Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 433

Chapter 433: Its Over

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Because Li Dong hadn't informed the people at the barracks, Ye Mos helicopter couldnt land straight in. They had to land relatively far, and then had to call a taxi to the military zone. But when they arrived, they were stopped.

Ye Mo knew that it was because they didnt have the IDs, and taxis couldnt go into the military zone. But Ye Mo also could see that Li Dong hadn't told them that he was coming. Although he wasnt a great person, Ye Mo believed that even the highest level of officer at the military zone didnt dare to disrespect him. Eventually, he had been stopped at the door, which meant that Li Dong hadn't passed his words on, his intentions were obvious.

Ye Mo sneered. Li Dong didnt seem righteous. Using his schemes on Ye Mo, he did it to the wrong person.

The reason Ye Mo told Li Dong to tell them he was coming was because he didnt want this thing to get bigger. Darkness was everywhere and he wasnt the savior, neither did he want to eradicate such thing. He knew that it was impossible. He just wanted to save Lu Lin and cancel the apprehension order for Fang Wei and Guo Qi.

It was fine when Ye Mo got off, but when Guo Qi and Fang Wei did, they were immediately recognized by the guards at the door. Before they raised their guns, Ye Mo showed his ID. He had come to save people, not start a massacre. The soldiers reactions were very normal, they didnt know what was really going on; but if even if they did, they would still act according to their orders.

The fine printed words 'Flying Snow Instructor' appeared before their eyes and almost blinded them. He was the top special forces instructor, that was just a level below a general. Although he didnt lead an army, the status was still there.

"Director, please come in." the two soldiers bowed, they didnt dare doubt Ye Mos identity. Who would dare fake his identity in a military zone?

"Master, you..." Fang Wei had felt nervous about Ye Mo going straight in, but this scene bewildered him. Ye Mo was actually a director.

Ye Mo smiled, "Just let me take you inside, and I will talk with your head officer."

Despite this, Ye Mo was still grateful to Han Zaixin for giving him that hollow title. Otherwise, he could have only fought his way in. Ye Mo didnt want to fight these soldiers, but his patience was about to end and if it did, he would kill mercilessly.

"Its Guo Qi and Fang Wei!" As soon as they walked into the special forces area, people immediately recognized the two of them and reported it; some held their guns and surrounded them.

"Its you, Instructor Ye." A Major had walked over and happened to see Ye Mo, so he ran over to him quickly.

"Youre Chen Hongzhe.", Ye Mo said plainly. He knew this person, he had saved him in the desert, Li Hu was his teammate. Somehow, he had come to this military zone and became a major.

As though he knew Ye Mo didnt like him that much, Chen Hongzhe laughed awkwardly and said, "Because this military zone was short of people, I was moved here. Thank you for saving my life last time."

Ye Mo waved his hand, "Thats fine. I came here to find your leader, how come I havent seen him?"

Seeing Guo Qi and Fang Wei behind him, Chen Hongzhe immediately realized what was going on.

He knew all too well about the matter of Guo Qi, but he didnt expect Guo Qi to know Ye Mo, much less to be able to get him to come to the barracks personally. If word of this got to Beijing, it would be significant.

Li Dong and him were the same, they both knew about Ye Mo. It was hard even for Elder Han to ask Ye Mo to do something, much less let him go personally. Tian You was gone, that was Chen Hongzhes only thought.

"What do you want? Rebellion? Hurry up and disperse yourselves." Chen Hongzhe turned around and yelled at the soldiers with guns.

If the soldiers had seen that Ye Mo was talking with Chen Hongzhe, perhaps they wouldve already fired. Now that Chen Hongzhe had yelled at them, they seemed to realize that something was wrong. But Chen Hongzhe was their instructor, they didnt dare not to listen to him, so they walked away.

"Instructor, I will take you. Regimental Commander Tian is in the training grounds because Instructor Xu came over. He needed to oversee the training status of the soldiers", Chen Hongzhe replied carefully.

Ye Mo nodded, "Okay, take me to that Tian you just talked about now; it's hard to believe someone like him has managed to reach Regimental Commander."

Ye Mo was no idiot, he knew that the reason Qiu Zhifei had dared to assault Lu Lin must have been due to having someone to back him up. If such thing happened and the Regimental Commander didnt even know about it, he could go eat shit. If this commander knew about it and this incident still happened, the only reason would be that the commander was supporting it.

As though he could see Ye Mos contempt, Chen Hongzhe said, "Commander Tian is called Tian Youneng. His wife is called Qiu Ping, she is probably from the Beijing Qiu Family; its said that he will soon rise in rank."

Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on: he was sure that Qiu Ping and Qiu Zhifei were related. But Chen Hongzhe wasn't a simple case either. Although he was very selfish, he seemed much more cunning than Li Hu. No wonder he rose the ranks faster than Li Hu. He knew that it was very easy for him to help Guo Qi, but still subtly reminded him of Tian Younengs power.

It seemed like he just said it casually, getting him on his good side while not really offending Tian Youneng.

Guo Qi and Fang Wei were dazed. No matter how dumb they were, they could see Ye Mos status. Chen Hongzhe was the Vice Instructor of the Seventh's Battalion, and even someone like him was that respectful to Ye Mo.

The training ground for the Seventh Special Forces Battalion was huge. Although many people were very shocked at seeing Guo Qi and Fang Wei, they didnt dare to move when they saw Chen Hongzhe, who carefully led the way.

Guo Qi and Fang Wei were famous due to the incident.

There was some clapping due to an exciting fight.

"Instructor Chen, youre here." An officer walked over, but immediately stopped speaking. He had seen Guo Qi and Fang Wei behind him.

"Guo Qi, Fang Wei You dare to walk into the military zone like this. Yu Yang, immediately-", a fat man in his 40s had turned around and saw Guo Qi and Fang Wei. But he also stopped speaking halfway.

It wasnt because he had seen Ye Mo. He didnt know Ye Mo, but he saw commander Li running quickly for something. The target he was running to was a young man sitting with Guo Qi.

This fat man was the Commander Tian Youneng. Although he was capable, the reason he could reach his position was mostly due to his wifes family. For someone like him, how could he not tell Ye Mo was no simple person?

Commander Li ran to Ye Mo and even Chen Hongzhe was nodding and bowing to Ye Mo. He felt something was wrong, because Chen Hongzhe never had done that to him.

What shocked him even more was when commander Li ran to this young man to salute.

Tian Youneng rubbed his eyes. Did a Chief Commander, specially Commander Li, salute that man? He didnt need to look so reverent and careful.

Tian Youneng felt an instinctual sense of dread. He allowed Qiu Zhifei to assault Lu Lin because he had done his research before hand, these people didnt have anyone powerful to back them up. Why did this happen and Guo Qi called out someone this big? He was sure that young man was quite close to Guo Qi, one could tell just by how they were walking to each other.

The last thought in Tian Younengs mind was 'its over'.
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