Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Join

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After Mo Hais words it was deadly silent. Neither Yu Miaodan nor Zang Jiayan spoke. It wasnt that they hadnt thought about it, but they hadnt expected Luo Yue to prosper that rapidly and have people preying on it.

If it was just a person, a corporation or even a gang, it really wouldnt matter. But if it was two countries, could a small corporation put a fight against two countries?

Furthermore, legally, it was their land.

Seeing the atmosphere get tense, Yu Miaodan waved her hands and said, "Lets not talk about this for now, lets talk about the Yuan Bei corporation."

"Thats easy, they think theyre an older pharmaceutical brand and dont consider us on their level. Its very easy for us to cripple them." Mo Hai spoke.

Seeing everyone look at him, Mo Hai continued, "Their core product is called the Heart Safety Serum. The main ingredient for this is ji wu. There are very few amounts of it anyway, so we can mass buy ji wu and make them short on supply.

Secondly, the other main product of theirs is called Dew Powder. Its a skin whitening product. Although our beauty pill is countless times better than that, we have no advantages in terms of price. If we push out a similar product to that using the beauty pills name, the Dew Powder would be no match for us."

Hearing this, Yu Miaodan sighed. Mo Hai had grasped the core for defeating Yuan Bei corporation. Although Luo Yue had a lot of talent, they didnt have a single commercial expert like Mo Ha, who knew all about the industrys situation.

To be honest, even she had started out as a gangster. They couldnt keep going like that, she needed to hire new talents.


Hong Kong, Xu Yue Hotel. It was Xu Yuehuas hotel. It was very significant to have a 5 star hotel in Hong Kong, Xu Yuehua had been fighting in Hong Kong for about 20 years so she had seven of these in Hong Kong and mainland China. Three of them were 5 star hotels.

Ever since Lu Si had come to join her, she had indeed investigated the Fu familys four brothers and knew it was the best time to join Ye Mo. After this, perhaps even if she wanted to change her mind, Ye Mo wouldnt want her anymore. Although her capabilities were good, she could tell with her experience that Ye Mo didnt like people who kept changing minds.

She was 36 now and, if she wasted time, she would get old soon. She already had money that she couldnt even finish spending, but whats the point of earning that much money. She suspected that Ye Mo was already great heaven level. If Ye Mo really was great heaven, then it would be very easy for him to get revenge for her.

Xu Yuehua clenched her fists, she decided to contact Flowing Snake.

Xu Yuehuas secretary walked to the door and knocked, "Sister Hua, two guests arrived at the hotel. One claims to be Sister Huas friend, hes called Ye Mo, theres also another girl with him"

"Huh" Xu Yuehua suddenly stood up, Ye Mo had arrived? "Quick! Invite Mr Ye in, oh, wait Ill go over myself"

As soon as Xu Yuehua spoke, she heard Ye Mos voice outside the door, "CEO Xu, no need for that, Im already here."

"Senior Ye, please take a seat. A Zi, quickly go make some tea." Xu Yuehua nervously invited Ye Mo and Ning Qingxue into the office. She didnt expect Ye Mo to come there himself.

Ye Mo smiled, "CEO Xu, you can just call me Ye Mo. Qingxue, this is Xu Yuehua, CEO Xu, I told you about her. CEO XU, this is my wife, Ning Qingxue."

The reason Ye Mo hadnt taken Ning Qingxue back to Ning Hai, and came to Hong Kong instead was that he still had some business there. That was why he had come to see Xu Yuehua, but it was also due to Xu Yuehua that he had managed to find her so quickly this time. He could see how valuable was Xu Yuehua. His company Luo Yue had just started and he needed people like Xu Yuehua.

"Huh, Ye You found your wife" Xu Yuehua didnt finish the sentence, she then saw Ning Qingxue. She had seen Ning Qingxue in pictures before, she was a very pretty girl but when she met Ning Qingxue in real life, she was instantly shocked. She didnt know if Ye Mo had been looking for Ning Qingxue because of her beauty, but Ning Qingxue was the prettiest girl she had seen.

Xu Yuehua wouldnt say about herself that she is beautiful, yet she was rather confident on her looks. But looking at Ning Qingxue, she felt she was just average.

Ning Qingxue had changed into a blue dress, her silky black hair fell on her chiseled shoulders. With that jade-like skin and beautiful face, one couldnt help to feel enchanted by her upon sight. The milky white necklace on her chest still emitted a faint ray, making her seem serene yet out of this world.

If her eyes werent always on Ye Mo and she hadnt that heartfelt joy on her face, Xu Yuehua would have thought she was a goddess.

There was actually such a woman. Even she,, as a woman got a great impression of her, she couldnt image what men thought. Xu Yuehua finally understood why Yuan Qibing thought that way, no wonder.

Ning Qingxue smiled and shook hands with Xu Yuehua. She knew that people who saw her for the first time were astonished. But after looking at her for a long time, one would get used to it. Yet still, the workers in her company were always shocked from her beauty. Thats why she just gave all the duties to Li Mumei; to avoid awkwardness.

Xu Yuehua smiled awkwardly and laughed at hersel, "Mrs Ning is too pretty, I cant even help myself. Haha." Knowing this, she felt less shocked about the fact that Ye Mo had found Ning Qingxue.

"Sister Yuehua, just call me Qingxue from now on." Ning Qingxue knew that since Ye Mo had come here just for Xu Yuehua, she was no ordinary deal.

Ye Mo sat down, drank some tea and Xu Yuehua asked, "CEO Ye, I would like to join Luo Yue corporation. Ive thought about it, but after investigating some things, Im also a little confused."

To Ye Mo, it was really good news that Xu Yuehua joined Luo Yue. Her abilities had no match. She was much more capable than Western Sand, an entire organization, but no one had the power to use her.

Ye Mo nodded, "Tell me your concerns."

Xu Yuehua organized her thoughts and said, "Ive sent people to investigate at Flowing Snake but I found that I wasnt the only one, there were also a lot of people investigating Luo Yue. Luo Yue is too lucrative, it has caught the others attention. Of course, the reason Luo Yue could sustain itself until now means that there are people that can deal with this kind of people."

Ye Mo nodded, Xu Yuehua hadnt disappointed him indeed. She hadnt even been to Flowing Snake, but she already knew people were investigating there. Indeed, Luo Yue was too unprotected at Flowing Snake. But he could see from Xu Yuehuas tone that it wasnt just that.

As expected, Xu Yuehua began speaking again, "The main thing is that I found that Flowing Snake is situated between China, Vietnam and Lu Se. Hence, 80% of the land belongs to Lu Se. Lu Se has only been established there for 30 years or so. I think that once Flowing Snake flourishes, Lu Se wont let Luo Yue stay in Flowing Snake. Or, they will try to get benefits from Luo Yue. If this is the case, I would rather the latter. But Flowing Snake is also a part of Vietnams land."

Ye Mo heard this and took her even more seriously. Its not that he hadnt thought about this, but as a cultivator, he never really considered this a big issue. Now that Xu Yuehua mentioned it, he had to think about it. If the military came to take Luo Yue, should he give up or not? There was no way he was going to give it away, in which case, they would have to start a war.

He could disregard a small country like Lu Se but if Xu Yuehua wanted to join Ye Mo, how could she not care. She also knew that no matter how strong Ye Mo was, could he face a whole country?

Ye Mo smiled and looked at Xu Yuehua, "Then, what is your opinion?"

Xu Yuehua said adamantly, "I have two ideas. One, the company moves away immediately, Second, we negotiate with them to buy the land. If it were before Luo Yue had been set up there, it would be easier, but now its harder."
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