Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 435

Chapter 435: What are you going to do?

Translator: Tim Editor: GlobeGlotter
Hearing the voice, Tian Youneng rejoiced. He knew who that cold voice belonged to. He didnt expect this woman who wouldnt speak for 1000 years to care about this.

Tian Youneng looked very awkward, but his heart felt far from awkward.

This woman was Xu Shis martial sister, Song Yangzhu. Since the very moment this woman and Xu Shi came to the military, she never said a single word. Although she was part of the Heaven Squad too, Tian Youneng never relied on her. If it weren't that the Heaven Squad had the obligation to come instruct at the military, this woman wouldnt even have come.

Ye Mo subconsciously looked at the woman who had spoken up. She was around 24 or 25. She had such a cold tone, and with that serene temperament, not bad looks, long silky hair and white skin, she could be called a rare beauty.

Seeing Ye Mo look over, she had a sliver of disgust flash across her eyes as she immediately returned to her composed manner. She stared at Tian Youneng, clearly waiting for his reply.

Tian Youneng absolutely wished for her to fight Ye Mo; how could he not reply. Still, for now, he acted as though he wanted to say something yet didnt dare to.

Ye Mo didnt know who this woman was, but he sure noticed the disgust and hatred in her eyes. He didnt know when he'd offended her, but he didnt care. Although he hadnt been here for long, due to his character, he'd offended quite a lot of people, so he didnt mind.

If you didnt have any power, then even if you behaved timidly, you would still get abused. He didnt care whether he'd offended people. He cared whether he could beat them.

The woman was obviously making clear that she had problems with Ye Mo at that moment.

Ye Mos face also went cold, and he declared plainly, "Tian Youneng, Guo Qi and Fang Wei were wronged. Report this fact immediately, and take down the pursuit order for them. Report the real culprit. I dont believe you still havent found out what the real cause was by now!"

Tian Youneng frowned; who did this guy think he was - a general? He spoke as though he was entitled to be making orders.

Seeing Tian Youneng frown and hesitate, Li Qiancai now understood that the reason why Ye Mo had come today was for Guo Qi and Fang Wei.

Seeing the two on the verge of fighting, Li Qiancai took a step back and called Li Dong. He desperately needed to ask some questions. Although he was a commander and a few levels above Tian Youneng, Tian Youneng was a commander of the special forces, and he didnt have the authority to command them. To be exact, Tian Youneng responded directly to Han Zaixin, and Han Zaixin had a lot of commanders too, so he was in no place to hand out orders to Tian Youneng.

"Hmm, Commander Tian, will you be helping the culprit?" As Ye Mo saw this, his face went cold.

"Hmph, helping the culprit? Guo Qi and Fang Wei have killed military officers! Just because they have connections, does that mean they get to be acquitted? If that were the case, then everyone who had connections could kill people as they like. What would remain of the law then?" The womans tone had also grown cold.

Ye Mo didnt know when he had offended this person, but she was acting completely against him. He suddenly used his chi to magnify his voice, "Qiu Zhifei used intoxication as an excuse to assault Eagle Squads Captain Lu Lin! Lu Lin resisted, but the warrant officer and a certain colonel who witnessed all of it did not only not help her, they instead helped Qiu Zhifei subjugate Captain Lu. Guo Qi and Fang Wei happened to see this, so they tried to protect Lu Lin and in the process accidentally killed two officers. Is it because of the Qiu family having some power in Beijing that they can incriminate the innocent Guo Qi and Fang Wei? Everyone, tell me, should Guo Qi and Fang Wei be incriminated?"

Ye Mo explained things in a couple of sentences, with almost everyone in the barracks being able to hear it. The soldiers who didnt know what was going on before immediately understood. Although there were still some people in doubt, everyone knew who Qiu Zhifei was and that this incident had occurred in Lu Lins room. The truth was clear.

"It can't be, right?" Since a lot of the soldiers knew that this was related to Commander Tian, no one dared to comment, but they were still unhappy with it. They were soldiers; it was their job to protect the people and the country. If even one female military officer couldnt be protected, how would they be capable of protecting others?

