Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 437

Chapter 437: Ambushed

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Lu Lin and them still couldnt believe that they had gotten out so easily, they joined Flowing Snake without hesitation.

Yu Miaodan couldn't believe that Ye Mo had only gone out for a stroll and brought the people back. It was as though killing a military officer didnt matter anything at all. Yu Miaodan felt that she could no longer comprehend her boss.

Only Ning Qingxue felt this was normal, she believed in Ye Mo. Ye Mo could even cultivate spirit chi, what else could stop him?

Ye Mo realized that Yu Miaodans face didnt look too good and immediately asked, "What happened?"

Ning Qingxue walked up and said, "Our beauty pills have been reported to have negative effects and four cases have been reported in the country, it's still increasing."

"Side effects?" Ye Mo frowned, he didnt really believe his pill had any negative effects. It was impossible. Although they werent real pills, it was still the result of thousands of years of improvement on the Luo Yue continent, how could there be negative effects?

Someone was ambushing Luo Yue, this was Ye Mos only thought. He was sure of it. Ye Mo sneered. 'You cant beat us overtly so you use subvert means. Okay, Ill make those schemes fail as well'.

"Sister Yu, who is ambushing our company?", Ye Mo asked.

"President Ye, how do you know people are ambushing us?" Yu Miaodan was even more shocked. No matter how confident he was about his medicine, he should have a little doubt at least.

Ye Mo smiled and didnt reply.

Ning Qingxue asked, "It should be Yuan Bei Corporation, they never hid their schemes from us. Theyre not even afraid of us knowing."

"Oh?" Ye Mo frowned, was there such a cocky company? He still hadnt had time to get revenge regarding Qingxues incident and they were already asking for trouble again.

Yu Miaodan nodded, "Yes, Qingxue is right. As soon as problems were reported, Yuan Bei corporation declared that they would never cooperate with people who produce harmful products, and everyone who did will be their target for attack. They even heavily criticized using fake herbs and added chemical ingredients to harm and lie to the public. The reason this spread so fast was due to them."

Ye Mo had a look of contempt. They were ambushing them openly. Like this, Luo Yue would immediately know that it was Yuan Bei corporation attacking them.

"Because of this, large amounts of journalists have swarmed into Flowing Snake and are preparing to dig up our roots. Today, our beauty pill and health pill sales have dropped significantly. Although we still sold out, it wasn't sold out as soon as we brought the stocks in. This is only the first day, things might get worse in the future", Yu Miaodan said worriedly.

"Whats the negative effect?", Ye Mo asked.

"Having rashes all over the body, and specially focused on the face. This is still the early stage, many people think the latter stage could be the destruction of face." Yu Miaodan didnt look optimistic. Although she knew they were being framed, she had no way out of this situation.

Ye Mo had understood. He immediately said, "Continue to plan for the expansion of the company, I will deal with this. By the way, Sister Yu, did you set up the outlet at Xi Tong City?"

Yu Miaodan immediately said, "Thats still in preparation, we havent sold anything yet."

"Okay, then make good use of your time. Guo Qi, Fang Wei and Lu Lin will be our men from now. Let them be responsible for the construction of Flowing Snake and its safety. Let Yang Jiu and Fang Nan assist them for now", Ye Mo said and then turned to Lu Lin, "When Xu Yuehua comes to Flowing Snake, she will be your responsibility."

Then, Ye Mo said to Ye Mo, "Help me find a high-definition camera. Im going to He Feng, I want to see how capable the Yuan Bei Corporation is."

Then, Ye Mo seemed to have thought of something and asked, "Do we have someone to go to Lu Se and Vietnam to discuss about the land?"

Yu Miaodan immediately nodded, "As soon as our meeting is over, I will send people over." Yu Miaodan was also very worried about that.

With her reply, Ye Mo felt assured.

After these things were decided, Ye Mo went out to Flowing Snake. With the pursuit of Fang Nan and Yang Jiu, the situation was getting better. Although there were still all sorts of people there, there was no longer coerced business.

'A broken sword?' Ye Mo stopped, it was a stall. The man who owned the stall was a man in his 30s. He had no power but he had a faint sense of earth on him. He was probably a tomb raider. There were some antiques and jewelry on the ground, but what attracted Ye Mos attention was that broken sword.

Ye Mo knew this broken sword because it was him who broke it. When he first made his flying sword at Wu Liang mountain, he had met Zhang Zhihui and broke his sword.

The broken sword was Zhang Zhihuis. He didnt kill Zhang Zhihui at the time and had just told him to go to the Broken Fist Hall, instead of annihilating it. Zhang Zhihui took the broken sword with him at the time.

But after he left, he had never seen him again. He even went to the Xuan Jiang Zhang Family, but still didnt see him there.

Then, he had been busy and never had the time to go to the Broken Fist Hall to check. Yet now, he saw his sword on that stall.

Ye Mo was sure Zhang Zhihui cared a lot about his sword because, when he broke it, Zhang Zhihui still took it with him.

Seeing Ye Mo pick up this sword, the man immediately said, "This sword is very ancient; although its broken, it has great value. I dont understand it, thats why I'm selling it. If youre interested, I can give it to you for a cheap price."

Ye Mo nodded, "Indeed, Im interested in it, but you must tell me its origin before I buy it."

Hearing this, the man started to talk incessantly, "This sword doesn't have a simple origin, I was with a few friends in the ancient ruins of the city Lou Lan-", the man still wanted to make up stories, but was stopped by Ye Mos sneer.

"If you keep making up shit I will make you leave Flowing Snake immediately, or you can spend the rest of your life in prison here", Ye Mo threatened.

Then, Ye Mo realized that there was no prison in Flowing Snake, but it would be better if one was built.

The man shivered. Although there was gold everywhere in Flowing Snake, the legal system wasnt complete there. If he went to prison there, he would never be able to get out. And if that man could say such words, it meant he was a local snake at Flowing Snake.

"Ill tell you. I found this at the Qing Shao Mountain in Sichuan. I was with some friends doing business there and found this in a valley."

"What was around it?", Ye Mo asked.

The man didnt dare to hide anything and said, "There was some blood around it and broken clothes. It was probably from someone who had gone up the mountain alone and had encountered some beast."

Ye Mo heard this and knew that Zhang Zhihui was unlikely to be alive. The headquarter of Broken Fist Hall was on the Qing Shao Mountain.

But Ye Mo was aware of Zhang Zhihuis power, earth level middle stage. Ye Mo had killed the main leaders of the sect and, even if he hadnt, with Zhang Zhihuis power, he wouldnt have lost his life there.

It seemed Zhang Zhihui had encountered someone tough.

Since Zhang Zhihui had been working for him and something had happened, he should go investigate for his sake.

"How much is this sword? Ill take it", Ye Mo said.

"1000. Wait, 500 is fine." He was scared that Ye Mo was a hoodlum.

Ye Mo took out a 1000 and gave it to the man, "1000 is fine, draw an image of the place where you found it."
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