Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Snow Mountain Ancient Tomb

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Fu Youhai only dazed around for a moment before the blood from his broken wrists shot out like a jet stream. Immediately, he fell on the ground unconscious.

The moment Fu Youhai fell on the ground, the other three came back to reality and all looked at Ye Mo in shock. When they saw the bomb and controller in Ye Mos hands, their minds went blank. Theyd tried to rate Ye Mo as highly as possible, yet they eventually still underestimated him. They didnt even know when Ye Mo made a move nor how he had taken the bomb and controller. Xiao Lan even almost fainted.

Due to the mindblowing Chi Increasing Pill, they tried to gamble, but before the gamble even started, they had already lost.

Fu Youyin shivered.

The first to stand up and talk was Fu Youhai. He knew that in front of Ye Mo, they were mere insects. Regret was the only thing they felt now. If it wasnt for the encouragement of second and fourth brother, he wouldnt have thought about ambushing Ye Mo. With Ye Mos power, even if they had succeed, they might have not been able to kill Ye Mo. He was just too powerful!

When they made their plan, they only had eye for the might of the Chi Gathering Pill but failed to calculate the might of Ye Mo properly, nor would they have expected Black Widow to plant Xiao Lan next to them.

"Ye-Qianbei, we had eyes but didnt see Mount Tai. Were willing to give all we have and merely beg Qianbei to have mercy on us," Fu Youhai said; he knew he could only beg now.

Ye Mo sneered, "Youre the Hong Kong Four Strange Looks arent you? I really dont understand how your dog balls got so big! You saw me kill that Bao Ya, yet you still dared scheme for my Chi Increasing Pill?"

Ye Mo really couldnt understand. As long as they had at least a bit of brains, they shouldnt have risked it no matter how greedy they were, unless there was really something worth throwing away their life for. With their status, something that could attract them wouldnt be some ordinary thing.

Hearing Ye Mos words, a sliver of hope appeared in Fu Youhais eyes. He immediately vowed, "Ill gladly tell the reason why we wanted the Chi Increasing Pill as long as Qianbei has mercy on us."

Ye Mo sneered, "You dont have the right to negotiate with me; you have 3 seconds to start talking, or else you can go ahead and keep it a secret forever."

"Ye-Qianbei, please dont attack, well talk," Fu Youyin spoke before Fu Youhai.

Hearing this, Fu Youhai sighed. He knew that whether or not they said it, theyd be goners this time.

Ye Mos face remained unchanged, and he didnt speak, but he really did want to know why the four of them had been willing to plot against him.

Seeing Ye Mo not speak, Fu Youyin quickly explained, "15 years ago, us brothers started making a living out of tomb raiding."

"This career wasnt too bad, but because the country got too strict about it, and because there was too much competition, the job had got harder and harder. After doing it for a few years, just as were planning to quit, a friend of big brothers told us that they found an ancient great tomb. Hence, we arranged to raid that tomb together with big brothers friend and his wife. Its unknown what era the tomb owner was from, but we found two skeletons at the entrance of the tomb that had been dead for an inestimable amount of time. On these two skeletons, we found an ancient martial arts cultivation method. The book was made of unknown material, managing to survive the times. We speculated that the two must have been fighting over something and ended up killing each other. We could tell from the tools on the ground that they were both tomb raiders."

Ye Mo questioned in contempt, "Since you didnt go in, how do you know that the tomb is so significant?"

Fu Youjin continued, "Because the entrance had a huge door, the door was truly grand, but what shocked us the most was that at the top of the door there were 9 luminous pearls embedded into it. We thought that luminous pearls were of a mere thing of legends, yet that time we really saw luminous pearls. The light was very soft and felt very comfortable. It didnt feel like we were underground at all. We thought if these invaluable pearls could be embedded into the door, then whats inside must be more significant."

Ye Mo nodded, "Continue."

He hadnt suspected this. Other people might not have seen the luminous pearls, but he had seen all too many. But a luminous pearl on Earth was worth a fortune, much less 9 of them!

Fu Youjin didnt see any greed in Ye Mos eyes at all and felt even more horror. If Ye Mo had shown greed, he wouldve been able to use the location of the tomb to threaten Ye Mo, but now that didnt seem to be possible.

Fu Youjin quickly said, "My friend saw that pearl and immediately charged over but before he even got there, he was shot dead by arrows. This tomb was boobytrapped! We thought of many ways afterwards but couldnt get the luminous pearl. But perhaps we tried out too many things; the raiding tunnel we dug was about to collapse, so we quickly got out and as soon as we did, the tunnel caved in.

"You never went back in again?" Ye Mo stared at Fu Youjin and asked.

Fu Youjin shook his head, "We didnt dare go back in because when we came out, it appeared that everyones backs had been scratched by a ghost. We were thinking of trying other ways to enter again, but after cultivating that ancient martial arts cultivation method, we realized how powerful it was, so we decided to go in again after all having reached yellow level. On top of that, for those in the tomb raiding profession, if they have their backs scratched by ghosts, they cant go into a tomb within ten years. If you do: certain death.

Therefore I started thinking, If we all reach yellow level, we wont be afraid no matter how powerful the boobytraps in the tomb are. But its been 12 years later and other than me, the other 3 havent reached yellow level. Then we saw Qianbei with the Chi Increasing Pill, so we"

Ye Mos spirit sense scanned their backs, and indeed; they all had red scars. It seemed that was from when the ghost scratched their backs.

"You said you guys went in with a couple. You four are here, and the man of the couple died, but wheres the last person?" Ye Mos asked plainly. The reason he asked this was because he wanted to know if news of this tomb had spread out.

"The other woman had been there too, but after her husband died, we ended up separating. We dont know where she went," Fu Youjin quickly said.

"Hmpf!" Ye Mo sneered, "Youre lying."

Hearing this, Fu Youjin immediately began to sweat and just when he wanted to continue talking, he felt some wind hit at his head. Before he could even notice that it was a due to a broken hand kicked over by Ye M, he turned muddle-headed.

"Where did the woman go?" Ye Mo asked coldly. He also wanted to see this tomb but if news of it had gotten out, he wouldnt need to go, because it wouldve already been searched.

Hearing this, Fu Youjin replied expressionlessly, "We brought her back with us and all had a go on her before killing her."

"You really are animals!" Xiao Lan couldnt hold it and cursed.

"That womans husband was your friend! Her husband died yet not only did you not help her, you actually raped and killed her. Scum! Trash!" Xiao Lan was infuriated.

Ye Mo also felt saddened. People as cruel as this werent common even in the cultivation realm. If they were afraid of this woman leaking the news, then they couldve brought her with them and imprisoned her. Even that wouldve been better than what they did. Taking a step back, even if they had to kill her, they didnt need to rape her.

After all, this womans husband had been their pal! One really couldnt make the wrong friends; if anyone became friends with these four brothers, they had to be blind.

"Xiao Lan, wait for me outside. I will be back soon." Ye Mo didnt need Xiao Lan for recognizing the four brothers anymore, and there were some things he didnt want her to hear.

"En." Xiao Lan knew what Ye Mo meant and walked out.

Ye Mo burned Fu Youhai with a fireball and then continued to ask Fu Youjin, "Tell me the location of that tomb."

"Its in Yun Zhong Province, Snow Mountain" Fu Youjin replied without hesitation.

Fu Youyin looked at his big brother in shock. He thought his big brother would use this as a protective measure, yet he confessed it without hesitation.

Fu Youyin had desperation in his eyes as he took out a small goat skin booklet and passed it to Ye Mo, saying, "Ye-Qianbei, this is the map of that tomb and our cultivation method."
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