Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 43

Chapter 43: This Money Isn't Easy To Earn

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn / Carolin
Wen Dongs car sped on the roads around the mountain. If one looked outside, one would probably be fearful of the car falling off the cliff at any time; however, Wen Dong drove the car fast and steady. Despite so, many cars on the road saw Wen Dong, and all stopped by the road, fearful that this mad woman was going to crash into them.

Wen Dong was speechless. Even if Ye Mo wasnt scared of being in a car going so fast without barricades to protect the car from falling off the road, he should at least open his eyes; however, he actually was quietly sleeping.

Were his nerves just thick or did he trust her driving skills? Wait, did he even know her car skills were so good? In fact, even her heart was pumping, driving so fast on this mountain road.

Wen Dong thought of the moment when she first saw Ye Mo and his fearless nerves. Wen Dong finally got to understand Ye Mo a bit. Using nice words, he could be described as a completely fearless young man, but in a meaner tone, he was a fool. However, this type of people was perfectly suited to her, since she needed exactly this type of people to help her. Otherwise, it would be really hard for her to do the deal by herself.

Seeing that Ye Mo didnt take notice of the cars speed, Wen Dong finally slowed down. After all, they were driving on the mountain side, and it was quite dangerous going this fast as there were a lot of twists and turns. She would raise the speed again after they got off the mountain.

But at this moment, Ye Mo opened his eyes and asked casually, How far is it?

Wen Dong heard Ye Mos words and immediately replied: Around 600 km.

Still that far! How long is it going to take with you driving so slowly? Ye Mo frowned and said. Hearing Ye Mos words, Wen Dong almost drove the car off the cliff. She thought that she was going fast enough already but this still wasnt fast enough for him? No wonder this guy didnt talk, he thought she was driving too slow.

We are still on the mountains road; well drive faster once we reach the highway, Wen Dong replied helplessly. Luckily, Ye Mo didnt continue to talk about her driving speed and closed his eyes to meditate. If Ye Mos tone just then really sounded unhappy, she wouldve thought he was messing with her.

After the car got on the highway, Wen Dong finally raised the speed. Ye Mo felt that the car was a bit floaty, so he looked at the cars speed meter and saw that it had just reached 200km/h. At this speed, it only took them less than two hours to reach Yun Du. However, the car didnt enter the city and instead parked outside a mansion in the rural district.

Ye Mo scanned this mansion; it looked very grandiloquent, with a cluster of bamboo outside the mansion as well as a huge artificial lake. The yard of the mansion was also very spacious as seven to eight luxury cars were parked there, and the grass patch at the front was enough to be made into two soccer fields. It could be seen that the owner of this mansion was definitely wealthy.

You carry that smaller case, and Ill take the bigger one, after saying that, Wen Dong got off the car and grabbed the big case from the back. Ye Mo knew that inside this big case was an AK rifle, while the smaller one contained some information and a model.

Ye Mo looked at Wen Dong thoughtfully. Being able to own such a huge yard and a mansion on the outskirts of the city meant that this person had not only money but also connections; otherwise, such occurrence rarely happened.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo took out his beak-shaped hat and shades from his bag and put them on. Then, he grabbed a mouth mask before finally carrying the case Wen Dong told him to carry.

Wen Dong looked at Ye Mos appearance, and her mouth moved but finally didnt say anything. She didnt understand why Ye Mo would do something like this. In her opinion, Ye Mo had thick nerves and wasnt the type to think about being hunted because of revenge. However, Ye Mo did this, and she didnt know what he was thinking, so she remained silent.

Ye Mos appearance did look really cool, and it gave people an indescribable feeling.

This isnt bad, Wen Dong muttered and carried the case into the mansion. However, she didnt drive her car in. The two guards at the door scanned Ye Mo, but when the two guards saw Wen Dong coming in, they didnt even stop or question her, much less search her, and just let them in.

Ye Mos spirit sense range was too short right now, and he could only see five to six meters from his position; even that was a bit blurry. Thus, he couldnt check this entire mansion.

Haha, Mrs. Wen is still looking strong and good after leaving the Northern Sands. Ive been waiting for a long time. Give Mrs. Wen a seat and serve her tea! When Ye Mo and Wen Dong went into the living room, a slightly old sounding voice appeared.

Tea wont be necessary, I want to finish the deal immediately and leave when Im done. We wont have anything to do with each other after that, Wen Dong waved her hand and said straightforwardly.

Ye Mo looked at the person speaking, it was a 50-or-so-year-old man. His hair was a bit white, but his spirit was ferocious and had this bleak Killers Chi on him. Although he had a smile on his face, his eyes were very sharp and flickering. This wasnt a simple man and appeared to be a very suspicious person.

However, for Ye Mo, this man should be at most around Wen Dongs level, or even lower than her, and didnt think of him as a threat. No matter how suspicious he was, it was ethereal and insignificant, like clouds in front of absolute power.

There were two men on either side of this person. Unexpectedly, there werent the people guarding the door that Wen Dong and Ye Mo came from. Ye Mo saw this guys bleak appearance and knew he wasnt someone easy to talk to. There werent people at the door, and this didnt match the mans temperament.

Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense out and immediately found another four people. There were two at the door, with one squatting on each side and all had guns in their hands. It was just that the two people cleverly used the ping feng [1] to cover it. The two people at the door hid outside after he and Wen Dong came in.

It was not surprising that Wen Dong didnt notice the people behind the ping feng because it had a lot of holes in the middle which made it see-through, and on top of that, it was hollow at the bottom, so it didnt look conspicuous.

The only reason Ye Mo could see them was because he could scan it using his spirit sense. Although this ping feng looked something like a painting and was hollow in the middle, the side near the interior of the mansion was three-dimensional; however, because of their careful placement, the people who walked in from the door would only notice an ordinary ping feng. If Ye Mo didnt have spirit sense, he wouldnt be able to see it either.

However, even if Ye Mo didnt know that the interior side was hollow, he could still see some problems. Wen Dong probably didnt see it because the side of the ping feng near the door was nailed into the ground. Who would nail a ping feng to the ground in the living room? This obviously wasnt normal.

The part of the ping feng that was empty had a person squatting inside it. This persons clothes were all the same color as the ping feng and also had quite some holes in it. However, it was cleverly made so that the person who entered the door could only see a small half. Usually, someone who saw such an ordinary ping feng and could still see clearly the other side, wouldnt pay much attention to it.

It seemed that Wen Dongs deal wasnt going to be as simple as he had thought; it appeared that this 50,000 dollars wouldnt be easy to earn.


1:/ ping feng: a type of screen that is used for decoration in the Chinese culture. You can search the Chinese characters on google image if you want to see what it looks like.
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