At this moment, Li Dong had verified the truth and walked up seriously, "I have investigated the matter thoroughly, and all that Instructor Ye said holds true. Such scum, even more should've been killed, who cares about just two of them. Commander Li, I order you to immediately exonerate Guo Qi and Fang Wei."

As Commander Li spoke up, more and more people agreed. Commander Li couldnt lie openly in such a situation. This meant that Guo Qi and Fang Wei had really been wrongly accused.

Although Tian Youneng knew that Li Qiancai didnt have the authority to command him, when Li Qiancai had already said that much, he couldnt play dead. That would be outright stupid as he would be offending not only Commander Li but also the Li family. Nonetheless, he was really unsatisfied having to listen to orders like that.

"Thats what you say? This is nothing but a one-sided story even though it concerns two high-level officers having been killed. You want to acquit them just based on your side of the story? You're taking military law as a joke!" Tian Youneng was afraid of Li Qiancai, but that didnt mean that woman was too.

Ye Mo was no longer interested in arguing with this woman, so he said plainly, "That's right; if I say its true, it's true."

Song Yangzhus face was pale with anger.

"Aren't you very cocky! I, Xu Shi, want to see what sort of man it takes to dare act cocky in the military," a cold and bleak voice sounded.

Hearing Xu Shi arrive was like heavenly music to Tian Youneng's ears. Finally, someone was coming to fight this arrogant young man.

Ye Mo studied the guy. He was in his 40s, had a long face, and short hair. He was a bit dark but still looked aesthetic.

The first time Ye Mo had heard about Xu Shi was when he was at stage two, back in the forest when he saved Guo Qi and Chi Wanqing. That time, they praised Xu Shi as the number one master, saying that he was earth level primary stage.

"People who killed my men still want to be acquitted and act so cocky? Ive seen enough," Xu Shis voice was still cold. He wouldnt let him live that easily just because he'd offended Martial Sister Song, not to mention he had even killed his men.

His martial sister never spoke much, yet she said so much today. One could see how angry she was.

"Mr Xu, Instructor Ye is my friend, and in this case, Guo Qi and Fang Wei are innocent. I-" Li Qiancai only spoke half a sentence and was interrupted by Xu Shi.

Xu Shi looked coldly at Li Qiancai and said, "Commander Li, only the strong are right and just. If you dont want to get the Li family involved in this, dont say a word more. Mark my words, even if the Heavenly Emperor were to come, he wouldnt be able to stop me from getting revenge for killing my men. Our Heaven Squad has never abused its power towards others, but others also shouldn't try to abuse us."

Song Yangzhu hesitated but eventually didnt say anything. Xu Shi didnt know Ye Mo, but she did. There was a deep feud between her and Ye Mo. She didnt want Ye Mo to live comfortably. Hence, now that Xu Shi challenged Ye Mo, even though she knew that Xu Shi was no match for Ye Mo, it would be enough to annoy Ye Mo and make him have more enemies."

Ye Mo smiled plainly, "Heaven Squad? Is this Heaven Squad really strong? Is Tan Jiao, that old fart, having itchy skin? It seems I didnt teach him enough of a lesson last time. Looks like I need to go back to Beijing once again. Oh, by the way; I, Ye Mo, AM abusing your Heaven Squad. What will you do about it?"

Xu Shi raised his eyebrow and felt rage. How dare he say such words! How dare he call his Master Tan Jiao an old fart! And he was openly declaring he was abusing the Heaven Squad? Xu Shi had never seen someone who didnt fear death to this degree- Hold on, something wasn't right; someone called 'Instructor Ye' who was this young? Was he the Ye Mo?"

Considering this, Xu Shi immediately cooled down. Hadnt he just called himself Ye Mo? He remembered what his master once said, "Xu Shi, with your power, you might not be able to actually dominate everyone, but there is no one who can do much about you. Just remember this: you must not offend Ye Mo of the Ye family. If you offend him, even I wont be able to save you."
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