Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Each Having Their Own Calculations

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As Luo Yue grew bigger, almost all the pharmaceutical companies could buy the company's shares. Even if they werent a subcontractor, they could get benefits out of it due to being related to their own subcontractor. Except Yuan Bei corporation.

Not only their young CEO had fail at being selected, he was also called names and kicked out. He had become a joke. Not only a joke in the pharmaceutical industry, but also a joke among civilians.

If Yuan Bei's problems could be helped, they still wouldnt be the number one pharmaceutical corporation in Asia. What is more, even if Yuan Bei could, their young CEO couldnt.

But, Yuan Bei no longer needed to resist it anymore, because Luo Yue had raged at them first. They seemed to have great enmity with Yuan Bei. Not only did they kick Yuan Qibing out of the conference in front of the whole world, they also said that those who collaborate with Yuan Bei corporation, will not be accepted in Luo Yue.

Bam- Yuan Qibing slammed the table. Before their corporation could do anything, this newcomer had dared to set them up. It was outrageous.

What made him angrier was that the men his father had sent to capture Ning Qingxue happened to be on the plane that had gone missing.

"Luo Yue, okay, okay. Since I cant have Ning Qingxue, I will use Yu Miaodan instead. Although youre a bit old, but it makes you dirtier in bed" Yuan Qibings tone was cold, the veins in his head popped out.

A man in his 50s walked in saying calmly, "Bing, youre too impetuous." Behind him there was a middle aged man of medium build in his 40s.

Yuan Qibing quickly got up, "Dad, Uncle Ping, youre here."

The man in his 50s was the CEO of Yuan Bei corporation, Yuan Zhirong. Uncle Ping was Yuan Zhirongs right hand. Many years ago, Yuan Zhirong had saved Che Weiping from death. In order to pay back this debt, Che Weiping pretty much sold his life to Yuan ZHirong and changed his name to Yuan, becoming Yuan Weiping.

Yuan Zhirong sat down and said, "its said people plan things and the heavens decide about them. This failure is just bad luck, not a misplay on our side. But Im surprised that a mere company like Luo Yue dares to attack us. They are just newcomers, how dare they attack us!"

"Dad, do they have very strong support?" Yuan Qibing calmed down. His annoyance was truly due to the loss of Ning Qingxue.

Yuan Zhirong shook his head, "I told Weiping to investigate, he didnt find any strong governmental support. There are two CEOs in Luo Yue, one is Zang Jiayan, a retired soldier. However, Yu Miaodans origin was a bit strange. Up until now, I still havent found out where she comes from. The only concern is that recently Ye Ling of the Ye family appeared in Flowing Snake. This Ye Ling might be related to Luo Yues higher ups. Perhaps the reason Fei Yu was chosen was because of Ye Ling.

Yuan Qibing was dazed, "Beijing's Ye family? They are supporting Luo Yue, doesnt that mean we cant get revenge on Luo Yue?"

He was thinking that if the Ye family protected Luo Yue, then it would be hard to get Yu Miaodan to bed. Although the Ye family wasnt as big as before, it was still significant.

Yuan Zhirong shook his head, "Ye Ling is nothing to worry about, she cant represent the Ye family. Shes representing herself. What is more, the Ye family cant even cope with themselves, much less with Luo Yue. If the Ye family was involved in pharmaceutics, then we would need to be careful, but they arent."

Yuan Qibing nodded. He understood what his father meant. Its said that there was an internal conflict going on in the Ye family. Ye Weiqi and Ye Weijin, who both had high positions in Beijing, had been kicked out. Ye Wenqi died in less than half a year. Plus, the old man, Ye Beirong, had retired and the Ye family has no successful younger generation. They could only push Ye Zifeng, who was in his 20s, to be the new family leader. So, although the Ye family still had the name of the 5 big families of China, it was declining. But even so, they werent something the Yuan family could compare with.

"Luo Yue is acting like a little kid, saying that those who cooperate with us will be excluded from cooperation with them. Hmm, do they think that they can win like this?" Yuan Zhirong sneered.

Yuan Qibing opened his mouth. He was about to make a statement saying that those who collaborate with Luo Yue would also never be considered by Yuan Bie. Now that his father put it like that, it was indeed immature.

