Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 421

Chapter 421: Pirates

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Shawn was a pirate, sure, but he wasnt the kind of pirate that doesnt understand anything. He only needed one look at those people that were kicked down to notice that not even one of them was swimming in the ocean. That could only mean they were all killed by this person.

Compared to pirates, this man killed much faster. Them pirates would first show off a bit and try to scare those whom they were about to kill, yet for this man killing seemed as easy as taking a breath. His face didnt even change one bit, as though killing was completely normal to him.

Thinking about this, Shawn kneeled to the ground uncontrollably. He was a pirate and sure, he could kill people, but that didnt mean he didnt fear death.

Ye Mo didnt bother with Shawn and nodded at Eden who climbed up. Then, he looked back at Silver who appeared, "Qingxue why do you have a big bird following you?"

Ning Qingxue woke up from her joy of the reunion with Ye Mo and recounted what had happened at the sulfur island.

Ye Mo was shocked listening to this. If Ning Qingxue hadnt acted so fast, then she would've been dead because of the power of nature, and he wouldnt even be able to get revenge for her.

Seeing Ye Mo worry, Ning Qingxue quickly grabbed his hand and said, "Those things are over. My greatest fortune now is to be able to see you again. Sorry about last time, I-"

Ye Mo smiled and stopped Ning Qingxue from talking. He didnt blame her. He knew Ning Qingxue well, and he couldnt blame her for that seeing how she'd lost her memories. Ning Qingxue was actually more emotional than him. He could tell from how she went to the Flowing Snake desert and to Shen Nong Jia.

Once she was in love, she wouldnt even care about life. She was a very extreme person, at least when it came to love. When she had been willing to accept Luo Ying, Ye Mo had completely accepted her. Usually, those extreme girls wouldnt be able to tolerate other wimen being with their man, but after hearing Ye Mos words and knowing that she was the one who came later, she wondered instead whether Luo Ying would accept her and not whether she could accept Ye Mo.

To most people living in this era, her decision would seem unacceptable, yet she hadnt hesitated at all. Although this was due to her familys influence, it was still heavily related to her immense love for Ye Mo.

This was why Ye Mo loved her so much. She was very similar to him in this aspect. If it werent for his master, Luo Ying, Ye Mo believed that Ning Qingxue would be the best partner for him. The longer he stayed with her, the more he was melted by her love. Other than Ye Mo, no one knew Ning Qingxue had this passionate side to her. Perhaps in other peoples eyes, she was a prideful and cold person, but Ye Mo knew that that was because others didnt understand her.

Ye Mo saw that Eden went to find a rope to tie up Shawn. Shawn was helpless and could only cooperate.

"You call it Silver? That's a strange name," Ye Mo pointed at Silver who cowered behind Ning Qingxues back and asked.

Silver seemed to know that Ye Mo also had that chi that he liked on Ning Qingxue, but Ye Mo was more powerful, so it didnt dare near Ye Mo.

"Uhu, because I saw a silver plum leaf pattern on her chest I called her Silver," Ning Qingxue leaned on Ye Mos side and said.

"Silver plum leaf?" Ye Mo suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed this big bird, investigating its chest.

Silver immediately whimpered upon being grabbed by Ye Mo. Ning Qingxue saw that there was also anger in its eyes and quickly patted it, saying, "Dont worry, he wont harm you."

Ye Mo put down Silver and frowned.

"Can you see something? I feel like it looks like an eagle," Ning Qingxue said.

Ye Mo shook his head, "Its not an eagle. Eagles wouldnt be like this. It looks more like the mythical blue phoenix to me."

Seeing Ning Qingxue confusion, Ye Mo explained, "This is just my guess, I'm not basing it on anything much. But its said that the blue phoenix is a bird born for love; they spend their entire lives searching for their fated counterpart. They are born from the world and have a silver plum leaf pattern on its chest, implying that its birth might be related to the silver plum leaf. I just grabbed it and it chirped in anger because its a female bird. Blue phoenixs plumage are supposed to be blue like the sky though; this bird is different.

