Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Problem with Flowing Snake

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Upon receiving Xiao Fires phone call, Fang Nan ran out as soon as he could. Flowing Snake wasnt big, he arrived at the scene by car in only a few minutes.

When he saw Xiao Metal kneeling on the ground and Ye Mo who looking unhappy, Fang Nan knew things werent going well. It was great news that Brother Ye was back, but he hadnt been managing his men recently; had they done something that offended Big Boss?

Before the car even stopped properly, Fang Nan jumped off and walked to Ye Mo respectfully, "Brother Ye, youve come back."

As he cultivated ancient martial arts, Fang Nan knew how weak he was and how unpredictably strong Ye Mo was. Before, he felt fear and admiration for Ye Mo, but now it was respect and worship. This was the reason why he had left aside his things and focused all his time on ancient martial arts.

Huan Gui was completely frightened, he didnt even dare to move. Even Metal Brothers Big Brother Fang Nan was that respectful to the young man, and he had been thinking about taking his woman. He really wanted to slap himself.

It had only been a short while, and there were already there Zang Jiayan, Yu Miaodan, Yang Jiu; basically almost all the higher ups of Luo Yue. It was only then that Huan Gui completely lost all hope. Even if he was an idiot, he could guess that that man was the legendary big boss of Flowing Snake.

Yu Miaodan looked at Ye Mo in shock. She couldnt understand but she had to keep her feelings for herself. She didnt dare to say it. She had called Ye Mo in the morning and it had been less than an hour until Ye Mo arrived at Flowing Snake.

If she really hadnt known that Ye Mo had been in Hong Kong in the morning, she wouldve thought Ye Mo had been nearby. He had got from Hong Kong to Flowing Snake in an hour, no wonder Ye Mo said he would be back immediately. She was completely dumbfounded. If the beauty pill and health pill were still reasonable, then getting there in an hour was out of her comprehension. Even if he had a private jet, he couldnt have been that quick.

Yu Miaodan just realized that she was far from knowing Ye Mo.

"CEO Ye"

"CEO Dong"

Everyone came up to Ye Mo and greeted him. Ye Mo nodded and said, "Okay, were at this point today due to everyones hard work. I believe no one wants to ruin what weve built. But today when I came back I saw a scam-like business. If a woman came here, shed be forced into prostitution. Flowing Snake is the base of Luo Yue, where we will be living, not a bandit cove. If you want to be a bandit, then piss off."

"CEO Ye, this is my fault", Zang Jiayan walked over and said. Although he had heard of this news, he hadnt taken it seriously. He didnt expect it to end up with the big boss being coerced too.

"Big Brother, this is my fault in management. After CEO Zang put me in charge of the security management of Flowing Snake, I gave the authority to my men, in order to cultivate ancient martial arts. I didnt expect it to turn into this rancid situation. I will immediately deal with this", Fang Nan said.

Ye Mo waved his hand, "This is your responsibility indeed but you dont need to deal with it. Yang Jiu will be responsible for this now, and you will be working for him for the moment."

Ye Mo had taken his position and given it to Yang Jiu with one word. Although Fang Nan was worried, he didnt dare to say anything. Ye Mo let him work under Yang Jiu, which meant that he expected him to do better in the future to make up for it.

They had known Ye Mo since the beginning, but this had been ruined because of his men. Thinking about this, Fang Nan glared at Xiao Metal, who was still kneeling on the ground. If Xiao Metal hadnt been one of his most loyal men, he would have planned on killing him.

"Yang Jiu promises to fulfill Big Boss mission", Yang Jiu quickly promised, after hearing what he said.

Ye Mo said plainly, "Youre will just be in charge of cleaning up Flowing Snake for now, we still need to discuss how Flowing Snake will be managed in the future. Your mission for these few days is to investigate all the hotels, shops and bars in Flowing Snake. Take back all the hotels and entertainment centers, kill those who disagree."

Ye Mos cold and dominant words made everyone on the spot shake. Kill if they disagree? If that was said somewhere else, the government would pursue you; but that was Flowing Snake, Ye Mos land.

"Ye Mo" Even Ning Qingxue thought that Ye Mos words werent suitable. Although she had been to Flowing Snake once, she hadnt seen some of the stuff yet. She just called his name once, but didnt say anything else. Since Ye Mo was doing that, he must have a good reason.