But then, Yuan Zhirong seemed not to see his sons expression and continued, "Bing, you can also make a statement saying that those who collaborate with Luo Yue will never be considered by Yuan Bei."

"Dad, this way, wont we be as immature as Luo Yue? You just said" Although he wanted to say that, he felt his fathers words were right. They cant deal with things immaturely like that.

"Immature? I will let them know that were also as immature as them. I want to see who can be more immature." Yuan Zhirong sneered.

Then, he continued, "Weiping, spread immediately a few rumors denigrating the beauty pill, at the same time, also spread a few rumors saying that those who take the healthy pill will lose organ functions. We must have specialists prove this as well. I will contact the department of hygiene and medicine. If can't destroy them completely, I won't need to do business anymore. At the same time, I will let journalists go promote for Luo Yue. Weiping, you need to remember, you must make the victim believe that its due to the pills, we cant buy this favor. "

"Dad, are you saying that we should pretend were immature and that we want to fight with Luo Yue, but then secretly attack from behind?" Yuan Qibing had a surprised look on his face. Although he also wanted to do this, he felt it was harsh. Father would use the government and the media together, and then use victims to step on Luo Yue. This was much easier.

Then, Yuan Qibing suddenly thought of the Ye family. Although they were on decline, it still was something the Yuan family shouldn't mess with. Thinking about this, Yuan Qibing immediately said, "Dad, if the Ye family."

Yuan Zhirong waved his hand and said "Bing'er, just do as I tell you, Ye family wont help Luo Yue. Even if they do, they will be dealt with. Furthermore, the current Ye family leader, Ye Zifeng, is very conservative. It is highly unlikely they will intervene in this, but I really hope they do."

Yuan Zhirong sneered. In him Yuan Qibing saw the face of being a mastermind, this gave Yuan Qibing a huge confidence boost. He felt he still needed to learn a lot from his father.

"Dad, last time you sent people to Flowing Snake, then" Yuan Qibing thought of the two things his father had said last time and couldnt help feel his dad was had planned this all along.

Yuan Zhirong waved his hand, "Your uncle Ping will take care of this, you dont need to worry about it."


Compared to Yuan Bei corporations schemes, Yu Miaodan seemed calm. Even if Ye Mo didnt call back, she was planning to attack the Yuan Bei corporation, and with more reason if Ye Mo called for her to target them.

So the day Ye Mo called, Yu Miaodan immediately held a high-level meeting.

Yang Jiu had accomplished a lot recently, and was allowed in this meeting. But as soon as he came, he said something that shocked everyone. It was that he and Han Zai would go kill the Yuan family father and son.

To be honest, although Zang Jiayan and they didnt like Yang Jius suggestion, Yu Miaodan was touched. It would indeed be a clean cut if they did it. She came from the mafia, so she didnt mind that. But Zang Jiayan came from the military and he strongly rejected this.

"I feel that recently, there have been a lot of anonymous people appearing in Flowing Snake. They all seem to be investigating our corporate secrets. I think its important to attack the Yuan Bei corporation, but its also important to protect our corporate secrets." Xu Ping said carefully.

He wasnt earth level yet, only black level middle stage. Although he had a chi increasing pill, he needed to reach black level peak before he could use it. The reason he was this careful was that he had found a lot of ancient martial artists amongst the people who had come to Flowing Snake. He didnt mention this fearing to cause panic.

"Does Brother Xu also feel this way? In fact, Ive long been feeling this too. I feel like we need to establish a system in Flowing Snake. Otherwise, this is too chaotic, random people can come in and out of Flowing Snake casually", said Yu Miaodan frowning.

Zang Jiayan sighed, "Establish a system? Flowing Snake is the borderland between 3 countries. 80% of our land belongs to Lu Se and 20% belongs to Vietnam. If we overtly rule there, then were declaring independence. Neither Lu Se nor Vietnam would allow this. Can we fight against two countries?"

Mo Hai sighed, "In fact, Im afraid weve already caught the attention of those two countries. Flowing Snake was a barren place before, but now its getting more and more prosperous. I feel like Lu Se is about to do something. However, Ye Qianbei still hasnt come back yet. I wanted to mention it but I didnt know what to do."
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