or two. Looking at the remaining 7 or 8 people on the ship, Shawn started to sweat. He knew he was done. He had offended someone he shouldn't have offended. His men couldnt even fire, they were almost all dead. He didn't bother to shout "fire", he knew there was no difference whether he did it or not.

"Qianbei, have mercy." Luckily, Shawn understood a bit of Chinese culture.

Ye Mo couldn't understand what he was saying and, while he spoke, he knocked out another four pirates who had tried to fire. Including Shawn, there were only 3 pirates left on the ship.

Ning Qingxue was woken up because of this. She looked up and found she was still in Ye Mo's arms but not on the same ship.

Ning Qingxue was aware of Ye Mo's power, she scanned Shawn's ship. She saw the 3 remaining pirates looking at Ye Mo in terror, as though he was a demon from hell.

Ye Mos expression sunk as he said coldly, "You wanted to attack my woman, yet you still beg for mercy, keep dreaming." Then, he kicked the two remaining pirates. Now, Shawn was the only one left.

Ning Qingxue heard Ye Mos words and blushed a little. Although Ye Mos words were dominating, she didnt feel annoyed at all. Instead, she felt warm inside, but immediately, she thought about the fact that she wasnt his woman yet.

A few hundred meters away, Eden finally managed to control his ship and looked up, catching Ye Mo kick those ferocious pirates one by one into the sea. Eden was stunned and uttered, "Oh my god!"

He guessed that Ye Mo was no ordinary person for daring to search for his wife alone on a fishing boat, but Ye Mos power far exceeded his expectations. How could he be this ferocious? Those ravenous beast-like pirates were like toys in his wake. They couldnt even so much as raise their guns.

Eden was no idiot. He immediately wondered, 'When did Ye Mo leave the fishing boat? It seemed to have been at the same time as a cannon landed on the boat.' He had still been worrying for Ye Mo, yet this Chinese person had already appeared on one of the skull ships. The next time he saw him again, the Chinese guy had appeared with his woman on the other ship.

'God, this is too magical!' Eden couldnt understand how Ye Mo had moved around like that, but he sure was in a good mood now. No wonder he'd told him to steer the ship to the place of the incident; he had nothing to fear. Comprehending that, Eden directed the fishing boat towards the pirate ship.

Shawn had wanted to pull out his gun as he hesitated countless times but eventually, he didnt dare to. He knew that the person in front him had left him alive not due to mercy. This person must have something to ask of him.
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