Of course, Ye Mo had his reasons. Out of those who could dominate there, he was the most suitable. He didnt want Flowing Snake to be a place where power ruled over all. Since he was planning to make that place his home, he must control its power. There was no point in trying to reason with these people. When he could completely control Flowing Snake, then he would make the laws.

Before that, he could only use slaughter to solve problems.

Ye Mos words sometimes made everyone feel that it was easy to talk to him, but then they realized that in certain moments it wasnt easy to talk him at all. And during those moments, he was very scary.

Ye Mo looked at Yang Jiu, who had got excited, and said, "Dont let yourself get influenced by those scam businesses. As for those who tried to rule over Flowing Snake, kill them all if they have killed here or raped women, no need to report. But if you do what the person before you did and use authority to your own personal gains, the next one to lose his head is you."

"Yes." Yang Jiu shivered.

He understood that it was okay to be lenient with friends, but these relationships couldnt be brought into the city management. That would just make the city worse and worse.

Huan Gui started to sweat. He had killed many people and raped more than ten women. If they did follow Ye Mos orders, he would die for sure.

Xiao Fire suddenly pointed at Huan Gui and the two people behind him and said, "These three people have all killed, and I also know theyve raped women who came to Flowing Snake."

"Hehe. I also knew about this, but Big Boss didnt call before", Yang Jiu had a creepy laughter. Before they could react, the three had already fallen to the ground. Other than Ye Mo, not even Zang Jiayan got to see what Yang Jiu did. He was an earth rank Earth Fiend assassin after all.

Ye Mo looked coldly at Xiao Metal, who was on the ground. If it hadnt been for Fang Nan, he would have already thrown a fireball at him.

"Yang Jiu and Fang Nan, take your men and start working. The rest of you, follow me for a meeting."

Ye Mo knew that the dangers at Flowing Snake werent just those that he had seen, the real danger was from the neighboring countries. Not even he could deal with these dangers easily.

When Ye Mo finished, Yu Miaodan and the others went back to Luo Yue headquarters, where Ye Ling rushed over. She had just got news of her brothers return, so she immediately stopped working on the medicine she was making and ran out.

She grabbed Ye Mos arm, and then saw Ning Qingxue. She immediately ran to Ning Qingxue and grabbed her arm joyfully, "Sister-in-law Qingxue, youre back! Thats great, my brother was really worried."

Although Ye Mo had never said it, Ye Ling knew that Ning Qingxue was very important to him. Although she used to not like Ning Qingxue, since her brother liked her, how could she disrespect with her?

"En. Thank you, Ye Ling. I didnt expect you to be in Flowing Snake as well." Ning Qingxue immediately thought of Ye Mos other sister, Tang Beiwei. There were some things that Ye Mo hadnt had time to tell her so she still didnt know what was going on. She believed that Tang Beiwei was someone Ye Mo liked, just like her. Although Ning Qingxue could guess that, she didnt ask. She knew that if that was really the case, Ye Mo would find some time to tell her, so she wasnt worried.

"Sister Qingxue, why dont you just stay in Flowing Snake from now on, this place is great." Ye Ling had been living in Flowing Snake for a while and had developed an attachment to it. But she knew that Ning Qingxue had her own company, and probably would go back to Yu State.

She didnt expect Ning Qingxue to smile sweetly and say, "Okay, Ill bring some things back from Ning Hai and then Ill start living here."

"Really? This is great!", said Ye Mo. Ye Ling had already forgotten her brother was next to them.

Ning Qingxue thought that, although her family also had a company, she was married to Ye Mo now; so she should start helping Ye Mo out in Flowing Snake.

Er Hu and Lu Xiaozhen also came to greet Ye Mo. Seeing all these familiar people come greet him, Ye Mo felt more determined to turn Flowing Snake into a place that these people would be safe in.

"CEO Zang, gather the people into the meeting room first. Ye Ling and Qingxue may also go in the meeting room first. Sister Yu, take me to see Guo Qi and Fang Wei." Ye Mo hadnt forgotten about them. Although he didnt know why they had killed military officials, but if they had been set a trap, he would help them. Guo Qi had his approval, he was a very loyal man.
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