Hearing Ye Mo say that it was female, Silver chirped in anger again as though protesting. Ning Qingxue quickly took it in her arms, and it finally calmed it down.

"Qingxue, why are there so many minor ghosts on that ship?" Ye Mo immediately saw clearly what was on Ning Qingxues ship.

"You can see them?" Ning Qingxue asked in shock. She also knew that ship wasnt clean but couldnt see anything.

Ye Mo nodded, "Your power is still low, but when you reach stage 3 of chi gathering, you will be able to see minor ghosts too. Right now, youre only at the peak of stage 1."

Ning Qingxue finally understood why she couldnt see anything but didnt ask why there was one black shadow she could see. She would tell Ye Mo about it later.

"Those minor ghosts didnt do anything to me, I think we can just let it go," Ning Qingxue said.

Eden found the spare time to walk up to Ye Mo and put up his thumb, "Your wife is so much prettier than my Daphne, youre really amazing. This is the first time Ive seen such a beautiful woman."

Ye Mo didnt answer Edens words and walked up to Shawn and slapped him on the head. Then, he told Eden, "Ask him what hes doing here and where his base is."

Shawn didnt have the guts to hide anything and spilled everything.

Eden was starting to get the picture soon, but before he could explain to Ye Mo, Ning Qingxue already said, "That Shawn guy said they came to find their leader. They belong to the Skull Pirate Organization and have been planning to hijack the biggest luxury cruiser Bema and bring large amounts of wealth and women to their base for half a year already. But halfway through, there was some mist, and the two ships were separated.

Eden didnt expect Ye Mos wifes English to be this good. Her translation was spot on.

Ning Qingxue continued, "When Shawn brought the women and wealth back to their base on Peng Shi Island, they found out that their leader hadnt come back. They left the wealth and women at the island and came out searching for their leader. Then, they met me here because the ship I was on belongs to their leader."

"Qingxue, how come you were on that ship in the first place? Also, what happened that day? I know you went to find your mom, and shes fine now, so dont worry about it," Ye Mo said.

"My moms fine," Ning Qingxues heart felt relieved. Although she hadnt mentioned it out loud, her worry for her mother was always there. Even though her mother had told her to avoid contact with Ye Mo, she was still her mother. Not to mention, her mother wasnt trying to harm her.

Seeing Ye Mo nod, Ning Qingxue recounted everything that had happened after she boarded the plane.

Ye Mo nodded; this was pretty much conform to what he had investigated.

Eden was still shocked, he wouldnt have expected the Japanese to be bold enough to do something like this. Abducting this many scientists!

Everything was pretty much clear now, other than how the leader had disappeared. Ning Qingxue knew a little about how the leader disappeared, but she didnt say anything.

Ye Mo gave Eden a look and said, "You can give this information to the Pentagon, I believe they will be interested."

Although Ye Mo really wanted to go eradicate that Black Sun Empire, his joy of seeing Ning Qingxue made him just want to bring her back and not go around fighting anymore. Letting the Americans fight the Japanese was more ideal.

"I would still like to save Daphne, and since youre this powerful" Eden looked hesitantly at Ye Mo. He knew Ye Mo was strong, but Ye Mo had found who he was looking for already. He didnt know if Ye Mo would be willing to help him find Daphne.

Ye Mo of course knew what Eden meant. Although he didnt want to go to that Peng Shi Island, Eden was a good person. Even after being hit by a cannon, he didnt run away with the boat. They were both here to find people, he couldnt just brush it off and leave after getting what he wanted.

Ning Qingxue looked at Ye Mo in confusion. Ye Mo told Edens story to her. Looking at Edens pleading eyes, Ning Qingxue thought that Eden must be feeling quite similar to how she had felt the Eden before.
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